SIEMENS Industrial PC , SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client

SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client

SIMATIC ITC Industrial Thin Clients represent powerful control terminals with high-resolution wide-screen touch displays in 12, 15, 19 and 22 inch formats. Their user-friendliness is particularly advantageous for the realization of distributed HMI solutions with client-server architecture, while their flexible applicability supports machine-level operation and monitoring as well as connection to control systems (SCADA) and numerical controls (SINUMERIK).

The innovative product design of the SIMATIC ITC Industrial Thin Clients was honored with the renowned iF product design award.

SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client Benefits

  • High performance with optimized power consumption
    – Powerful CPU with 1.2 GHz Intel Celeron processor
    – Main memory with 512 MB in DDR3 memory technology
    – Gigabit-LAN interface for rapid communication
    – Dimmable background illumination for optimized power consumption
  • High flexibility
    – Wide-screen fronts with touch displays in 12“, 15″, 19″ and 22“ formats
    – Numerous supported protocols: RDP, SmartServer, VNC (SINUMERIK)
    – Multisession for parallel connections with multiple servers with rapid switchover
    – Integrated web browser, 1 x Gigabit-LAN and 2 x USB interface (rear)
  • High industrial standard
    – Aluminum die-cast fronts
    – Zero-maintenance continuous operation (without fan, hard disk) up to 50°C
    – Flash memory as bulk memory
  • High system availability
    – Automatic connection restoration (auto reconnect)
    – Redundant server connections (RDP redundancy)
  • High user friendliness
    – Rapidly configurable turnkey system with First Setup Assistant
    – Central device management for multiple thin clients via Remote Configuration Center
  • Safe operation in bright environments
    – Highly luminous displays with high contrast (400 cd/m2)
    – High resolution and readability up to 170° from all directions
  • High investment protection and continuity
    – MTBF of background illumination up to 80,000 h
    – Integrated wide-screen design with comfort panel, flat panel or panel PC for uniform machine/system design
    – Service and support period from 9 to 11 years

Design and functions

Doing away with wear parts such as fan or hard disk, the SIMATIC ITC with aluminum die-cast fronts feature a particularly high ruggedness with zero maintenance. The devices can be detached from the server system over an almost unlimited distance via Industrial Ethernet. A Gigabit-LAN interface, an integrated web browser and manifold supported protocols ensure high flexibility and rapid communication with other systems.

Front panel-variants:SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client

12″ TFT-color display Touch screen
Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Dimensions of front panel: 330 x 241 (W x H)

15″ TFT-color display Touch screen
Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Dimensions of front panel: 415 x 310 mm (W x H)

19″ TFT-color display Touch screen
Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
Dimensions of front panel: 483 x 337 mm (W x H)

22″ TFT-color display Touch screen
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Dimensions of front panel: 560 x 380 mm (W x H).

SIEMENS SIMATIC Thin Clients with IP65 protection

The 15 inch variant is also available as a fully enclosed HMI device with IP65 protection rating all around.SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client


  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easy commissioning
  • High degree of endurance
  • No restrictions regarding the maximum distance to the server

Design and functions

SIMATIC Thin Clients are low-cost operator stations with 4:3 aspect ratio displays that can be used in large plants in addition to SIMATIC Panels or Panel PCs. As remote operator terminals, they also allow for the use of SCADA, office or IT functionalities directly on site at the machine in addition to HMI connection.

SIMATIC Thin Clients are operated using a touch screen or via an external keyboard or mouse connected to the USB interface. SIMATIC Thin Clients always communicate with a host (SIMATIC Panel, IPC or server) via WinCC flexible option SmartAccess (screen copy of panel on the client) or the Microsoft standard RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), and therefore do not require installation, licenses or additional software on the unit itself.

Large distances from the host can be covered over Ethernet at a low price. SIMATIC Thin Clients require only one IP address. Local software installation or configuring are not required. The display and user interface are provided by the host. Therefore the client also does not have to implement backup, restore, or update actions. The total costs of ownership are correspondingly low.

As remote operator terminal without hard disk and fan, the device can be operated on machines with particularly high mechanical ruggedness requirements (e.g. vibration resistance). The 15 ” PRO variant with IP 65 protection can also be mounted on support arms and pedestals.

HMI applications such as WinCC as well as office applications such as MS Excel or SAP can be operated direct at the SIMATIC Thin Client on the machine on site over the RDP connection. Unlike with Microsoft CE Office Viewers, the data can be written. RDP is a standard protocol that is supported by all Windows operating systems.

SIMATIC Thin Clients can be integrated in PROFINET/Ethernet networks. Alternatively, a point-to-point connection to the host is possible using Ethernet cables. Distances of up to 100 m (even more with switches) can be bridged. This is considerably more than with conventional monitors connected over USB/DVI.

Starting with firmware version 1.4 (see link on the right) communication possibilities have been expanded

  • Support of Virtual Network Computing (VNC) for Remote operation of PCs in “Clone mode”
  • Connection to SINUMERIK PCUs/NCUs for operating CNC Controllers
  • Terminal application as Citrix ICA client for access e.g. to production data

Technical data

DeviceThin client 15″ PRO
Display15.1 inch TFT Display, 64 K colors
Resolution1024 x 768 pixels