SIEMENS SIMATIC IPC677D- PC-based Automation

SIMATIC IPC677D- PC-based Automation

The all in one Panel PC SIMATIC IPC677D is distinguished by its high performance, openness and expandability. Modern display technology with multitouch or singletouch control offers also trend-setting machine control and visualization possibilities.

Equipped with a brilliant and durable full HD Display it combines great processing power with lucid visualization. With an optional RAID configuration the IPC677D meets high demands on system availability for mission critical applications.Two PCI expansion slots offer the flexibility to integrate diverse applications.


The SIMATIC IPC677D provides high-level industrial functionality.
● Compact design
● Maintenance-free operation
● Rugged
The color display is equipped with TFT technology in widescreen format and LED backlighting.
Device with a resistive single touch screen comes with a front-side USB port for connection of external peripheral devices.

Device variants

The delivery note contains information on the precise scope of functions and product package for your device.
The SIMATIC IPC677D is available in the following device variants, which differ in regard to the display size, operating method and optional expansions.
Devices with capacitive multi-touch screen
● Display:
– 15” display, resolution 1366 × 768 pixels
– 19” display, resolution 1366 × 768 pixels
– 22” display, resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels
Devices with resistive single touch screen
● Display:
– 15″ display, resolution 1280 × 800 pixels
– 19” display, resolution 1366 × 768 pixels
– 22” display, resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels

Operating systems

The following operating systems are approved for the devices:
● Windows 7 Ultimate (32/64-bit)
● Windows Embedded Standard 7 P (32/64-bit)


The device are available for industrial PC systems for high-performance and space-saving applications in particular in the field of machine, plant and control cabinet engineering:
● Measuring and controlling process and machine data, for example, automated washing systems, assembling machines and packaging machines
● Operating and visualization tasks, for example, information terminals and large-scale displays in automobile manufacturing
● Data logging and processing, for example, system data logging and distributed process control

Design and functions

The SIMATIC IPC677D comes with a 15″, 19″ or a 22″ full HD single- or multitouch screen in widescreen format for an efficient visualization and operation of the machine. The new multitouch displays are designed with a glass front and offers also IP65 protection like the singletouch front.

SIEMENS SIMATIC IPC677D- PC-based Automation

Basic data
Installation In control cabinet
Processor  Intel Xeon E3-1268L v3 2.3 (3.3) GHz, 4 cores, GT2, 8 MB cache,
• Intel Core i3-4330TE 2.4 GHz, 2 cores, GT2, 3 MB cache, AMT
• Intel Celeron G1820TE 2.2 GHz, 2 cores, GT1, 2 MB cache
Main memory Maximum memory configuration 16 GB with the following memory
without ECC:
with ECC:
Equipment options with expansion
• 2 × PCI
• 1 × PCI, 1 × PCIe x16 Gen3
• 1 × PCIe x4 Gen2, 1 × PCIe x16 Gen3
Maximum bandwidth of PCI
133 Mbps
Maximum bandwidth of PCI
Gen 2: 5 GT/s (500 Mbps) bandwidth per lane
Gen 3: 8 GT/s (985 Mbps) bandwidth per lane
Graphics • Intel® HD Graphics Controller P4600/4700 GT1/GT2
2D and 3D engine integrated in chipset
Dynamic Video Memory Technology
(requires up to 512 MB in main memory)
• DVI resolution of 640 × 480 pixels up to 1920 × 1200 pixels
• Graphics memory is claimed in main memory (dynamic UMA)
• Triple Head Mode
Graphics DisplayPort resolutions depend on the graphics controller in the CPU,
which is represented by the processor:
• Celeron G1820TE: GT1 (HD Graphics),
maximum resolutions up to 2560 × 1600
• Core I3-4330TE: GT2 (HD Graphics 4600),
maximum resolutions up to 3840 × 2160
• XEON E3-1268L v3: GT2 (HD Graphics 4600)
maximum resolutions up to 3840 × 2160
Power supply • 120 V / 230 VAC, 190 W; wide range
• 24 VDC, 210 W
AC and DC power supply with short-term power failure backup in
accordance with NAMUR: maximum of 20 ms at 0.85 rated voltage.
The 24 VDC power supply is protected against reverse polarity

Product manuals

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