SIEMENS Pressure transmitter SITRANS P300

The digital transmitter with HART or PROFIBUS PA communication and stainless steel housing. For the special requirements in the food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry.


The SITRANS P 300 offers the measuring precision and ruggedness already known from the SITRANS P DSIII.

Its stainless steel housing with laser-printed nameplate, together with a wide range of hygienic process connections, mean that it is highly suitable for use in the food & beverages industry as well as for pharmaceutical processes.
With a maximum deviation in measurement of 0.075% and the proven operating philosophy, it fits seamlessly into the SITRANS P family.

Digital pressure transmitter with a stainless steel housing and LCD display. Communication is over HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus interface. Various hygiene-based connections and flange connections with front-flush diaphragms meet the requirements of a dead space free process connection.


 Accuracy ≤ 0,075%
 Long term stability ≤ 0.25% / 60 months
 Measuring range 0 – 10 mbar (0 – 4 inchH2O) to
0 – 400 bar (0 – 5800 psi)


  • With hygiene (EHEDG, 3A), material and calibration certificates  emi-
    nently suited to the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry
  • Especially suitable for degrees of protection to IP68 and IP69K, CIP/SIP cleaning, and high-viscosity measuring process
  • Measurement cells for gauge and absolute pressure
  • Measurement cells with flush mounted diaphragm
  • Extended simulations and diagnostic functions Parameters can easy set via three local push buttons and LCD display, HART or PROFIBUS PA profile 3.0 communication.


FAQ: Option Y22 Setting of pressure indication in non-pressure units
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FAQ: Changes because of the introduction of explosion protection type “Ex ec” as the successor to explosion protection type “Ex na”
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FAQ :Which certificates has to be ordered?
QUESTION: Which certificates has to be ordered?
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FAQ: Which diaphragm can I use for my measured medium?
QUESTION: Which diaphragm can I use for my measured medium?
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FAQ: What can I do when the temperature of the medium is higher than the maximummeasuring temperature allowed according to the technical data?
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