SIEMENS S7-300 Ex analog output modules Technical specifications

Ex analog output modulesEx analog output modules

  • Analog outputs for signals from the Ex field
  • For the connection of intrinsically safe analog equipment from the Ex field
  • 4 analog outputs in 4 channel modules (single-channel isolation)
  • Diagnostics and diagnostics alarm programmable

The Ex analog output modules have the following mechanical features:

  • Compact configuration;
    the rugged plastic housing contains:

    • A shared red group fault LED for all circuits
    • One red LED each per channel for displaying channel-specific faults/errors, e.g., wire break or load break
    • Slot for front connector or cable guide, protected by the front cover
    • Labeling area on the front cover.
  • Easy installation:
    The module is mounted on the DIN rail and connected to the adjacent modules via bus connectors. There are no slot rules; the addresses of the inputs are predetermined by the slot.
  • User-friendly wiring:
    The modules are wired by means of a plug-in front connector. When they are first plugged in, a coding element clicks into place so that the connector will only fit into modules of the same type. The front connector contains a special cable guide to cover the module’s 24 V load power supply. When the module is replaced, the front connector can be used in its fully-wired state for the new module of the same type.

Ex analog output modules Technical specifications

Article number



Supply voltage

Load voltage L+

  • ● Rated value (DC)

24 V

  • ● Reverse polarity protection


Input current

from load voltage L+ (without load), max.

200 mA

from backplane bus 5 V DC, max.

80 mA

Power loss

Power loss, typ.

4 W

Analog outputs

Number of analog outputs


Voltage output, short-circuit protection


Voltage output, short-circuit current, max.

70 mA

Current output, no-load voltage, max.

14 V

Output ranges, current

  • ● 0 to 20 mA


  • ● 4 mA to 20 mA


Connection of actuators

  • ● for current output two-wire connection


Load impedance (in rated range of output)

  • ● with current outputs, max.

500 Ω

Cable length

  • ● shielded, max.

200 m

Analog value generation for the outputs

Integration and conversion time/resolution per channel

  • ● Resolution with overrange (bit including sign), max.

15 bit

  • ● Basic conversion time (ms)

2.5 ms


Operational error limit in overall temperature range

  • ● Current, relative to output range, (+/-)

0.55 %

Basic error limit (operational limit at 25 °C)

  • ● Current, relative to output range, (+/-)

0.2 %

Interrupts/diagnostics/status information

Diagnostic functions


Diagnostic messages

  • ● Diagnostic information readable


  • ● Overrange


  • ● Wire-break in actuator cable


Diagnostics indication LED

  • ● Group error SF (red)


  • ● Channel fault indicator F (red)


Ex(i) characteristics

Module for Ex(i) protection


Maximum values of output circuits (per channel)

  • ● Co (permissible external capacity), max.

850 nF

  • ● Io (short-circuit current), max.

70 mA

  • ● Lo (permissible external inductivity), max.

6.6 mH

  • ● Po (power of load), max.

440 mW

  • ● Uo (output no-load voltage), max.

14 V

Potential separation

Potential separation analog outputs

  • ● Potential separation analog outputs


Permissible potential difference

between the outputs (UCM)

60 V DC/30 V AC when used in the hazardous area; 400 V DC/250 V AC when used in NON-hazardous area

Between the outputs and MANA (UCM)

60 V DC/30 V AC when used in the hazardous area; 400 V DC/250 V AC when used in NON-hazardous area

Standards, approvals, certificates

Use in hazardous areas

  • ● Type of protection acc. to EN 50020 (CENELEC)

[EEx ib] IIC

  • ● Type of protection acc. to FM

Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D T4

  • ● Test number PTB


Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature during operation

  • ● max.

60 °C

Connection method

required front connector



Weight, approx.

280 g