SIMOREG Drive Controller

The Siemens Motor Regulator (SIMOREG) is a state of the art, microprocessor based DC drive controller. This drive controller converts a three-phase, 50/60 Hz supply voltage into six pulse adjustable voltage to operate a DC motor. Output armature voltage varies directly with speed reference to provide constant torque operation from zero speed to base speed. Above base speed, the motor shunt field current may be decreased to further increase speed and provide a constant horsepower output up to maximum speed.

The SIMOREG drive controller is designed to provide precise motor speed control over a wide range of machine parameters and load conditions. This software based controller will serve well as a packaged drive or as part of a drive system.

Horsepower ranges include 1-250HP at 230VAC, 2-1750HP at 460VAC input and 1500HP and higher at 600/650V AC input. All HP ratings are available as regenerative or non-regenerative drive controllers. Listed below are standard features, a partial list of adjustments, display parameters, service conditions, diagnostics, and protection features. Consult the aotewell Section for additional information.

SIEMENS SIMOREG 6RA24 Instructions Safety Installation Operation


SIMOREG converters are fully-digital compact converters for connection to a three phase AC line to provide armature and field supplies for DC variable-speed motors with rated currents from 5 to 850 amps. Continuous currents up to 3600 amps, 6 pulse, and 7200 amps, 12 pulse, are possible through the use of high power SIMOREG tripler designs.
The SIMOREG converters are available for both single and four quadrant applications.


SIMOREG converters are extremely compact. Ratings up to 510 amps are available in either Power Module designs, (no contactor or fuses), or as complete Base Drive designs. Above 510 amps only complete Base Drive designs are offered.

The modular design provides a high level of service friendliness as the individual components are easily accessible. The electronic box, that contains the basic electronics as well as supplementary boards can be easily swung out and removed to gain full access to the power circuits. The drive software is provided in a plug-in EPROM module which can be easily replaced if required.

External signals (binary input/output, analog input/output, pulse tachometer, etc.) are normally connected to terminals provided on the power interface board where two ribbon cables make the interconnection between this board and the main microprocessor board in the electronic box. As an option, shielded cables up to 2 meters long can be used in
conjunction with external terminal modules to move the connections outside the converter in a cubicle.

SIMOREG converters can be easily parameterized using three optional methods. The first uses the three keys and five 7-segment displays located on the microprocessor board. The second method uses a supplementary operator panel that fits in the SIMOREG cover. This operator panel provides clear English text descriptions on a 2 line 16 character display
along with keys that allow the parameters to be changed and the drive to be operated. The third method uses an RS232 serial port on the microprocessor board to interface with a conventional PC. Using start-up software included with the drive, the PC can be used for start-up, maintenance, and for trouble shooting. Among other things the PC software
allows all parameters to be up or down loaded from PC files.
For single quadrant converters, the armature is supplied using a fully controlled three phase bridge, and for four quadrant converters, using two fully controlled three phase bridges connected in a circulating current free back to back configuration.
For converters rated 15 to 850 amps, the power section for both armature and field uses isolated thyristor modules which makes the heatsink electrically isolated from the power source and at ground potential.

All connecting terminals are accessible from the front with the power connections at the top and the control connections at the bottom. For ratings between 850 and 4500 amps, the power section consists of tripler modules each containing 3 thyristors. The structure
includes the connections to configure the tripler modules as three phase bridges with up to three bridges in parallel.


This manual is intended to provide the user a quick and simple procedure to get a basic SIMOREG drive connected and running in a short time. Although the SIMOREG offers many features and a high level of configurability, many applications can be met using the built-in default settings. In order to get the SIMOREG up and running it is only necessary to make the required wiring connections and set a few application dependent parameters.

SIMOREG 6RA24 Siemens DC Drive Description and Standard Features

The SIMOREG drive controller includes the following standard features: (Refer to the Technical Information Section for additional details.)

  • Designed to meet the requirements of NEMA, IEEE, NEC, UL Listed and CSA Certified through 510A.
  • 6 Pulse SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) Bridge Microprocessor Control Board with 16 bit 38 Mhz high performance multi- tasking microprocessor
  • User interface keypad and digital display
  • Power and interface control board Individual pulse transformers per SCR
  • R/C snubbers across each SCR
  • Current transformers for current
  • regulator feedback
  • Run/Ready light
  • Plug-in wiring harness between boards
  • Shunt field excitation circuitry with field current loss protection and field economizing circuit
  • Terminal blocks for incoming/outgoing
  • wiring connections
  • Wire markers
  • Fully rated contactor
  • High speed AC power fuses
  • 460/230: 115V AC control power transformer
  • Power supply transformer
  • Digitally fired burst type SCR gate pulses
  • 1400PRV rated thyristors are standard
  • Built-in AID converter accepts external reference sources
  • Digital and analog tachometer generator feedback
  • Serial communication via RS232 or RS485 serial ports
  • General purpose P-I-D loop for additional regulation modes
  • Freely programmable blocks for mathematical functions
  • Software programming package to aid in start up
  • Peer to Peer Link
  • Tachometer to Voltage Feedback switching
  • Four layer parameter
  • 5 Binary and analog outputs