SIEMENS SIMATIC WinCC options WinCC WebNavigator

WinCC WebNavigator Overview

  • Option for SIMATIC WinCC or WinCC Runtime Professional for operating and monitoring plants over the Internet, company Intranet or LAN.
  • Configuration from:
    • A web server with SIMATIC WinCC as single-user or server version and a web client that permits operator control and monitoring of a current WinCC project using the Internet Explorer. In combination with WinCC V7, the WebNavigator Server can be operated on a MultiClient
  • Licensing:
    • Server-based licenses are available for access to the web server by 1, 3, 10, 30 or 100 clients.
    • Client-based licenses are available for guaranteed access to the web server (Diagnostics Client)
    • The WebNavigator license is valid for WinCC V7 and Runtime Professional (as of V7.4 and as of V14)
    • The licenses are additive
    • The WebNavigator licenses can also be applied to the use of the WinCC WebUX


When accessing the operator stations via the WinCC WebNavigator option, suitable protective measures (including IT security such as network segmentation) should be taken in order to ensure safe operation of the system.

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SIEMENS SIMATIC WinCC options WinCC WebNavigator

WinCC MultiClient as web server


  • Operator control and monitoring across long distances and on different platforms (PC, local panel, mobile PDA)
  • Large configurations with up to 150 operator stations (depending on the plant complexity and communication load)
  • Optimally tailored clients for operating and monitoring, analysis, service and diagnostics
  • Acceptance of configuration data for the web, generally without changes
  • Minimum maintenance costs due to central software administration
  • With the WinCC Web Viewer (WinCC Viewer RT), the process screens can be displayed on the web client independently of the Internet Explorer. Settings for the client are made on the client itself. The WinCC Web Viewer can also be used in conjunction with the MS Terminal Service.
  • The SIMATIC WinCC WebNavigator can also be operated in “view only” mode and is thus used as tool for monitoring and navigating using Internet Explorer or WinCC Web Viewer (WinCC Viewer RT).
  • Security is increased by adjustable automatic logout. If an automatic logout is to take place, an absolute or inactive time period can be set.


In addition to the standard WebNavigator licensing, there is the “Diagnostics Client” with identical functionality but different licensing. It is especially suitable for the following applications:

  • Remote diagnostics/operation of several unmanned WinCC server stations
  • Central control rooms that monitor several web servers via one user interface
  • Maintenance personnel who require guaranteed access to the server at any time, regardless of the number of users already logged on to the server.
    On the server side, only one WebNavigator Diagnostics Server license or, alternatively, one Standard WebNavigator license is required.


Licenses for the WebNavigator

The WebNavigator Client software can be installed as many times as required without the need for a license.

Server-based licensing

      • A license is required for using the WebNavigator Server.
      • Licenses are available for simultaneous access to the web server by 1, 3, 10, 30 or 100 clients.

Diagnostics Client Licensing

    • For cost-optimized access by one or a small number of WebNavigator Clients to numerous web servers (e.g. for diagnostic purposes).
      This client license provides guaranteed access to web servers at any time.
      In respect of function there is no difference compared with regular WebNavigator Clients and the two can be mixed.

WebNavigator Clients are capable of accessing several different web servers.


The WinCC basic system makes setting up and configuring a WebNavigator Server very easy. WinCC process screens to be visualized via the Internet are created as usual using the graphic editor.

To display WinCC process screens on the web client, the Microsoft Internet Explorer or browser is used independent of the supplied WinCC Web Viewer (WinCC Viewer RT).

The operator on the web client is integrated in the central WinCC user administration and can operate and monitor the system according to the configured access rights.

The WebNavigator supports all standard security mechanisms that can be used for applications on the Internet, e.g. routers, firewalls and proxy servers.