SIMATIC HMI IPC477C use embedded technology without rotating parts designed for maintenance-free, we can use 24-hour. The devices are very compact and offer high performance for use directly at the machine. They are also available with installed automation software: for operation and monitoring, for control jobs; or process visualisation as WinCC stand-alone machines or clients.
Siemens IPC477C are available without hard drive for industrial applications that require a high degree of ruggedness, providing instead a 32 GB solid state drive (SSD) or CompactFlash card. The Simatic Industrial LCD monitors were designed for industrial use and can be used as an option for any Simatic industrial PC.

SIMATIC HMI IPC477C: The powerful embedded Panel PC –
maintenance-free with versatile configuration
• Embedded PC platform with extremely high industrial compat-
ibility for demanding tasks in the field of PC-based automation
• Maintenance-free (no rotating components such as fan and
hard disk)
• Rugged construction: The PC is resistant to the harshest me-
chanical stress and is extremely reliable in operation
• Compact design (only 61-69 mm mounting depth for 12 in. to
19 in. screens)
• Battery-backed retentive memory onboard
• High degree of investment protection
• Fast integration capability
The following front versions are available:
• Build-in versions:
– 12″ and 15″ TFT Touch
– 12″ and 15″ TFT Keys
– 19″ Touch



The SIMATIC HMI IPC477C and SIMATIC HMI IPC477C PRO Bundles are the preinstalled, embedded PC-based solution comprised of the SIMATIC HMI IPC477C, WinAC RTX and/or WinCC flexible RT. The SIMATIC HMI IPC477C PRO is the fully enclosed, IP65 protection-rated version of the IPC477C.


The IPC477C Bundles feature the following innovations:

  • More powerful processors:
    • Intel Celeron M 1.2 GHz
    • Intel Core2Solo 1.2 GHz
    • Intel Core2Duo 1.2 GHz
  • Low-priced PROFINET RT model; a standard Ethernet interface PROFINET (IE) is used for PROFINET IO with RT
  • Also available fully enclosed as IPC477C PRO

Embedded Automation

The IPC477C Bundles are a member of the SIMATIC Embedded Automation product family.

It combines the best of 2 worlds: Openness and flexibility of a PC-based solution joined with the ruggedness of a traditional PLC. The IPC477C Bundles manage without fans and without rotating mass storage media, and therefore are maintenance-free.


The IPC477C and IPC477C PRO Bundles enable an easy entry into the world of automation based on embedded PC systems. The user can immediately tend to the integration of her automation solution, without having to install and configure WinAC, WinCC flexible or the SIMATIC NET software.

  • SIMATIC WinAC RTX, SIMATIC WinCC flexible and SIMATIC Softnet-S7 Lean come preinstalled and configured. To run the machine, only the license keys for the software have to be transferred to the device.
  • An Ethernet connection PROFINET (IE) is set up for an operation within a SIMATIC environment. If required, the user only has to assign the corresponding Ethernet addresses using operating system mechanisms.
  • Depending on the device configuration, a PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface for the connection of distributed I/O is available.
  • For the programming of SIMATIC WinAC RTX, the user can right away connect a programming device (PG) to the PROFIBUS or Ethernet interface and go “online” with the PC station / SIMATIC WinAC RTX.
  • Configurations for WinCC flexible Runtime can be loaded via the Windows Ethernet interface.

The HMI IPC477C embedded is a compact unit comprising an
operator control unit with an integrated computing unit.
Standard components of the computer unit:
• Rugged metal enclosure, resistant to vibrations and shocks,
with high electromagnetic compatibility.
• Processors:
– Intel Celeron M 1.2 GHz, Intel Core2 Solo 1.2 GHz or Intel
Core2 Duo 1.2 GHz
• Main memory basic configuration:
– 1, 2 or 4 GB (DDR3)
– Battery-backed retentive memory 2 MB
• Mass memory (built-in):
– Compact Flash Drive 2 GB (only with Windows Embedded
2009), or with 4, 8 or 16 GB) or
– SSD Standard, min. 80 GB, not for PRO version
• Second mass memory (built-in):
– Without
– Compact Flash Drive 2, 4, 8, or 16 GByte
– SSD High Endurance, min. 50 GByte
– SSD Standard, min. 80 GB, not for PRO version
• Interfaces:
– 2 x PROFINET (IE) onboard (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)
– Optional 2 x PROFINET (IE) onboard (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)
and 1 x PROFIBUS DP/MPI onboard, CP5611 compatible
– Optional 1 x PROFINET (IE) onboard (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)
and 1 x PROFINET (RT/IRT) with 3 ports, CP 1616 compati-
– 5 x USB 2.0 port, 500 mA (1 x on front)
– 1 x COM1 (RS232)
– 1 x DVI-I (for connecting a second display unit)
• Free slots for expansions:
– 1 x CompactFlash slot (accessible from outside)
• Power supply: 24 V DC


The SIMATIC HMI IPC477C and IPC477C PRO Bundles can be ordered with a large number of options.
Compared to the Panel PC 477B, the following options are new:

  • Main memory extension selectable with 4 GB RAM
  • CF cards with 8 GB
  • 32 GB SSD (solid-state disk) instead of CF card or in addition purely as mass storage
  • Bundles with WinCC flexible also with 4096 PowerTags
  • Fully enclosed IP65 model as PRO

• PC diagnostics/alarm software for the early detection and di-
agnosis of PC problems
• Comprehensive monitoring of temperature, watchdog
• Operating hours counter for preventive maintenance
• Integrated log functions, comprehensive text messages, on-
line help (English/German)
• Network-wide monitoring via SNMP and OPC interface possi-
SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator
• Software tool for preventive data back-up of the contents of
bulk storage (CF cards, hard disks)
• High-speed restoring of system and data partitions with bit ac-
curacy; user software and special installations are also
backed up
• Software tool for adaptation of mass storage partitioning
• Mobile memory medium for SIMATIC PC/PG
• Fast data transfer (USB 2.0) and high memory capacity
• Ultra-compact and rugged
SIMATIC IPC Service USB FlashDrive
• Mobile memory medium for backing up/restoring mass mem-
• Ready-installed Image & Partition Creator V3.0
• Ultra-compact and rugged
Industrial USB Hub 4
• Industry-standard USB 2.0 hub, front IP65
• Installation in control cabinet door or on DIN rail
• Inspection window and LEDs for each of the four interfaces

Dimensional drawings


Technical specifications SIMATIC HMI IPC477C

6AV7 884-1….-…0 6AV7 884-2….-…0 6AV7 884-3….-…0 6AV7 885-5….-….
Screen diagonal 12 in. 15 in. 15 in. 19 in.
Front panel 12″ TFT Key 15″ TFT Touch 15″ TFT Key 19″ TFT Touch
Accessory components Slide-in keyboard labels Touch protective foil Slide-in keyboard labels Touch protective foil
Resolution (W x H in pixels) 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024
MTBF backlighting (at 25 °C) about 50,000 hours about 50,000 hours about 50,000 hours about 50,000 hours
Function keys 36 None 36 None
Alphanumeric keyboard Yes No Yes No
Touch screen (analog/resistive) No Yes No Yes
Mouse on the front Yes No Yes No
Centralized configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Distributed configuration No No No No
Power loss in full configuration 24 V DC: max. 60 W(incl. USB interfaces) 140 W max. (15 W included per slot) 24 V DC: max. 60 W (incl. USB interfaces) 24 V DC: max. 80 W (incl. USB interfaces)

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