SIEMENS SIMATIC Logon – Software for shared tasks

The option package SIMATIC Logon serves to create access privileges for projects and libraries in STEP 7. When access protection is activated, a change log can be recorded.


The following are recorded, for example:

  • Activation
  • Deactivation
  • Configuration of access protection and change log
  • Opening and closing of projects and libraries, including loading onto the target system and activities for changing the operating state


SIMATIC Logon offers a number of security mechanisms on both the administrator and user sides. Users are uniquely identified in the usual way by means of a user ID, a user name and a password. Functions like password aging, automatic log-off after a predefined time and blocking the password after entering it wrongly several times guarantee the highest levels of operating security. In addition administrators can set up new users online on a cross-plant and cross-application basis as well as lock these users.


  • Central, cross-plant user management, integrated in Windows User Management
  • High levels of security due to measures on both the administrator and user sides
  • Configurable login procedures (Keyboard input, chipcard)
  • Can be used in different configurations (single-user, client/server systems up to highly available solutions)

Design and functions

User management with SIMATIC Logon integrates itself in the safety system and user management of Windows and in this way meets the FDA requirements.

A configuration tool allows user specific settings:

  • Language (german, english, french)
  • Environment : Domain and workgroup
  • Login device: Keyboard / Chipcard Reader/other devices

Thus users can login in their own language via keyboard or with a chipcard on which name, domain and password are encrypted.

In the SIMATIC WinCC environment, you can use Logon on a wide variety of different structures such as single user stations or client/server configurations. With SIMATIC Logon, the high availability is provided by primary/ secondary domain controllers and the local Windows User Management system.

Functions for meeting FDA requirements

With S7-Graph, S7-SCL and S7-HiGraph (from STEP 7 V5.4) in combination with the SIMATIC Logon option package, functions can be implemented that support tracking and tracing as required by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration):

  • Project password
    Access to projects and libraries can be protected by a project password.
  • Change log
    Access protection for projects and libraries can be used to maintain a change log. Online actions such as downloading, operating status changes, or memory reset are then logged. When executing these actions, operators are prompted to enter a comment giving a reason for the action.

SIMATIC Logon is also offered as an option package for the HMI software packages WinCC (up to V6.2) and WinCC flexible to meet requirements of user administration in the sector of operator control and monitoring.