SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 F digital/analog modules

F digital/analog modules

The fail-safe CPUs of SIMATIC S7 and the fail-safe signal modules of SIMATIC ET 200S, ET 200pro, ET 200eco and ET 200M have been specially developed for distributed safety-related applications in production engineering. Thanks to the discreetly modular structure of the fail-safe I/Os, safety technology only has to be applied where actually required. The new system replaces conventional electromechanical components, such as:F digital/analog modules

  • Freely programmable, safe linking of sensors to actuators
  • Selective safe shutdown of actuators
  • Mixed configuration of F-modules and standard modules in a station
  • Single-bus concept;
    fail-safe signals and standard signals are transferred over a single bus medium (PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET)
Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

Safety technology (Safety Integrated) is a component of Totally Integrated Automation which provides total integration of safety automation and standard automation (SIMATIC S7).

Whereas standard automation (classical PLCs) and safety automation (electromechanics) are still separate today, these two worlds are growing together into a uniform, integrated overall system.

Siemens can therefore present itself as a complete supplier for automation technology in which safety engineering is part of standard automation and system-wide integration exists.