SIEMENS SIMATIC S5-100U Programmable Controller


The S5-100U has the following features:
• Modular Design
Depending on the CPU you use, the S5-100U allows you to have a maximum of 448 digital inputs and outputs. It is suitable for machine control and for process automation and monitoring on a medium scale. The S5-100U allows a broad expansion capability with various types of modules to adapt optimally to a control task.
• Rugged, Lightweight Design
All of the modules you can use with the S5-100U are block-type modules that are small, rugged, and easy to use. The modules operate without fans. None of these modules has electromagnetically sensitive electronics. The modules are plugged into bus units and screwed tightly so that they are vibration-proof.
The bus units snap onto a standard mounting rail. You can configure the S5-100U in one or more tiers and configure it vertically or horizontally. The S5-100U offers such a wide range of configuration possibilities that you can use it in rough and difficult operating conditions.
• Simple Programming
The programming language is STEP 5 and its comprehensive operations set. It provides three different methods of representation, – four, if you have a CPU 103 or higher.
You can use any of the U series programmers to program your S5-100U, or you can load
programs from memory submodules.

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SIEMENS SIMATIC S5-100U Programmable Controller

Input/output modules
Input/output modules transfer information between the CPU and such process peripherals as sensors, actuators, and transducers. You can use the following types of input/output modules
with your S5-100U:
• Digital input modules and digital output modules (4, 8, and 16/16 channel)
– Use these modules for simple control tasks involving signal states “0” and “1” only.
• Analog input modules and analog output modules
– Use these modules to record and generate such variable quantities as currents and voltages.
• Timer module
– Use this module to set various times without having to change the program.
• Counter module
– Use this module to count pulses up to 500 Hz. You can input comparison values without having to change the program.
• High-speed counter/position detection module
– Use the high-speed counter to record high-speed counter pulses of 25/500 kHz. You can use this module for position detection in a positioning task.
• Comparator module
– This module makes it possible for you to monitor preset comparison values, such as for
current and voltage.Image result for SIEMENS S5-100U
• Simulator module
– Use this module to generate digital input signals or to display digital output signals.

• Diagnostic module
– Use this module to check the function of the I/O bus.
• Communications module (CP)
– Use this module to output message texts with the date and clock time to a connected
printer. You can also use this module to connect to external systems.
• Intelligent I/O module (IP)
– Use these intelligent input/output modules for such special tasks as temperature control and positioning tasks.

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