SIEMENS S7-300 SIPLUS SIWAREX U – a flexible weighing moduleHello

SIPLUS SIWAREX U electronic weighing systemSIPLUS SIWAREX U

SIPLUS SIWAREX U is a flexible weighing module for all simple weighing and force measuring tasks. The compact module can be integrated into SIPLUS automation systems without any problems.


SIPLUS extreme products are based on SIMATIC standard products. The contents listed here were taken from the respective standard products. SIPLUS extreme-specific information was added.

SIPLUS SIWAREX U electronic weighing system

Article No.

6AG1 950-2AA01-4AA0

Article No. based on

7MH4 950-2AA01

Range of ambient temperature

0 … +60 °C

Conformal coating

Coating of the printed circuit boards and the electronic components

Technical data

The technical data of the standard product applies except for the ambient conditions.

Ambient conditions

Relative humidity

100%, condensation/frost permissible. No commissioning in bedewed state.

SIPLUS SIWAREX U impresses customers with its clear benefits:

  • Uniform design and system-wide communication in SIMATIC
  • Implementation in a distributed system concept thanks to connection to PROFIBUS DB/PROFINET via ET 200M
  • Measuring of weight or force with a high resolution of 65000 parts and an accuracy of 0.05 %
  • Space savings by using the 2-channel version for two scales
  • Direct connection of a remote display to the TTY interface
  • Easy adjustment of the scales with the SIWATOOL U program
  • Theoretical calibration is possible without the need for calibration weights
  • Replacement of the module is possible without recalibrating the scales
  • Can also be used for Ex applications

SIPLUS SIWAREX U is available with either one or two measurement channels. One measurement channel is required for each scales.

The primary task of SIWAREX U involves measuring the sensor voltage and converting this measurement to a weight value. The signal can be digitally filtered if required.

Apart from determining the weight, SIWAREX U also monitors two freely parameterizable limit values per measurement channel (min. or max.).

SIWAREX U is calibrated at the factory. This ensures both that theoretical calibration of the scales is possible without the need for calibration weights, and that modules can be replaced without the need for recalibrating the scales. In combination with “active bus modules”, modules can be replaced during normal operation.

Uniform, integrated communication between all system components supports quick, reliable and low-cost integration and diagnostics in process plants.

SIWAREX U has two serial interfaces. The TTY interface is used to connect up to four digital remote displays. In addition to the two weight values for weighing channels 1 and 2, two further values that can be set by the SIMATIC can also be indicated on the remote displays.

A PC can be connected to the RS232 interface for adjusting the scales.

SIWAREX U can not only be integrated into the system software via the classical PLC programming languages STL (Statement List), LAD (Ladder Diagram), FBD (Function Block Diagram) or SCL (Structured Control Language). Graphical configuration in CFC is also possible (CFC = Continuous Function Chart). Appropriate faceplates are available in PCS 7 for visualizing the scales.

In contrast to electronic weighing systems connected in series, with SIWAREX U there is no need for expensive add-on modules for connecting to SIMATIC.

Integration into SIMATIC results in freely programmable, modular weighing systems that can be adapted to internal company requirements as desired.

Using the SIWATOOL U software, the SIWAREX weighing modules can be set up with the convenience of Windows independently of the automation system. All the basic settings for the weighing modules can be specified in input screens, saved and printed out for the plant documentation.

A fast error search is assured in online mode thanks to the wide-ranging diagnostic functions of SIWATOOL U.

The SIWAREX U weighing module can also be used for hazardous areas (Zone 2). An intrinsically safe infeed can be implemented for the load cells through an optional Ex interface.