Simatic IPC547 eco

SIMATIC IPC547eco is a rugged, reliable products, with
19-inch standard 4U rack-mount design, the use of an Intel Pentium Dual Core
E5300 processor, up to 500 GB Serial ATA hard disk configuration. Can
24 hours a day in the ambient temperature of 40 º C under industrial conditions. Borrow
7 expansion slots contribute to the PCI / PCI-Express technology, the device can use
Powerful expansion cards, such as PCIe x 16 (2 generation) graphics card can be used with
Then the two displays, while the PCIe x 8 (1 slot) can be used to install the frame grabber module
And so on. SIMATIC IPC547eco a total of four fixed-configuration, the selection becomes more
Simple, fast, very fit the needs of Chinese customers. Can be applied:
Industrial process measurement, as well as open and closed loop control
• visualization of the production process
• image processing, such as quality inspection
• data collection and management, such as for recipe management
• Intelligent energy management

Simatic IPC547 eco    Simatic IPC427eco

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SIMATIC IPC 427 eco is designed according to the actual needs of Chinese users of box-type IPC, and there are three different configuration, adopt Intel Celeron processor M1.2 G, compact structure, high flexibility, high resistance to impact and vibration resistance, and completely free maintenance, resistance to at least 15 ms failure pressure loss (20.4 V). The horizontally installed model with CF CARDS can operate 24 hours a day at ambient temperatures of up to 50oC. It is suitable for fast data acquisition, communication processing, closed-loop control and upper computer monitoring.

Product parameters

The IPC 427 eco

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Economy: Intel cy young M 1.2 G Hz processor, 1G memory, 250G hard disk, pre-installed Windows XP Professional operating system.

6 ag4020-3 xa21 pa0 0

Sophisticated: Intel cy young M 1.2 G Hz processor, 1G ram, 4G SIMATIC PC CF card, pre-installed Windows Embedded Standard 2009 operating system.

6 ag4020-3 xa21 ax0 0

Luxurious: Intel cy young M 1.2 G Hz processor, 1G ram, 250G hard disk, no operating system.

Powerful I n t e l processor E5300

Up to seven expansion slots

A carefully designed plate holder

Unique internal USB interface

Cable harness design makes the machine more orderly inside

The hard drive on the aluminum plate is better for heat dissipation

SIMATIC eco IPC product highlights

1. Easy to own, cost-effective

Low total cost, extremely cost-effective.

2. Quality assurance, quality inheritance

Ensure high quality of products by product design, production, logistics and application.

3, German manufacturing, intensive work

German original import, adhering to the excellent process and quality of SIMATIC IPC.

4, adapt to the local conditions, easy choice

This series of products is especially suitable for China’s industrial environment. The fixed configuration makes the selection more convenient and convenient.

5. Exclusive design, only for China

The series is designed specifically for Chinese customers designed to meet the different needs of Chinese customers.

6. China sales, Chinese service

This series of products is only for the Chinese market, provided by China.

7, two series, seven configurations

There are seven different configurations for the 19 – inch (4U) standard frame type and compact box type.

8. Quick supply, win in trust

Rely on China’s regular inventory to ensure shorter supply cycles and shorter time for customer listings.

To perform increasingly complex tasks with lower risks and lower costs, users need to work with software and hardware that is both innovative and long-term. To this end, more than 20 years, Siemens has been to provide customers with reliable industrial PC, German original factory assembly and equipped with internal development of standardization, flexibility and scalability of the motherboard. At the same time, in order to make more Chinese customers experience the high reliability and high quality of German imported industrial PC, Siemens launched a new series of IPC product SIMATIC eco IPC. This series of products has a very high cost performance and is suitable for middle and low-end industrial PC customers. No UL and CE certificates are provided. SIMATIC eco IPC has two kinds of products (SIMATIC IPC547eco and SIMATIC IPC427eco), seven fixed configurations, which are very close to the needs of Chinese customers, and can quickly complete the selection of products.