SIEMENS SIMATIC WinCC Options – HMI Software


WinCC options  are evidence of the modular expandability and the universal application of WinCC which is the core for a whole range of different applications. The WinCC option packages are produced in the context of WinCC development. As the basic WinCC software they are supported by the technical advisory service and the central hotline.

The universal WinCC basic software is the basis for modular expansions. These functional expansions can be obtained in the form of WinCC options and as WinCC Premium add-ons.

Options for scalable plant configurations
  • WinCC/Server
    For configuring a powerful client/server system
  • WinCC/Redundancy
    For increasing system availability through redundancy
  • WinCC Web Navigator
    For operator control and monitoring of plants via the Internet, in-house intranet or LAN
  • WinCC WebUX
    For operator control and monitoring of plants, independent of platforms and browsers, via the Internet, in-house intranet or LAN

Options for SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 providing

Easy scalability

WinCC/User Archives
allows the application of user archives, in which related data is stored in data records. WinCC and its automation partners (e.g. a SIMATIC S7 PLC) can write to these data records and exchange them among one another.

is for monitoring changes in operator activities in runtime operation as well as for recording project changes at the engineering stage with the help of Audit trails and Project Versioning

for displaying and evaluating current process status conditions and historical data on any office PCs using Internet- capable standard tools

SIMATIC Information Server
supports the creation of target group-oriented reports and analyses of historical WinCC data on the basis of Microsoft Reporting Services.

is a subset of WinCC/Audit to track changes of a WinCC project during Engineering including document management and project versioning.

Production analysis and optimization on the basis of individual key performance indicators.The option WinCC/Downtime Monitor which was used in a comparable area of application will no longer be released for WinCC V7.2 and higher.

Openness for special requests

The flexible information hub between automation and IT world.  Reduces the complexity of interfaces and data formats.

WinCC/Connectivity Pack and WinCC/Connectivity Station
for accessing historical data of the WinCC archive system via OPC HDA or OLE-DB and for transferring/acknowledging messages via OPC A&E

WinCC/ODK (Open Development Kit)
describes opened programming interfaces which can be used to access data and functions of the configuration and runtime system.
Starting with  WinCC V7.2  the former option WinCC/IndustrialX is part of the Open Development Kit..

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