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The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor permits intelligent and comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics of SIMATIC Industrial PCs.

It detects potential hardware and software faults at an early stage, visualizes operating states and offers various options for access and data exchange.

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor supports not only local diagnostics, but also access via the network to SIMATIC IPC. When installed on a standard PC, all remote functions required for remote access are available.

Only the following SIEMENS products are supported:

  • SIMATIC IPC627D / IPC647D / IPC677D

The software can be ordered as:

  • Individual product from stock (e.g. for server applications on third-party PCs or immediate integration in new systems) or
  • Option ordered according to the SIMATIC IPC Configurator (Internet, Industry Mall).
Product No. / Ordering dataDescription
6ES76486CA050YX0 | 6ES76486CA050YX0
SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor V5.0 Software for diagnosis/signals via Ethermet, email, SMS, OPC, Web; on CD-ROM; single license;

The diagnostics and messaging software SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor is the perfect support for fast detection and efficient avoidance of potential system failures. It enables you to minimize standstills by implementing preventive measures beforehand and thereby reducing the associated costs.


Investment protection and cost reduction

  • Diagnostics and reporting functions for PC temperature, fans, hard disks (RAID, SMART, CF card, SSD), operating system status (watchdog) and operating hours counter for timely detection of faults and preventive maintenance
  • Automatic event logging, detailed text messages and scheduled tasks reduce response times and minimize costs
  • Local and global diagnostics reduce the time for service deployment and avoid travel expenses
  • Management of multiple IPCs from a single point enables efficient and new service concepts
  • Simple and flexible interaction with other systems via OPC or SNMP
  • Fast response times due to fault messages via e-mail and text messages
Security of investment and cost reduction
  • Diagnostics and signaling functions for PC temperature, fan, hard disks (RAID, SMART, CompactFlash Card, SSD), operating system status (watchdog) and operating hours counter for the prompt detection of faults and for preventive maintenance
  • Automatic event logging, detailed text messages and plannable tasks shorten response times and minimize expenditure
  • Local and global diagnostics reduce the need for service calls and cut travel costs
  • The management of several IPCs from one central point facilitates new and efficient service concepts
  • Easy and flexible interaction with other systems via OPC or SNMP
  • Short response times thanks to fault signaling via email and text messages


SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor monitors, reports, visualizes and logs the system states of the SIMATIC IPCs. It communicates with other systems and reacts when events occur.

SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor monitors, signals, visualizes and logs the system states of the SIMATIC IPCs.

DiagMonitor communicates with other systems and takes action if an event should occur.

It monitors

  • Processor and internal device temperatures
  • Fans
  • Operating system status by means of “watchdog”
  • Capacity level and function of the HDD / SSD or RAID system using the S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic byte
  • SIMATIC IPC CompactFlash card / CFast cards with diagnostics capability
  • Connections to other monitored stations
  • Tasks from the Windows task schedule

It signals

  • Operating hours for the planning or initiation of service activities
  • Each alarm and monitored parameter
  • Overshoot/undershoot of permissible operating temperature
  • Program interruption following a watchdog timeout
  • Hard drive problems and memory bottlenecks
  • Faults in connections to other stations

It visualizes

  • Status information in the Management Explorer
  • Globally via HTML using integral web server
  • By integrating diagnostics data in SIMATIC software
  • Via diagnostic LEDs and 7-segment displays on the device
  • Events with the Windows Event Viewer
  • Measurement data in the Windows Performance Counter

It logs

  • All alarms and operations automatically in the EventLog
  • Measured data (temperature, fan) over the operating period

It communicates

  • Via OPC as an OPC client (DCOM) or OPC UA server
  • Locally via DLL or in the network via SNMP with a central server
  • Via email and text messages

It acts in the event of an alarm

  • By starting customer applications
  • Through predefined applications (e.g. restart)

In addition, DiagMonitor offers the possibility of locally backing up and restoring BIOS settings or carrying out a BIOS upgrade.

Furthermore, customers have the option of connecting their own applications via a programming interface.

System requirements

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor software can be used with the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, 32-bit, (SIMATIC IPC configuration)
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, 64-bit, (SIMATIC IPC configuration)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, 64-bit
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB

Display of the system status

SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor provides a quick and clear overview of the system status of your SIMATIC IPCs. Critical conditions are immediately reported and made available both locally or on remote systems.

When installed on a standard PC, you can monitor SIMATIC IPCs via remote access.

Planning maintenance intervals

The operating hours counter allows you to specify the maintenance intervals not only for your SIMATIC IPC, but also for other devices in your system. This will inform you in good time about the time for preventive maintenance, for example, replacing the CMOS battery of the industrial PC or changing the filter of a pump.

Logging operating data

The operating data of the SIMATIC IPC can be documented, evaluated and logged for quality assurance of the plant/machine by recording in the Windows Event Viewer and using the options for graphical display/analysis in the Performance Monitor.

Web server / business card

With the DiagMonitor Web server, users can view and manage the data of the stations monitored by the SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor via http or https connection in an Internet browser, regardless of the location, PC architecture and operating system.
Access rights for monitoring data can be configured and managed individually for each user.

The Web business card provides personal information about the SIMATIC IPC. It displays:

  • Device data, for example, product name, BIOS version, motherboard number
  • System status (error yes/no)

The user is thus provided important information about the status of the system and can display the current status of the BIOS version, for example.


  • The software can be ordered using the SIMATIC IPC Configurator, or separately as a single license.
Software/LicenseArticle No.
SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor V5.0 Single license
Software on DVD

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