SIEMENS Modular Safety System ES

Modular Safety System ES

Modular Safety System ES is the engineering software for the configuration, start-up and diagnostics of the 3RK3 modular safety system. The software combines the configuring of the hardware, the programming of the safety functions, and the testing and diagnostics of the safety system.

Modular Safety System ES Benefits

  • Convenient parameterization, operation, monitoring and testing by means of a user-friendly and clear-cut user interface
  • Reliable diagnostic tool
  • All functions, such as safety and logic functions, are available as modules, and are easy to link to one another.
  • Automatic creation of comprehensive documentation of safety functions

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SIEMENS Modular Safety System ES

Efficient engineering with three program versions

Modular Safety System ES




Access through the local interface on the device

Parameter assignment




Integrated graphics editor

Importing/exporting parameters

Comparison functions

Comfort functions

Terminal designation

Work on sub-diagrams

Standards-compliant printout according to EN ISO 7200

Downloading parameterization through PROFIBUS

Online diagnostics using PROFIBUS

Creating, importing and exporting macros

✓ Function available

— Function not available

Safety Relays 3RK3 MSS (software parametrized)
With our SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System (MSS), you can rely on a universal modular system that enables you to adapt machines and plants in the most flexible and economic way – both for new designs and for retrofits. Because safety functions can be parameterized quickly and easily using the MSS ES software.
Thanks to the consistent modularity, you are also extremely flexible within your applications and save costs since you do not have to utilize more modules than necessary. The SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System can be applied for safety applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 and PL e according to ISO 13849-1 respectively.