Central and Distributed Drive Systems
0.075 kW to 120 kW

Central drive systems:

Central drive systems offer a wide performance range based
on modular design. All components of the SIMODRIVE® 611
modular system, such as mains supply and power modules can
be used.

The SIMODRIVE 611 universal regulated control
plug-in unit provides you with a simple digital drive for all motor
types and for various encoder systems. SIMODRIVE 611 universal
offers integrated positioning functions and numerous
communications interfaces for flexible integration in higherlevel
control systems. The twoaxis modules support spacesaving
module configurations.

Distributed drive systems:

With distributed drives, the drive technology is relocated at the
machine. The advantages of this technology lie in the system
configuration and installation technique: The control cabinet
costs are reduced, mounting at the machine is simplified by the
use of complete self-contained units and the installation costs
are reduced by simplified cable routing.

The benefits of distributed drive configurations are most apparent
in the case of large scale machines and installations.
The following versions are available:
CA: The converter system for mounting at the motor that
makes Motion Control tasks possible
The servo drive that is also capable of interpolating motion tasks

The intelligent positioning motor

Comparison between SIMODRIVE 611 universal and SIMODRIVE POSMO

Central drive systems with SIMODRIVE 611 universal

With a proven hardware platform,
the new SIMODRIVE 611
universal has been designed to
handle a wide range of applications
in the mechanical
engineering industry. It can be
used to control various motor
types, such as synchronous
servo, asynchronous servo,
standard induction or linear
motors. Its compact, multi-axis
design is well suited for many
industries – i.e. printing, packaging,
textile, wood and glass.

SIMODRIVE 611 universal is
supplied for line voltages of
3-phase 380 V to 480 V AC,
50/60 Hz and is available from
1.1 kW to 120 kW. The modules
have a standard design of
480 mm high by 288 mm deep
and depending on the power
range, the width increases in
units of 50 mm.

Some of the main features of the
SIMODRIVE 611 universal:
• Configurable for speed/torque
control and positioning control
• Suitable for synchronous and
induction motors
• Compact design with singleaxis
and two-axis modules
• Communication with PROFIBUS
• All data in the package is located
on a traversable memory
In addition to classical drive
functions such as torque and
speed control with output frequencies
up to 1400 Hz, SIMODRIVE
611 universal offers
integral positioning functions.

Up to 64 independent traversing
blocks can be stored to perform
either absolute or relative
position moves allowing it to be
characterized by:
• Extremely high dynamic performance
• Flexible positioning
• High field weakening range
• Ease of use.
The range is rounded off by a
complete spectrum of system
components and accessories.
Customer-specific, integral solutions
(automation – converters
– motors) are available for the
most varied of applications in all
industrial sectors.

For the SIMODRIVE 611 universal,
an easy to use Windows
based graphical programming
and diagnostic tool is available.
Known as SIMOCOM U, this tool
has been specially developed
to make start up of the drive system
Siemens’ worldwide service
and the company’s sales network
enable all our customers to
obtain direct access to expert
advice and project planning as
well as training and service.

Distributed drive systems with SIMODRIVE POSMO

Installation at the machine or integrated in the motor: For distributed solutions, the servo drives of the SIMODRIVE POSMO series designed to a high degree of protection take drive technology out of the control cabinet and put it right on the machine.

Flexibility in machine design, low wiring overheads, rapid installation and start-up, short retooling times, easy maintenance and high availability are obvious advantages for the
OEM and machine operator when using SIMODRIVE POSMO drives.

This significantly reduces system costs and project engineering and installation times.

The SIMODRIVE POSMO series, with its consistent distributed design concept, opens up a new level in automation and can be used throughout the mechanical engineering sector, particularly in the fields of packaging, presses, wood, glass, printing, plastics, textiles and machine tools.

the distributed converter system
for mounting at the motor.
Main features:
• Complete functional unit to the
IP 65 degree of protection,
suitable for installation close to
the motor.
• The motor-independent construction
supports the flexible
use of different or special motor
types, such asservo motors
in different designs,
induction motors and linear
• Motion Control can be stored
in the unit in the form of a program.
• Communication via
PROFIBUS-DP, supply from
the power bus.

Typical applications:
• High-performance servo applications
such as continuouspath
control with an accuracy
of up to 1 µm, synchronous
operation with a high dynamic
• Feed axes on machine tools.

distributed servo drive system
which is a direct station on
Main features:
• Complete functional unit integrated
into the motor.
• Motion Control can be stored
in the unit in the form of a program.
• Communication via
PROFIBUS-DP, supply from
the power bus.
Typical applications:
• Servo axes in handling
• Independent positioning axes
in machines
• Auxiliary axes in machine tools
drive system is a fully functional
mechatronic unit that is
ideally suited to a wide range of
applications in mechanical engineering.

intelligent positioning motor as a
distributed station on
Main features:
• Power section and complete
motion control in the motor
• Link via communications bus
and power bus
• PROFIBUS-DP standard slave
Typical applications:
• Positioning of formats or stops
• Re-setting of process variables,
e.g. via motor valves
Areas of application:
• All sectors of mechanical engineering
• Transfer lines
• Medical technology, e.g.
traversal of examination tables
or x-ray equipment.



Drive ES – and drives can be seamlessly integrated into the
SIMATIC® world.

Drive ES (Engineering System)
is a completely new software
package: An engineering system
that finally gives you all the
data pertaining to your drives in
a uniform format. For uniform
data management, uniform
project engineering and uniform
communication via
PROFIBUS. This makes your life
much easier, because there is
nothing like it for easy, problemfree,
time-saving and economical
integration of drive systems
into the SIMATIC world.

Drive ES allows you to implement
Totally Integrated Automation
for your SIMODRIVE drives.
Drive ES is easy to use: The software
runs under the desktop of
the SIMATIC Manager in use
throughout the world. The supplementary
program Drive ES
SIMATIC offers additional advantages.

PROFIBUS-DP – Control bus and drive bus in one

PROFIBUS-DP is a multi-vendor, open fieldbus standard with a wide field of application
in manufacturing and process automation. Multi-vendor capability and openness is guaranteed by the EN 50170 and EN 50254 international standards. PROFIBUS-DP is suitable for high-speed, time-critical applications as well as for complex communications tasks.

PROFIBUS-DP is the most frequently used communications profile. It is optimized for speed, efficiency and low connection costs and is specially designed for communication between automation systems and distributed I/O.

The new functionality for synchronous operation (regulated control and synchronization of
drives over the bus) and direct communication (between drives and the I/O) means that a
special drive bus is no longer necessary.

For full automation of your machine,you only need one bus:PROFIBUS-DP. The following
functions can be implemented with PROFIBUS-DP:
• Unregulated control
• Operator control and visualization
• Actuators, sensors
• Motion Control functions
• Engineering, diagnostics and

The benefits of PROFIBUS-DP for total automation of the machine
are clear:
Less hardware, less wiring, less installation, lower engineering costs, fewer mistakes with fast commissioning and minimal training costs.

Popular Products Series


SINAMICS G130 chassis units have been designed for variable-speed drives in machine building and plant construction.
They have been specially tuned to the requirements of drives with quadratic or constant load characteristics with medium performance requirements without regenerative feedback.

Mitsubishi F740 Series Frequency Inverter

The FR-F700 Series was launched in 2004 as the successor to the FR-F500 Series VFD. With growing market demands for energy saving inverters in building automation, water processing and HVAC industries, the FR-F700 was able to exceed power-saving expectations in fan and pump applications by incorporating “OEC” (optimum excitation control) which combined maximum drive utilization with minimal power consumption.


We provide the assembled version of 6RM80 product, and all the accessories are from the official Siemens, which are 100% tested and strictly tested before delivery.
Please consult our sales department for price.

ACS800-104/-104LC – inverter module

These 3-phase inverter modules have the flexibility to fit into your own cabinets. They can be parallel connected to produce higher powers. Built-in redundancy allows you to run the drive at partial load, even when one of the modules is not operating. The inverter modules include capacitors that smooth the voltage of the DC busbars in multidrive configurations. Available as air and liquid-cooled variants.

ACS800-04 – single drive modules

The single drive modules variant ACS800-04M offers more possibilities. Including normal bookshelf mounting and flat (sideways) mounting. This improves installation into cabinets with a shallow inner depth. Frame size R7 also offers a variant with motor connections available from the bottom of the module. Giving you the possibility of a narrower cabinet for relevant installations.

Siemens SIMOVERT MasterDrive Rectifier Regenerative Unit

Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Servo Drives | Ultra3000 Servo Drives

Bulletin 2098 Ultra™ 3000 Digital Servo Drives support simple standalone indexing as well as multi-axis integrated motion. All power sizes are available with indexing, SERCOS interface and DeviceNet™ networking options. Integrate this drive with the ControlLogix™ or SoftLogix™ platform via SERCOS interface for integrated motion.


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