The MICROMASTER 410 inverter
is suitable for a variety
of variable-speed drive applications.
It is especially suitable for use
with pumps and fans, as a
drive in various sectors, e.g.
food, textile and packaging industries
as well as for conveyor
systems, factory gate and
garage door drives and as a
universal drive for moving billboards.
It is the ideal low-cost frequency
inverter solution for the lowend
performance range of the
MICROMASTER product family.
The inverter is especially characterized
by its customer-oriented
performance and easeof-use.
Versions for connecting to
230 V and 115 V single-phase
networks enable it to be used
all over the world.


The MICROMASTER 410 inverter
has a compact design.
Heatsinks provide natural
cooling for the inverter. A fan
unit is not used.
The position of the connections
has been selected as for
conventional contactors.
The operator panel available
as an option can be easily fitted
without requiring any tools.
The design with flat plate heatsink
offers space-saving and
favorable heat dissipation
since an additional heatsink
can be installed outside the
control cabinet.

Main characteristics

■ Simple selection from minimum
range of types (only a
few options)
■ Compact design
■ Natural cooling with heat
sinks (no fan unit)
■ Simple connection similar
to conventional switching
elements (e.g. contactors)
■ Versions with internal EMC
filter Class B
■ Fast, simple commissioning
with input of only a few
parameters (fast commissioning
■ Integrated RS-485 communications
■ Three programmable digital
inputs, non-floating (the
analog input can be used
as a fourth binary input)
■ One analog input
(0 V to 10 V)
■ One programmable relay
(30 V DC/5 A resistive load;
250 V AC/2A inductive
■ Low-noise motor operation
resulting from high pulse
■ Integrated protection for
motor and inverter.

Options (overview)

■ Line commutating chokes
■ Adapter for standardized
mounting on DIN rails
■ OP (Operator Panel) for
user-friendly parameterization
of an inverter
■ Connection kit for PC to inverter
■ PC startup program

Performance features

■ Latest IGBT technology
■ Digital microprocessor
■ Linear V/f characteristic,
with programmable voltage
■ Quadratic V/f characteristic
■ Multipoint characteristic
(programmable V/f characteristic)
■ Flying restart
■ Automatic restart after
mains failure or fault
■ Programmable ramp generator
(0 s to 650 s) with possible
■ Fast current limit (FCL) for
trip-free operation

■ Fast, repeatable digital input
response time
■ Exact setpoint specification
using a high-resolution
10-bit analog input
■ One skip frequency range
■ Removable Y cap for use in
IT systems
■ Serial RS-485 interface with
USS protocol
■ LED for status information
■ Versions with internal EMC
filter Class B

International standards

inverter complies with the
requirements of the EU lowvoltage
inverter has the > marking
■ u and cu listed (not for versions
with flat heat sinks)
■ c-tick ●
See Appendix for standards.

Mechanical features

■ Compact design
■ Heat dissipation through
self-ventilation (convection)
■ Operating temperature
–10 °C to +50 °C
(+14 °F to +122 °F)
■ Easy cable connection,
mains and motor connections
are separated for optimal
electromagnetic compatibility
and clear
■ Detachable, optional operator
■ Screwless control terminals
■ Side mounting possible,
thus also usable with low
cabinet depth.

Protection features

■ Overload current 1.5 x rated
output current (i.e.150 %
overload capability) for
60 s, then 0.85 x rated output
current for 240 s, cycle
time 300 s
■ Overvoltage/undervoltage
■ Inverter overtemperature
■ Earth fault protection
■ Short-circuit protection
■ I
t motor thermal protection
■ Stall prevention.

SIEMENS MICROMASTER 410 Circuit diagrams

SIEMENS MICROMASTER 410 inverter Technical data

The Siemens Micromaster 410 inverter is suitable for applications with pumps and fans, together with a host of applications such as conveyor and door movement.

This range is no longer in production, there may be available in stock or with our suppliers.

The Micromaster 410 is supplied without the optional keypad, shown fitted below. The keypad is used to make individual parameter settings. (6SE6400-0SP00-0AA0)

Specification and prices below:

Model NumberMotor PowerDimensions (HxWxDmm)
230V 1ph input
6SE6410-2UB11-2AA00.12kW150 x 69 x 118
6SE6410-2UB12-5AA00.25kW150 x 69 x 118
6SE6410-2UB13-7AA00.37kW150 x 69 x 118
6SE6410-2UB15-5BA00.55kW150 x 69 x 138
6SE6410-2UB17-5BA00.75kW150 x 69 x 138
230V 1ph input with built-in RFI filter
6SE6410-2BB11-2AA00.12kW150 x 69 x 118
6SE6410-2BB12-5AA00.25kW150 x 69 x 118
6SE6410-2BB13-7AA00.37kW150 x 69 x 118
6SE6410-2BB15-5AA00.55kW150 x 69 x 138
6SE6410-2BB17-5AA00.75kW150 x 69 x 138