SIEMENS S7-200 CPU Programmable Controller

SIEMENS S7-200 CPU Programmable Controller

The S7-200 monitors inputs and changes outputs as controlled by the user program, which can include Boolean logic, counting, timing, complex math operations, and communications with other intelligent devices. The compact design, flexible configuration, and powerful instruction set combine to make the S7-200 a perfect solution for controlling a wide variety of applications.

The new features of the SIMATIC S7-200 include two new analog expansion modules.

S7-200 CPU

The S7-200 CPU combines a microprocessor, an integrated power supply, input circuits, and output circuits in a compact housing to create a powerful Micro PLC.

S7-200 Expansion Modules

To better solve your application requirements, the S7-200 family includes a wide variety of expansion modules. You can use these expansion modules to add additional functionality to the S7-200 CPU. Table 1-2 provides a list of the expansion modules that are currently available. For detailed information about a specific module, see Appendix A.


Ordering data for the new products:

Part Part Number
224 CPU DC/DC/DC 6ES7 214-1AD23-0XB0
224 CPU AC/DC/Relay 6ES7 214-1BD23-0XB0
224XP CPU DC/DC/DC 6ES7 214-2AD23-0XB0
224XP CPU AC/DC/Relay 6ES7 214-2BD23-0XB0
226 CPU DC/DC/DC 6ES7 216-2AD23-0XB0
226 CPU AC/DC/Rly 6ES7 216-2BD23-0XB0
Memory Cartridge, 64 Kbytes 6ES7 291-8GF23-0XA0
Memory Cartridge, 256 Kbytes 6ES7 291-8GH23-0XA0
German Language Manual 6ES7 298-8FA24-8AH0
English Language Manual 6ES7 298-8FA24-8BH0
French Language Manual 6ES7 298-8FA24-8CH0
Spanish Language Manual 6ES7 298-8FA24-8DH0
Italian Language Manual 6ES7 298-8FA24-8EH0