SIEMENS SIMATIC control systems – SIMATIC TDC multiprocessor control system

SIMATIC control systems  Overview

SIMATIC TDC and FM 458-1 DP are SIMATIC control systems and cover the top performance range. Their application area comprisesSIMATIC control systems

  • Extremely fast response, computing and/or
  • Closed-loop control with maximum precision (minimum sampling time: 100 µs)

SIMATIC control systems are freely configurable with STEP 7 and the engineering tools CFC and SFC. Configuring requires the block library of the D7-SYS add-on package.

FM 458-1 DP application module

The FM458-1 DP application module enables high-speed calculation and control in the S7-400 system:

  • Rapid I/O access by using expansion modules
  • Isochronous PROFIBUS DP interface onboard


The multi-processor automation system SIMATIC TDC (Rack Based) has been specially designed for complex closed-loop control and computing tasks in plant construction and offers computing power almost without limits.

SIEMENS SIMATIC TDC multiprocessor control system

SIMATIC TDC  control system OverviewSIMATIC TDC multiprocessor control system

SIMATIC TDC (Technology and Drives Control) is a digital automation system featuring very high computing power and the ability to process very large programs. An extensive library with approx. 300 ready-made function blocks is available for fast engineering.


  • SIMATIC TDC provides the highest degree of competence when it comes to motion control and closed-loop control technology.
  • SIMATIC TDC especially distinguishes itself as an effective, synchronizable multi-processing system.


SIMATIC TDC is used, in particular, in plant engineering, the metallurgy and rolling mill technology industries as well as in the energy distribution sector.


The system is of a modular design and can, depending on the particular application, be equipped with the necessary computational/arithmetic performance as well as digital, analog, incremental and absolute value encoder connections or communication interfaces.

All of the modules in the SIMATIC TDC subracks are connected through a high-performance 64-bit backplane bus. This allows data to be exchanged between all of the modules, almost in the processor clock cycle.


Free graphic configuring

SIMATIC TDC is configured with the Windows-based graphical SIMATIC tools STEP 7, CFC and optionally SFC. The software package D7-SYS supplements the CFC engineering tool with the function blocks for SIMATIC TDC as well as the high-performance operating system.


For complex automation tasks, it may be necessary exchange data between CPUs in several racks. For this purpose, a GlobalDataMemory (GDM) can be used as a central memory for coupling a maximum of 44 racks.

Via this memory, data can be exchanged across racks between all CPUs in the system. This means that more than 800 CPUs can be used in a system.

GDM consists of a rack in which only GDM modules can be inserted. It can thus be operated in a special, particularly fast mode.

Service and commissioning

Service and commissioning are performed directly from the graphic configuration interface STEP 7 and CFC.

Programs of other processor modules

CFCs for the SIMADYN D modules PM5, PM6, for the FM 458-1 DP application module, or for the technology module T400 can be transferred very easily to the CPUs of the automation system SIMATIC TDC.


Drives and distributed I/O are linked to SIMATIC TDC using PROFIBUS DP interface modules with master and / or slave function.

Multiple SIMATIC stations, as well as external systems and host computers, can be networked using a TCP/IP interface modules for up to 100 Mbit/s. Visualization components such as WinCC can also be linked via this interface module.

All the visualization components of SIMATIC HMI, such as WinCC or OP/TD panels are also linked via the MPI (multi point interface).