SIEMENS SENTRON powermanager: energy-management software

SIEMENS SENTRON powermanager

The SENTRON powermanager software is suitable for applications in commercial buildings and small and medium-size industrial buildings – where either no SIMATIC automation system is being used, or where it is desirable to separate automation and power distribution. Even with the SENTRON powermanager standard software package, it is easy to implement an energy management system with functions for providing and analyzing as well as monitoring various measured values. Additional customer-specific requirements can be met with option packages. With SENTRON powermanager, you can expand your project later to include more functions and devices without losing any data, thanks to a flexible licensing concept.

Power monitoring software for the SENTRON-based power monitoring system with the following main points:
• to identify savings potential
• to reduce power costs
• to ensure power availability

SENTRON powermanager

Advantages of SENTRON powermanager at a glance

  • Low engineering costs as a result of comprehensive default settings in the energy management software
  • High cost efficiency even with small systems, thanks to low up-front investment
  • Direct access also possible via the Web
  • Comprehensive functions like reporting are included in the basic package
  • Customer-specific modifications and expansions possible at any time through option packages
  • Identification of optimization and saving potential, due to transparency of power distribution
  • Important component for energy management systems, for instance, for configurations in accordance with new standard EN 16001
  • Price advantage from low-cost system packages comprising both software and hardware

Software functions of the SENTRON powermanager

  • Detection and visualization of measured power values
  • Limit value monitoring with freely configurable alarms
  • Display of the load profile or any measured values as a curve
  • Pre-defined reports for allocation of usage and the resulting costs to freely selectable cost centers
  • User-configurable reports using Excel
  • Monitoring of switching states
  • Pre-configured project settings for easy commissioning

Selection and ordering data

powermanager V 3.0
 Trial license
up to 10 devices inc. “Expert” and “Web” option packs
full product license limited to 30 days
3ZS2 711-0CC30-0YA7
 Basic package
full product license up to 10 devices, installation for client/server
3ZS2 711-0CC30-0YA0
• Device pack (20)
device expansion license for up to 20 devices
3ZS2 711-0CC30-0YD0
• Device pack (50)
device expansion license for up to 50 devices
3ZS2 712-0CC30-0YD0
• Device pack (100)
device expansion license for up to 100 devices
3ZS2 713-0CC30-0YD0
• Device pack (200)
device expansion license for up to 200 devices
3ZS2 714-0CC30-0YD0
• Device pack (500)
device expansion license for up to 500 devices
3ZS2 715-0CC30-0YD0
• Device pack (1000)
device expansion license for up to 1000 devices
3ZS2 716-0CC30-0YD0
• Update license
from V2.0 Lean to V3.0 (10)
3ZS2 711-0CC30-0YE0
• Update license
from V 2.0 Standard to V 3.0 (50)
3ZS2 712-0CC30-0YE0
• Update license
from V 2.0 Advanced to V 3.0 (100)
3ZS2 713-0CC30-0YE0
• Update license
from V 2.0 Maximum to V 3.0 (200)
3ZS2 714-0CC30-0YE0

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