SIEMENS Process instrumentation – Temperature /Flow /Level Measurement

Devices for measuring and positioning, recording and regulating form an essential part of a system for the automation of industrial processes.

Here you will find a full range of innovative process instruments.

All products and systems are part of Siemens‘ Totally Integrated Automation concept and therefore guarantee a homogeneous solution to your automation task.

You benefit from our experience from projects which we have implemented successfully in cooperation with our customers worldwide.

Process instrumentation

Pressure measurement

Pressure measurement

The range of measuring instruments for pressure covers:

SITRANS P transmitters

  • For pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow and level
  • For food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • With PMC connection for the paper industry
  • With Wireless Hart communication
  • For hydrostatic level

Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement

Sensors, transmitters and accessories for direct or the non-contacting measurement of temperatures using different measuring methods:

  • Temperature sensors
    • with optional transmitter
    • Resistance thermometer
    • Thermocouples
  • Transmitters for temperature
  • Fiber-optic multipoint transmitter
  • Radiation pyrometers for contact-free measurement of temperature

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement
Flowmeters and positive displacement meters SITRANS F

SITRANS F M Electromagnetic flowmeters

    • SITRANS F M transmitters and sensors
    • SITRANS F M (Transmag 2) transmitter
    • SITRANS F M 911/E sensors
  • SITRANS F C mass flow meters
  • SITRANS F US ultrasonic flow meters for measuring the flow of organic and inorganic liquids with laminar and turbulent flows as well as in the transition range.
  • SITRANS F VA rotameters
  • Calculation and delivery of SITRANS O delta p primary differential pressure devices for determining the flow of gases, vapors and liquids.

Level Measurement

Level Measurement
Level Measurement
  • Point level measurement – RF Capacitance switches
  • Point level measurement – Electro-mechanical switches
  • Point level measurement – Ultrasonic switch
  • Continuous level measurement – Ultrasonic transmitters
  • Continuous level measurement – Ultrasonic controllers
  • Continuous level measurement – Ultrasonic transducers
  • Continuous level measurement – Radar transmitters
  • Continuous level measurement – Guided Wave Radar transmitters
  • Continuous level level – Capacitance transmitters
  • Communications and Displays