SIEMENS Integrate for engineering SinuCom

The SinuCom program package consists of:

  • SinuCom NC
    • SinuCom NC Trace
    • SinuCom NC SI
  • SinuCom FFS
  • SinuCom CFS
  • SinuCom ARC
  • Commissioning software fo​r SINAMICS S120

The SinuCom program package supports simple and effective commissioning of control systems. The programs provide comprehensive support to commissioning and service personnel of machine manufacturers for the following:

  • Commissioning of the machine including utilization of the trace functionality, for the Safety Integrated acceptance test
  • Creation of CF card images
  • Administration of data for series start-up
  • Transmission of CNC user data
  • Know-how protection – guard technological knowledge against unauthorized access


SinuCom NC

The SinuCom NC program facilitates commissioning of control systems by providing:

  • Dialog-based parameterization of machine data
  • Administration of data for series start-up
  • Integrated online help for functions, machine data and alarms
  • Functional description in German and English as PDF (part of the online help)
SinuCom NC Trace

The SinuCom NC Trace function permits the dynamic recording of CNC, PLC and HMI variables, and of drive signals that are available via the CNC. These variables can be displayed, printed out or stored in a file, similar to using an oscillograph or logic analyzer. The SinuCom NC Trace function helps with:

  • Fault detection and fault correction
  • Machine performance analysis, benchmarking and tuning
  • Process performance analysis, benchmarking and tuning
SinuCom NC SI

The SinuCom NC SI function supports the machine manufacturer in automating the Safety Integrated acceptance test, and optimizes the process:

  • Verification of machines according to the EC Machinery Directive
  • Testing of safety functions (partly automated) during the machine acceptance
  • Logging of measured data and test results incl. trace functions records
  • Testing of single/special-purpose machines, machine components (as a partial test) and series machines as series start-up
  • Shorter start-up times since, in the new acceptance mode, power-on alarms during the acceptance test are acknowledged by RESET
  • Simple operation using prompted sequences
  • Automatic configuration of the trace functions
  • Unambiguous quality verification for original equipment manufacturers and customers, and for dealings with government agencies
SinuCom FFSCreate MyHMI

The SinuCom FFS program is used to generate an image for the PC card of the NCU of the SINUMERIK 840D sl. It contains:

  • Processing of the Flash File System
  • Preparing the image for programming the PC card
  • Integrated help

The PC card is programmed using standard tools. These tools are not included in the scope of delivery of the SinuCom FFS.

SinuCom CFS

The SinuCom CFS program can be used to generate an image in Ext3 format for the CF card of the NCU of the SINUMERIK 840D sl. It contains:

  • Preparing the image for programming the CF card
  • Integrated help

When copying the software, make sure that you comply with the I DT software marketing guidelines.

SinuCom ARC

The SinuCom ARC program simplifies the processing of series start-up data:

  • Reading, deleting, inserting and changing of data for series start-up
  • Integrated help
Commissioning software for SINAMICS S120

The commissioning software for PCs/PGs enables optimized commissioning of drives with SINAMICS S120.


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Windows 7

SinuCom NC

  • SinuCom NC Trace
  • SinuCom NC SI

SinuCom FFS

SinuCom CFS

SinuCom ARC

Commissioning software for SINAMICS S120

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