SIEMENS Industrial PCs – IPC Software

SIMATIC industrial PCs offer users a wide range of designs and systems which are perfectly matched to industrial applications and meet the stringent demands for ruggedness.

These include e.g.:IPC Software

  • Wide temperature range up to 60 °C
  • High resistance to vibration/shock
  • Rugged housing design
  • Special degrees of protection up to IP65, NEMA 4
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • UL, CE industry certification
  • Integral industrial power supplies (NAMUR)
  • Easy-to-service design for rapid replacement of faulty components
Higher system availability

A graded concept is available for effective early detection of potential failures and minimization of actual downtimes. It consists of software developed specifically for the SIMATIC IPCs, which enables system availability to be individually increased according to the safety requirements.

Reduced costs

Special backup mechanisms reduce the risk of data loss and allow the introduction of new concepts at initial or repeated commissioning.
The remote control and automatic self-diagnostics options reduce travel expenditure and time spent on on-site service calls,
allowing service measures to be planned more efficiently. Downtimes are minimized or eliminated altogether.

The SIMATIC IPC software products thus help to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the installation according to the motto: “Small effort, great effect”.

The following components are available:

SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator

  • Software tool for preventive data backup of hard disk contents
  • High-speed restoring of system and data partitions with bit accuracy; user software and special installations are also backed up
  • Secure processing of hard disk partitions
  • Creation of bootable and password-protected USB flash drives
  • Secure deletion of data storage media


  • Diagnostic and alarm software for monitoring SIMATIC IPCs
  • Comprehensive monitoring of temperature, fans, hard disks (SMART, RAID, CompactFlash, CFast, SSD), watchdog
  • Operating hours counter for preventive maintenance
  • Event logging and task planning
  • Data exchange via OPC, email, text messages or SNMP
  • Integrated BIOS Manager

SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager

  • Efficient remote maintenance and operation of SIMATIC IPCs
  • Use of the Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) for SIMATIC IPCs
  • Remote access to desktop, BIOS and power management
  • Booting of a remote PC by means of a local ISO image


Software tool for BIOS management for specific SIMATIC IPCs.

SIMATIC IPC Support Package for VxWorks V1.1

  • VxWorks Support Package for SIMATIC embedded and high-end IPCs of D generation and above (except IPC227D)
  • Use of the PROFINET and PROFIBUS interfaces, as well as other hardware-level functions under the VxWorks V6.9 real-time operating system