SIEMENS SIMATIC Information Server – SCADA Software

The SIMATIC Information Server gives you transparent access to plant information at any time. Historical plant data can be simply compiled in web-based dashboards or reports without programming knowledge.

SIMATIC Information Server

This ensures comprehensive access to plant information for each target group in the company (managers, quality assurance, maintenance) at all times.

SIMATIC Information Server
  • Full transparency of historical WinCC data (WinCC Archive and SIMATIC Process Historian)
  • Uniform and independent of version for different data sources
  • Efficient, web-based analysis through clearly structured dashboards and automated reports
  • Process information can be compiled online during runtime
  • Quick generation of standard reports through prepared templates
  • Individual reports based on the Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Cyclic activation of reports based on demands or events and forwarded by email, if necessary
  • Simple analysis with MS Office through integration in MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint
  • Plant information at any time – from any location: Web-based analyses also on mobile devices
Design and functions

The integrated reporting system, based on the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, creates and manages dashboards and reports interactively and makes them available on the web at any time. Integration in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint also lets you access historical data using the tools you know from the Office environment.
By making the SIMATIC Information Server available for a variety of products, it can be used for any WinCC system even across different versions. The SIMATIC Information Server is also used as a reporting system for the SIMATIC Process Historian.

Existing knowledge can be optimally reused thanks to the integrated analysis of data from different sources with only only reporting tool. Comprehensive analyses with a uniform look and feel create transparency and show weak points. Necessary optimization measures can be developed quickly and efficiently to increase plant productivity and availability.
The SIMATIC Information Server is installed on a separate PC or on a WinCC single-user station, WinCC server or WinCC client.

  • The SIMATIC Information Server basic package comprises the software, three client access licenses and 1 data ressource license. This gives access to one data source for up to three clients at a time.
  • The number of simultaneous client access operations can be incremented at any time using Information Server client access licenses.
  • Additional data sources can be integrated at any time using additive data source licenses.
Software requirements

SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2 works with SIMATIC Process Historian 2014 SP2. Use
PCS 7 V8 or WinCC V7 as the data source.
This section contains the following information:
● Supported Microsoft operating systems
● Supported software components
● Required software installations and settings

SIEMENS SIMATIC Information Server

The SIMATIC Information Server is a reporting system that uses the Microsoft Reporting
Services and accesses historic data of a process control system.
The SIMATIC Information Server can be used to compile, evaluate and visualize the process
values, messages and recipe data of a process control system in graphics or tables.
The Process Historian server, WinCC stations and PCS 7 OS can be used as data sources.
A network connection is required for access.
You can access the web application of the Information Server with commonly available web
browsers. You also use the web interface to administer the Information Server.
The following applications are available for creating reports:
● Information Server web application
● Office add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Software and licenses Article No.

Basic packages

Information Server 2014 SP3 (software as download)


Information Server 2014 SP3 (software on DVD)



Information Server 2013 to 2014 SP3 (software for download)


Information Server 2013 auf 2014 SP3 (software on DVD)


Client access licenses

1 Client access license (license key download)


3 Client access licenses (license key download)


5 Client access licenses (license key download)


10 Client access licenses (license key download)


1 Client access license (license key on USB stick)


3 Client access licenses (license key on USB stick)


5 Client access licenses (license key on USB stick)


10 Client access licenses (license key on USB stick)


Data source licenses

1 Data source license (license key download)


3 Data source licenses (license key download)


1 Data source license (license key on USB stick)


3 Data source licenses (license key on USB stick)


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