Siemens Panel PC 577C SIMATIC PC 577C

Siemens Panel PC 577C SIMATIC PC 577C

The Siemens Panel PC 577 provides a high standard of quality based on the protection type of the control unit, high-level EMC and CE certification for industrial application.
The device is designed for 24 hour operation. Further information is available in the section
“Ambient and environmental conditions of the “Technical data” chapter.
The Panel PC 577 is scalable beginning with the processor type and the memory modules all the way to the operating system.

• The integrated Ethernet interface ensures communication with the office world and the
management level.
• PC peripherals can be connected via the integrated USB interfaces at the rear and front
of the device.
• Connection to the process is made with communication cards and PC expansion
modules in the available PC slots.

The device serves as a base for PC-based HMI devices, the Panel PCs. The Panel PC 577
fulfills the basic requirements for industrial compatibility and provides high performance at a low price.
The device consists of the control unit with a key or touch panel and the computer unit. The control unit is screwed to the back of the computer unit.


Siemens Panel PC 577C SIMATIC PC 577C

General features

Processor – Intel® Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
– Intel® Celeron 2.0 GHz
Chipset Intel 865G
Main memory 256 MB = 2 x 128 MB SDRAM or
1 x 256 MB SDRAM
512 MB = 2 x 256 MB SDRAM
4 slots, expandable to 4 GB maximum
Slots for add-ons • Uppermost slot is suitable for WinAC Slot
• 2 x PCI 175 mm long (below)
Device variants
The device is available with different control
units which are distinguished by the size of the
display and by a membrane keyboard or touch
Keyboard variants
• 12″/15″ TFT technology
• Color display with backlighting
• Membrane keyboard with alphanumeric keys,
numeric keys, cursor keys and control keys
• Function keys and softkeys
• Integrated mouse
• Softkeys, und
• Front-mounted USB 2.0 interface for
connecting external I/O modules
Touch screen variants
• 12”/15”/19” TFT technology
• Color display with backlighting
• Front-mounted USB 2.0 interface for
connecting external I/O modules
Graphics On-board graphics (865G chipset)
12”: 800 x 600, 60 Hz
15”: 1024 x 768, 60 Hz
19”: 1280 x 1024, 60 Hz
Power supply 110/230 V AC, 350 W; variable voltage with shortterm
buffering against power failure at maximum
16 ms
Drives optional CD-ROM drive
Hard disks ≥ 40 GB HDD small, 1x 2.5″
Operating system, optional Preinstalled, also installed on the Restore CD
– Windows 2000 Professional MUI*
– Windows XP Professional MUI*
*MUI: Multi-language user interface; German,
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese,
Korean, Chinese simplified and Chinese


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