SIEMENS PC-based Automation Industrial PCs

SIMATIC Industrial PC OverviewIndustrial PCs

Our reliable and innovative SIMATIC industrial PCs are the optimal PC hardware platform for PC-based Automation from Siemens.

Rack PC

Rack PCs are flexible, high-availability industrial PC systems for powerful yet compact applications using 19″ technology.

Box PC

SIMATIC Box PCs provide mechanical engineers, plant engineers and control cabinet makers with particularly rugged industrial PC systems for use in powerful yet compact applications.

Panel PC

SIMATIC Panel PCs are suitable thanks to their high industrial compatibility for use in control cabinets, consoles and control panels, as well as directly on the machine. Typical areas of application can be found in both factory and process automation.

Tablet PC

The SIMATIC Industrial Tablet PC taps new application areas within the scope of Industrie 4.0. Designed for industrial use, the SIMATIC ITP1000 delivers convincing results with its many functions for day-to-day working. Typical applications are in maintenance/service, production and measuring and testing.

Industrial monitors and thin clients

Flexible operator input concepts can be implemented via Flat Panel monitors or thin clients. These are industry-standard LCD monitors with high-contrast displays that can be located at quite some distance from the PC, or low-cost, rugged thin clients that offer HMI functionality over the network in larger plants spread over wide areas.

Devices for special requirements

Fully-enclosed IP65 devices

The fully-enclosed SIMATIC PRO devices are ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments due to their extremely rugged design. They are, for example, specially designed for mounting on a support arm/pedestal.

Devices with stainless steel front

SIMATIC HMI offers industry-specific versions for smooth use in accordance with regulations by modifying its standard devices. For the food and beverages industry, for example, we supply devices with stainless steel fronts, and for industries facing particularly harsh environmental conditions we offer fully-enclosed, dust and splash proof devices in a rugged aluminum enclosure with high IP65 protection.

Panels and Panel PCs with touch screens and stainless steel fronts are designed for machine-level operator control and monitoring in the food and beverages industry.

Devices for hazardous areas

Intrinsically safe SIMATIC Panel PCs and Thin Clients specifically developed for hazardous areas.

IPC software

A graded concept is available for effective early detection of potential failures and minimization of actual downtimes. It consists of hardware and software expansion options specially developed for SIMATIC IPCs, which can be used to increase availability on a system-specific basis, depending on safety requirements.
The following components are available:

  • SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator
  • SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor
  • SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager
  • SIMATIC IPC Support Package for VxWorks V1.1

Embedded bundles with industrial PCs

Embedded industrial PCs are available at attractive prices as ready-to-use SIMATIC embedded bundles complete with a Windows Embedded operating system and pre-installed and pre-configured SIMATIC visualization and control software. They are efficient, cost-effective and ready-to-use complete packages that enable significantly faster commissioning.

Software packages for SIMATIC IPCs

Software packages are offered for all available SIMATIC IPCs that, when ordered, produce genuine price advantages.
All you have to do is: select your SIMATIC IPC, configure it, and order it together with the SIMATIC WinCC RT Advanced, WinCC RT Professional and WinCC V7 software and also the SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) software controller.


Ruggedness and industrial compatibility for 24-hour continuous use in an industrial environment
  • Compact, space-saving enclosure (Box PC and Panel PC)
  • Suitable for installing in space-saving control cabinets, only 500 mm deep (Rack PC)
  • All-metal enclosure with a high degree of electromagnetic compatibility for use in industrial areas and in domestic, business and commercial environments and for a degree of protection up to IP65/NEMA 4
  • The mounting position of the devices can be varied by means of wall, portrait or control cabinet mounting (Box PC), rail mounting (SIMATIC IPC427C or IPC227D only) and horizontal or vertical mounting position in the19″ cabinet or with appropriate kit as an industrial tower PC (Rack PC).
  • High resistance to shock/vibration thanks to special hard disk mountings, locked connectors, and card retainers
  • Maintenance-free, due to design without hard disk and fans using SIMATIC CompactFlash Cards or solid-state drive (SIMATIC IPC427C and HMI IPC477C and SIMATIC IPC227D and SIMATIC IPC277D)
  • Service-friendly, modular device design for replacement of defective components
  • Integral industrial power supplies (according to NAMUR) for the safe power supply protected against system disturbances
  • Attractive product design with dirt-repelling fronts and coated surfaces
  • Dust protection thanks to a pressurized cooling concept, front-mounted fans and dust filters (Rack PC)
Reduction in standstill times thanks to high system availability
  • Assured 24-hour operation as a result of high-quality parts and components (high MTBF, speed-controlled fans)
  • Efficient self-diagnostics for avoidance of potential failures (front status LEDs, SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor diagnostics software for condition monitoring, local and remote)
  • Minimum downtimes thanks to mirror disk systems and preventive data backup with SIMATIC IPC Image Creator and SIMATIC IPC BIOS Manager
  • Restore CD/DVD for restoration of the delivery state
  • Installed and activated Microsoft operating systems for time savings during installation
High degree of investment security for long-term automation concepts
  • Availability of 3 to 5 years (at least 1.5 years for Rack PC IPC547D)
  • 5-year repair and spare parts service (3 years for Rack PC IPC547D) after expiration of the active marketing period
  • Long-term concepts are implementable and reduce future engineering costs
  • System-tested SIMATIC software (WinCC, WinAC, etc.) and connection options for distributed I/Os via an optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface on board link the industrial PCs with Totally Integrated Automation
  • Certificates for worldwide marketing (cULus), the CE mark for use in industrial areas and in domestic, business and commercial environments
  • Compatibility in hardware and software thanks to, for example, unchanged mechanical dimensions or the use of existing user software on all devices of the same generation
  • Worldwide service and support (e.g. 24-hour SIMATIC Hotline)


SIMATIC IPCs are the ideal platform for PC-based Automation and are used both in the production and process industry, as well as in industry-oriented sectors such as traffic engineering, building management, warehouse systems.

Typical applications include:

  • Instrumentation and control tasks (e.g. with SIMATIC WinAC, also failsafe)
  • Operator control and monitoring (e.g. with SIMATIC WinCC flexible, WinCC RT Advanced, or WinCC)
  • Data acquisition
  • Image processing
  • Communication, gateways

More information:

Notes on the scope of delivery

Microsoft operating systems are pre-installed in an OEM version.

The scope of supply also includes:

  • Recovery CD for simple reinstallation of the operating system (not for Windows Embedded)
  • Restore DVD (hard disk image) for fast and very easy restoration of the PC delivery status
  • SIMATIC IPC Documentation and Drivers DVD
  • Compact Operating Instructions (German/English/French/Spanish/Italian/Chinese)
  • Electronic manual on IPC Documentation and Drivers DVD (German/English)

Box PC


Panel PC