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What is the Siemens S5 Driver?

The Siemens S5 Driver provides a reliable way to connect Siemens S5 (AS511) devices to client applications;including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications. It is intended for use with Siemens S5 PLCs communicating via the front programming port using AS511 protocol (which is specific for each Siemens device). This driver has been designed to operate with a set range of Siemens equipment: it is not recommended for use on devices that are not supported.

The Siemens S5 PLC family has a unique memory structure. Data within the PLC is not at fixed locations within the PLC’s memory space. As the PLC logic is created and modified, this memory space is continuously updated and revised. When these revisions occur, the location of the key data elements (such as flags, timers, counters, I/O, and data blocks) can move around in the PLC’s memory. The Siemens S5 Driver has been designed to read the location of these memory elements when the driver begins operation or detects a communications error. If the PLC configuration changes, users must restart the Siemens S5 Driver or pull and replace the cable connection. Both of these actions cause the driver to reacquire the location of all PLC memory elements.

How do I configure a device for use with this driver?

Supported Devices
Siemens S5-90U
Siemens S5-95U
Siemens S5-100U-100
Siemens S5-100U-101
Siemens S5-100U-103
Siemens S5-101U
Siemens S5-115U-941
Siemens S5-115U-942
Siemens S5-115U-943
Siemens S5-115U-944
Siemens S5-115U-945
Siemens S5-135U-921
Siemens S5-135U-922
Siemens S5-135U-928
Siemens S5-155U-946
Siemens S5-155U-947

Communication Protocol
AS511 Current Loop

Supported Communication Properties
Baud: 9600 (Fixed)
Parity: Even (Fixed)
Data Bits: 8 (Fixed)
Stop Bit: 1 (Fixed)

Ethernet Encapsulation
This driver supports Ethernet Encapsulation, which allows communications with serial devices attached to an Ethernet network using a terminal server or device server. It may be invoked through COM ID in Channel Properties. When used directly with a serial port, this driver only supports a single connection to a single controller per serial port. When operating in Ethernet Encapsulation Mode, the driver supports up to 30 controllers per channel. In this mode, a single controller can be paired with a terminal server/device server to form a single node. For more information, refer to the server’s help documentation.
Note: The Siemens S5 AS511 protocol is sensitive to timing and gaps in the communications stream. If the network experiences heavy packet loss or delay while using Ethernet Encapsulation, the Siemens S5 Driver may report a large number of timeout errors or be unable to communicate. In some cases, using a switched network can help reduce these delays; however, it is not a guaranteed solution.

The maximum number of channels supported by this driver is 100. The maximum number of devices supported is 32.

Siemens S5 Driver
Device properties are organized into the following groups. Click on a link below for details about the settings in that group.

What data types does this driver support?

Data TypeDescription
BooleanSingle bit of an 8-bit value*
ByteUnsigned 8-bit value
WordUnsigned 16-bit value
ShortSigned 16-bit value
DWordUnsigned 32-bit value
LongSigned 32-bit value
StringNull-terminated ASCII string Includes Hi-Lo or Lo-Hi byte order selection.

How do I address a data location on a Siemens S5 Driver?

Address specifications vary depending on the model in use. Select a link from the following list to obtain specific address information for the model of interest.

Siemens S5 (AS511) 90U
Siemens S5 (AS511) 95U
Siemens S5 (AS511) 100U-100
Siemens S5 (AS511) 100U-101
Siemens S5 (AS511) 100U-103
Siemens S5 (AS511) 101U
Siemens S5 (AS511) 115U-941
Siemens S5 (AS511) 115U-942
Siemens S5 (AS511) 115U-943
Siemens S5 (AS511) 115U-944
Siemens S5 (AS511) 115U-945
Siemens S5 (AS511) 135U-921
Siemens S5 (AS511) 135U-922
Siemens S5 (AS511) 135U-928
Siemens S5 (AS511) 155U-946
Siemens S5 (AS511) 155U-947

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