Siemens SIMOREG 6RA70 DC Master Variable Speed DC Drive


6RA70 Series SIMOREG DC MASTER (Siemens 4th Generation DC Drive) base drive converters are complete drive assemblies ready to be installed and operated. They include a 3-phase armature converter, single-phase field converter, main contactor, protective semiconductor fuses, control power transformer, and power / control terminals.

Base drive converters are fully digital, compact units which supply the armature and field of variable speed DC drives with rated armature currents from 15A to 1660A. The motor field circuit can be supplied with DC currents of up to 40A (current levels depend on the armature rated current).

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The dc drive system is a simple and excellent transmission scheme – so we have a reason to innovate for it. This innovative basic reason is that in the comfort and reliability of operation, in the aspect of economy and job characteristics, in terms of efficiency and starting, dc drive system in its proper application, has the advantages of it. SIMOREG ® DC – MASTER will provide the best features and intelligent – with novel properties, give new vitality to DC transmission system.

Adapted to the various application system using SIMOREG DC – MASTER, its application 6RA70without limitation, its function, wide output power and voltage range, and the operation control of the general principles for the wide application in the field of industrial provides the best solution. Whether the simoregdc-master is supplied to a dc motor or a special occasion, it can always provide optimal performance and high intelligence.

The motor, the drive system’s motor organs, the SIMOREG dc-master and our motor make up the ideal combination of the transmission system. The compact Siemens dc motor is used worldwide due to its reasonable price driving technology and maximum utilization. The transmission system is rugged, durable and has a wide range of power, from 0.7kW~ 1550kW. Since the cold or strong

Forced air cooling, with or without fan, protection grade IP23, IP54 or IP55: due to modular design, can achieve the above arbitrary combination. What’s more, our dc motor can be integrated into the automation environment through the motor interface. – continuous monitoring, accurate diagnosis, effective maintenance and service.

The SIMOREG dc-master product family provides the best products for high – level driving applications and standard solutions. The product has extremely fast control characteristics: its current and torque rise time is less than 10ms. The output power ranges from 6kW to 1900kW for single-quadrant or four-quadrant transmission for armature and magnetic field.




• the output range has been extended to 12,000A

• input voltage range from 400V to 830 v

• fully integrated into all automation In the environment

• extremely fast and easy to put into operation

• modular structure

• standard configurations can be extended to achieve high performance Energy solutions

• use consistent operational control principles Convenient operation control

The dc drive system is able to meet the requirements of each use situation with its special and powerful technology. The SIMOREG dc-master has established new standards in all aspects – comfortable operations and extensive use in the field of operations and design.

These characteristics of the SIMOREG dc-master enable it to meet the highest requirements of DC transmission systems – whether in an industrial area or in a particular application.Has a unified operation mode with MASTERDRIVES

The SIMOREG dc-master operation is very simple. No special programming knowledge is required, all Settings can be set by parameter setting. Parameter setting can be made through the menu hint of the PC, which can be made quickly and easily. It can also be carried out through the simple operation zone and SIMOVIS. Everything can be seen and everything can be done Operation panel OP1S No faster, no more simplification: with 4 lines 16 characters for comfort Operating panel OP1S offers many advantages in terms of comfort and functionality. It can display physical quantities as a handheld setting device and for data storage; The existing parameters can be set quickly, so the operation is direct and simple. In particular, it is convenient to use multiple motors. Hardware no longer needs to change. No need for jumper or potentiometer adjustment. Operation panel OP1S can be used in all SIMOREGDC – MASTER and SIMOVERT ® MASTERDRIVES.

Meet various requirements precisely SIMOREG DC – MASTER to its high reliability and practicability in the world is famous for its various industries: such as printing machines main drive, walking in the crane industry organizations and promotion agencies, elevators and cable transmission, application in the rubber industry and paper industry, shear, rolling mill in steel industry of transmission, coiling machine, cut machine, or film machinery and electric motors, steam turbine or gear box load mechanical testing machine.

High intelligence

High intelligence:

Technology with uniform communication

When transmission systems communicate with each other, the system is intelligent. The SIMOREG DC – MASTER is an expert in communication: they can be fully integrated in automated facilities, and ideally adapted to each PLC and can easily relate to all subsystems (can come from Siemens or other manufacturers) communications.

Thanks to the SIMOREG dc-master, the intelligent DC drive technology can be fully integrated and used for all occasions.

In the standard case, in the basic device governor, the electronic box is flexible to allow the insertion of communication module and process module.

Flexibility and economy SIMOREG dc-master has the best flexibility and economy in any application situation:

• reduce pressure on active systems and bus systems

• in many cases, no PLC is required

• the interface has been reduced

• fewer cables and higher anti-jamming degrees

• open loop and closed loop control have been integrated into the system

• open distribution system solution

• process software is put into the basic device

BICO technology

BICO technology:


Open and standard PROFIBUSDP

The field bus system can be directly connected to the PC and the implement device through the RS232 interface. In this case, profibus-dp is the central communication medium for the network in the automation facility.

BICO, innovative software solutions using novel BICO technology enable SIMOREG dc-master to achieve a new level of software functionality. Among them, two powerful processors are used to deal with the armature loop and the excitation loop open loop and closed loop all drive control functions. Using the BICO technique, the functional blocks are grouped according to the application functional unit type — this is a simple parameter setting process.

The device communicates to the device

The communication between the various inverters USES the RS485 interface to connect the device to the device, thus realizing a high-speed full digital set value chain.

SIEMENS SIMOREG 6RA70 General Information

Series 6RA70 SIMOREG DC MASTER converters are characterized by their compact, space-saving construction. Their compact design makes them particularly easy to service and maintain since individual components are readily accessible. The electronics box contains the basic electronic circuitry as well as any supplementary option boards.

All SIMOREG DC MASTER units are equipped with a PMU simple operator panel mounted in the converter door. The panel consists of a five-digit, seven-segment display, three LED’s as status indicators and three parameterization keys. The PMU also features connector X300 with an USS interface in accordance with the RS232 or RS485 standard. The panel provides all the facilities for making adjustments or settings and displaying measured values required to start-up the converter.

The OP1 S optional converter operator panel can be mounted directly in the converter door or externally, e.g., in the cubicle door. When mounted remotely, the OP1 S can be connected to the converter with cables up to 5 meters (15 feet) length. Cable up to 200 meter (600 feet) in length can be used if a separate 5 VDC power supply is available. The OP1 S connects to the SIMOREG through connector X300 using the RS485 interface. The OP1 S can be installed as an economic alternative to conventional door mounted metering devices (Le., voltmeters, ammeters, and speed indicator).

The OP1 S features a liquid crystal display with 4 x 16 characters for displaying parameter names in plain text. English, German, French, Spanish and Italian can be selected as the display languages. In addition the OP1 S can store parameter sets for easy downloading to other drives.

The converter can also be parameterized on a standard PC with appropriate software connected to the serial interface on the basic unit. This PC interface is used during start-up, for maintenance during shutdown and for diagnosis in operation. Furthermore, converter software upgrades can be loaded through this interface for storage in flash memory.

On single-quadrant converters, a fully controlled three-phase bridge supplies the armature. On four-quadrant converters, two fully controlled three-phase bridges are connected in an inverse-parallel connection to allow both positive and negative armature current. For the field converter, a single-phase, half-controlled 2-pulse bridge supplies the motor shunt field.

The armature and field converters can operate with AC line frequencies from 45 to 65 Hz. If required for a specific application, the frequency of the armature and field AC supplies can be different. The armature converter 3 phase AC supply is phase insensitive however on base drives rated 1180 and 1660 amperes, the 3 phase cooling fan must be connected to get the proper direction of rotation. The power section cooling system is monitored by means of temperature sensors.

The power section for the armature and field converters is constructed of isolated thyristor modules for converters rated from 15A to 850A at 460V AG-line voltage. The heat sink in this case is electrically isolated and at ground potential. On converters rated 1180 and 1660 amperes at 460 VAC, the power section for the armature circuit is constructed using disk thyristors and the heat sinks are at line voltage potential. The housing and terminal covers on power connections provide protection against accidental contact for operators working in the vicinity. All connecting terminals are accessible from the front.

All open and closed-loop drive control and communication functions are performed by two powerful microprocessors. Drive control functions are implemented in the software as program modules that can be “wired up” and changed by parameters.

Base DC Drive Catalog Numbers

(Amps DC)
(Catalog No.)
(Catalog No.)
15 6RA7013-2FS22-0 6RA7013-2FV62-0
30 6RA7018-2FS22-0 6RA7018-2FV62-0
60 6RA7025-2FS22-0 6RA7025-2FV62-0
100 6RA7030-2FS22-0 6RA7030-2FV62-0
140 6RA7072-2FS22-0 6RA7072-2FV62-0
210 6RA7075-2FS22-0 6RA7075-2FV62-0
255 6RA7077-2FS22-0 6RA7077-2FV62-0
430 6RA7082-2FS22-0 6RA7082-2FV62-0
510 6RA7083-2FS22-0 6RA7083-2FV62-0
850 6RA7087-2FS22-0 6RA7087-2FV62-0
1180 6RA7091-2FS22-0 6RA7091-2FV62-0
1660 6RA7094-2FS22-0 6RA7094-2FV62-0

400V DC Drive Catalog Numbers

(Amps DC)
(Catalog No.)
(Catalog No.)
15 6RA7013-6DS22-0 6RA7013-6Dv62-0
30 6RA7018-6DS22-0 6RA7018-6Dv62-0
60 6RA7025-6DS22-0 6RA7025-6Dv62-0
90 6RA7028-6DS22-0 6RA7028-6Dv62-0
125 6RA7031-6DS22-0 6RA7031-6Dv62-0
210 6RA7075-6DS22-0 6RA7075-6Dv62-0
280 6RA7078-6DS22-0 6RA7078-6Dv62-0
400 6RA7081-6DS22-0 6RA7081-6Dv62-0
600 6RA7085-6DS22-0 6RA7085-6Dv62-0
850 6RA7087-6DS22-0 6RA7087-6Dv62-0
1200 6RA7091-6DS22-0 6RA7091-6Dv62-0
1600 6RA7093-4DS22-0 6RA7093-4Dv62-0
2000 6RA7095-4DS22-0 6RA7095-4Dv62-0

Rated DC Current

The rating plate of the converter module has 3 rated currents listed on it. The first two are IEG ratings and have no bearing on the base drive rating. The third rating is the US (NEMA) rating which the base drive rating is derived from.

The US (NEMA) rated current allows operation at rated current followed by an overload of 150% for 60 seconds in a 45°G ambient. The overload can be applied no sooner than every 10 minutes. Base drives are designed using the US rating which means that fuses, contactors, and terminal blocks are sized for the rated US (NEMA) current.

The IEG class I rating is the maximum current the power module can supply continuously with no overload. Because an overload is not possible the class I rated current is higher than the US rating. The IEG class I rating cannot be used with base drives because the base drive fuses, contactors, and terminal blocks will be overloaded.

The microprocessor calculates the current 12t value of the power section cyclically to ensure that the thyristors are not damaged in overload operation.




Selection table Grid rating


Rated DC
Rated DC


Rated excitation
Rated excitation
Order number
Three – phase bridge line B6C 3AC 400 485 30 325 5 6RA7018-6DS22-0
60 10 6RA7025-6DS22-0
90 10 6RA7028-6DS22-0
125 10 6RA7031-6DS22-0
210 15 6RA7075-6DS22-0
280 15 6RA7078-6DS22-0
400 25 6RA7081-6DS22-0
600 25 6RA7085-6DS22-0
850 30 6RA7087-6DS22-0
1200 30 6RA7091-6DS22-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4DS22-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4DS22-0
3AC 575 690 60 325 10 6RA7025-6GS22-0
125 10 6RA7031-6GS22-0
210 15 6RA7075-6GS22-0
400 25 6RA7081-6GS22-0
600 25 6RA7085-6GS22-0
800 30 6RA7087-6GS22-0
1000 30 6RA7090-6GS22-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4GS22-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4GS22-0
3AC 690 830 720 325 30 6RA7086-6KS22-0
950 30 6RA7088-6KS22-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4KS22-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4KS22-0
3AC 690 1000 900 325 30 6RA7088-6LS22-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4LS22-0
1900 40 6RA7095-4LS22-0
Three-phase bridge line (B6) A (B6) C 3AC 400 420 15 325 3 6RA7013-6DV62-0
30 5 6RA7018-6DV62-0
60 10 6RA7025-6DV62-0
90 10 6RA7028-6DV62-0
125 10 6RA7031-6DV62-0
210 15 6RA7075-6DV62-0
280 15 6RA7078-6DV62-0
400 25 6RA7081-6DV62-0
600 25 6RA7085-6DV62-0
850 30 6RA7087-6DV62-0
1200 30 6RA7091-6DV62-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4DV62-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4DV62-0
3AC 575 600 60 325 10 6RA7025-6GV62-0
125 10 6RA7031-6GV62-0
210 15 6RA7075-6GV62-0
400 25 6RA7081-6GV62-0
600 25 6RA7085-6GV62-0
850 30 6RA7087-6GV62-0
1100 30 6RA7090-6GV62-0
1600 40 6RA7093-4GV62-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4GV62-0
3AC 690 725 760 325 30 6RA7086-6KV62-0
1000 30 6RA7090-6KV62-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4KV62-0
2000 40 6RA7095-4KV62-0
3AC 830 875 950 325 30 6RA7088-6LV62-0
1500 40 6RA7093-4LV62-0
1900 40 6RA7095-4LV62-0

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