SIEMENS Power supplies IM 360/361/365 interface modules

IM 360/361/365 interface modules


  • For connecting mounting racks in multi-tier SIMATIC S7-300 configurations
  • IM 365: For design of central controller and max. 1 expansion unit.
    Limited use of modules in the expansion unit (e.g. no CPs or FMs)
  • IM 360/IM 361: For design of central controller and max. 3 expansion units.
    No limitation in selection of modules in the expansion unit

IM 360/361/365 interface modules Application

IM 360/IM 361 and IM 365 modules support a multitier configuration of the S7-300 automation system (CPU 313C, CPU 314 or later), consisting of a central controller (CC)and up to three expansion racks (ERs).

The individual racks are interconnected via the interface modules.

  • IM 365:
    Central controller and 1 expansion rack each with max. 8 modules; Distance: 1 m
  • IM 360/IM 361:
    Central controller and max. 3 expansion racks each with max. 8 modules; Distance between two adjacent racks: 4 cm to 10 m

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IM 360/361/365 interface modules Design

General features

All interfaces have the following common features:

  • Compact configuration:
    The rugged plastics housing contains the interfaces for the connecting cables.
  • Simple mounting:
    The interface modules are mounted on the DIN rail (slot 3) and connected to the I/O modules via a bus connector just like any other module.
  • Problem-free configuration:
    The interface modules are self-configuring. Address assignment is not required.
  • Status and fault LEDs

IM 365

The IM 365 is the low-cost expansion for an ER. It contains the following features:

  • One of the two IM 365 modules is inserted in the CC, the other into the ER. The modules are connected by a fixed cable 1 m in length.
  • Limited use of modules:
    The ER is not connected to the C bus (communication bus). Therefore, no C bus nodes (e.g., CPs and FMs, see configuring aids) may be inserted into the ER.
  • No separate power supply:
    The modules in the ER are powered by the CPU power supply.

IM 360/IM 361

IM 360 and IM 361 are the ideal solution for comprehensive expansions. They contain the following features:

  • IM 360 plugs into CC
  • IM 361 plugs into each ER
  • Separate power supply
    Each IM 361 requires an external 24 V DC power supply. This then powers all modules of the respective ER. A PS 307 load power supply can be connected using a power connector.
  • No module selection restrictions:
    All S7-300 modules can be used in the ER.

IM 360/361/365 interface modules Ordering data

Product No. / Product DescriptionListprice / Your price
SIMATIC S7-300, Connection IM 360 in central rack for connection of max. 3 expansion racks, with C-bus
SIMATIC S7-300, Connection IM 361 in expansion rack for connection to central rack (IM360), supply voltage 24 V DC, with C-bus
SIMATIC S7-300, Connection IM 365 for connection of an extension rack without C bus, 2 modules+ connecting cable 1 m