SIEMENS SIMATIC Energy Suite – SIMATIC Energy Management

SIMATIC Energy Suite

High energy consumption and automated production are typical of many industries.
Operators striving for sustainable control of energy costs with an outlook into the digital future need to equip their plants with integrated energy measuring technology. The
production’s automation will be embedded with their energy management. This is where the major share of energy is consumed.
Simatic Energy Suite as integrated option for the TIA Portal efficiently interlinks energy management with automation and introduces energy transparency to production. The significantly eased configuration of energy-measuring components of the SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS, SIRIUS and SIMOCODE product ranges2 ensures considerably minimized configuration expenditures. The integrated connection to Simatic Energy Manager Pro1 or to the cloud-based Energy Analytics service facilitates the acquired energy data‘s seamless expansion into a site-spanning energy management system.
As a result, companies are enabled to meet all required economical and management-related energy aspects. – This includes energy procurement to planning to energy
Advantages at a glance:
• Automatic generation of energy management data
• Integration in the TIA Portal and in automation
• Easy configuration


Efficiently comply with legal regulations

  • Every company is obliged to comply with legal regulations regarding energy consumption.
  • Utilize an ISO 50001-compliant energy management solution comprised of SIMATIC Energy Suite, SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO and measuring hardware of the product families SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS, SIRIUS and SIMOCODE.
  • Create complete transparency across all energy flows of your production facility.

Reduce operating costs

  • Successfully restrain your company’s rising energy costs.
  • Minimize your energy costs by reducing consumption and identifying “energy guzzlers”.
  • SIMATIC Energy Suite provides all required energy data from the production process.

Ensure your competitive edge

  • Increase your competitiveness by continuously reducing energy costs.
  • Government subsidies and tax concessions for energy and electricity taxes create financial leeway for investments in your core business.
  • Improve your market value and your company’s image with an energy management system certified to ISO 50001 requirements.


SIMATIC Energy Suite –Highlights

• Easy and intuitive configuration instead of programming
• Automatic generation of the PLC energy program
• Comfortable integration of measuring components2 of the Siemens portfolio and by other manufacturers
• Integration in the TIA Portal and in automation
• Archiving on WinCC Professional or PLC
• Seamless connection to Energy Manager Pro1 and Energy Analytics

SIMATIC Energy Suite – Advantages

Operator Configuration engineer
Energy transparency
through interlinking of energy and
production data
Easy configuration
through easy and intuitive engineering
integrated in the TIA Portal
from detection to management
Efficient realization
through automatic generation of the energy program
Investment protection
through integration and continuous
advancement in the TIA Portal
One platform
for automation and energy management
From the production machine down to plant-spanning energy management, through connection to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO1

Ordering data:

Engineering Paket per Post Download
SIMATIC Energy Suite V14 Engineering, incl. 10 Energy Objects (2x 5 EnO) 6AV2108-0AA04-0AA5 6AV2108-0AA04-0AH5
SIMATIC Energy Suite V14 Engineering Trial 6AV2108-0AA04-0AA7 6AV2108-0AA04-0AH7 oder SIOS
Runtime Paket per Post Download
SIMATIC Energy Suite 5 Energy Objects3 (1x 5 EnO) 6AV2108-0CF00-0BB0 6AV2108-0CF00-0BB0
SIMATIC Energy Suite 10 Energy Objects3 (2x 5 EnO) 6AV2108-0DF00-0BB0 6AV2108-0DF00-0BB0
SIMATIC Energy Suite 50 Energy Objects3 (5x 10 EnO) 6AV2108-0FH00-0BB0 6AV2108-0FH00-0BB0
SIMATIC Energy Suite 100 Energy Objects3 (10x 10 EnO) 6AV2108-0HH00-0BB0 6AV2108-0HH00-0BB0
SIMATIC Energy Suite 250 Energy Objects3 (25x 10 EnO) 6AV2108-0KH00-0BB0 6AV2108-0KH00-0BB0

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