SIEMENS SINAMICS G120 family of vector drive

The SINAMICS G120 family of closed-loop vector drives offers high levels of integrated safety, energy savings, and network connectivity. Available in ½ to 335 HP, this modular and scalable standard drive may be configured in a wide variety of designs to meet many industrial drive applications. In addition, built-in math and logic eliminate the need for a separate PLC.

The EN 60204 safety functions of the SINAMICS G120 are fully integrated into the drive and include Safe Torque Off, Safe Stop 1, Safety Limited Speed and Safe Brake Control. As a result, production plants obtain greater levels of safety while requiring less overhead to integrate the drives into fail-safe, automation, and drive environments. The SINAMICS G120 vector drive also complies with NFPA 79-2007

Modularity / flexibility to address application diversity

The SINAMICS G120 offers enhanced energy savings with regenerative power modules. The modules recover line commutated energy for all power ratings. It also eliminates the need for a pulsed resistor and brake chopper while reducing the control cabinet and cooling system requirements. Built-in portals for the PROFIBUS and PROFINET communications networks ensure exceptional drive performance that may be integrated to the field level.

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SINAMICS G120C parks a lot in a compact space

SINAMICS G120C has been specially designed for machine manufacturers  looking for an economic, space-saving and easy-to-operate standard AC drive providing a surprisingly wide range of functions. This device combines compactness with superior power density and is characterized by fast installation and commissioning, user-friendly connections, and easy-to-use operating tools.

With its four frame sizes, the SINAMICS G120C covers a performance range of 0.75 to 25 HP (0.55 to 18.5 kW). The energy-efficient device serves the most common communication interfaces and is an integral part of Totally Integrated Automation.


Smallest Size Ease of Use Leading-Edge Technology
Compact, small drive, high power density Simple, optimized commissioning Energy-efficient, encoderless vector control – automatic flow reduction with V/Hz ECO
Quick mechanical installation (i.e. pluggable terminals) Effective, adequate parameter set (simple storing and cloning) Safety (STO) included at no additional cost
Side-by-side mounting without derating Usable with IOP, BOP-2 panels and USB connection PROFIBUS, CAN, Modbus RTU, and USS Communications available

Typical Applications

  • Machine building edit test
  • Mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Basic production machines


The SINAMICS G120D is the “distributed brother” of the popular SINAMICS G120 vector drive, sharing advantages such as modularity and innovative safety technology (Safety Integrated), while complementing the range with its well-conceived design. This vector distributed drive is particularly well suited for conveyor systems and in other applications where space is at a premium. Thanks to a wide range of power ratings up to 10 HP (7.5kW), almost all inverter-related applications can be consequentially designed without electrical cabinets. Digital inputs and outputs at the unit allow sensors and actuators to be directly connected at the drive

The input signals can either be directly processed in the inverter and autonomous (independent) local responses can be initiated – or the input signals may be transferred to a central control via PROFIBUS/PROFINET – where they are processed in the context of the complete plant or system.


  • Safety Integrated – for safety-relevant machines and systems – Learn more about Safety Integrated Drives Technology
  • Capable of regenerative feedback – into the line supply for energy saving
  • Same drilling template – For all power ratings
  • Faster engineering, fast commissioning – Commissioning and service times are also optimized thanks to the standard use of connectors for power, communications and sensor systems
  • Optional Micro Memory Card – For parameter saving
  • Efficient and consistent solutions – Via Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), consistency from SINAMICS through to the automation level
Learn more about Siemens EtherNet/IP solutions
Communicate without limits

Siemens brings the established power and flexibility of SINAMICS G120 to your EtherNet/IP network, with direct connectivity to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ and standard Ethernet.

Technical Information

Format Distributed, separate from motor
Supply voltage / power range 3AC 380 – 480V ± 10%  :  1 to 10 HP  (0.75 to 7.5 kW)
– may be operated with a 15 HP (11 kW) motor under certain conditions
Control methods V/Hz, FCC, vector with / without encoder
Communication PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP™
Functions • Flying restart
• Automatic restart
• BICO technology
• Technology controller
• Free function blocks
• Motor and machine encoder evaluation
• Integrated positioning functionality
Motor compatibility Induction, torque
Degree of protection IP65
Commissioning / configuration tools STARTER, SIZER, DT Configurator
Safety technology • Safe Torque Off
• Safe Stop 1
• Safe Brake Control
• Safely-Limited Speed
• Safe Speed Monitor
• Safe Direction
Standards compliance UL 508C (UL list number E121068), cUL, CE, C-Tick

Typical Applications

SINAMICS G120D distributed vector drive is employed in open-loop and closed-loop control of induction motors in a wide range of industrial applications. The drive is especially suited for complex conveyor systems – such as are found in automobile production with their numerous distributed single-motor drives. Further, the drive is also suitable for high-performance applications in the airport sector, in the Food & Beverage sector (dry zones), and for electric suspended monorails in distribution logistical systems.



SINAMICS G120E Enclosed Drive

SINAMICS G120E is a range of configurable enclosed variable speed drives for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, based on SINAMICS G120 modular drive components. The drives are air-cooled and available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 (ventilated) enclosures.

All models utilize a motor side IGBT inverter with PWM technology. SINAMICS G120E is offered with three variants on the line side

  • Standard 6-pulse
  • Clean Power 18-pulse non-regenerative diode front end
  • Efficient Infeed with Innovative IGBT based technology for power regeneration to the supply system

SINAMICS G120E drives are UL listed to UL508C, and are available with optional Seismic Certification.  Scroll down for more details.


  • NEMA 1 enclosed drive, optionally NEMA 12 (ventilated) with air filters
  • UL508C listing (file no. E319311)
  • SCCR (short circuit current rating) 65 kA
  • Enclosure 
    – For 6-pulse and regenerative Efficient Infeed: wall mount: up to 60 HP, floor standing: 75 HP and up
    – For 18-pulse clean power: floor standing (all ratings)
  • Circuit breaker disconnect with flange mount operator and mechanical door interlock
  • Intelligent operator panel (IOP), door mounted and wired
  • Cable entry top or bottom, line and motor side

NEMA 1 / UL Type 1 wall-mount kits

NEMA 1 enclosure for vector drive

These affordable, easy-to-install wall mount kits allow simple, direct mounting of SINAMICS G120C compact and SINAMICS G120 modular drives using the PM240-2 power module. Available in power ranges from ½ to 200 HP (0.4 – 150 kW), and for voltages from 230V to 690V, these enclosures conform fully to NEMA 1 and UL Type 1 specifications. The streamlined, compact design is consistent for all 7 frame sizes, from AA through F, and provides for simple interior mounting. Each kit provides best-in-class space savings and direct access to drive-mounted operator panels for simple commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Highlights of SINAMICS wall mount kits

  • Conforms to NEMA 1 / UL Type 1 standards for interior installations
    Designed in accordance with the latest applicable UL 61800-5-1 standards for AC drives
  • Accommodates all G120C / PM240-2 / PM240P-2 power modules, control units and operator panels
  • Standardized design
    for optimum space utilization and for efficient side-by-side mounting with minimal clearances
  • Multiple conduit knockout holes 
    for separate power, motor, I/O and network cabling
  • Built-to-last construction
    featuring galvanized steel 3-sided covers, mounting brackets and a rugged plastic window for BOP / IOP access

Typical Applications

The SINAMICS G120 vector drive is one of the most flexible industrial drives available. Here are some typical applications:

vector drive automotive
vector drive chemicals
vector drive conveyor
vector drive automotive
Automotive Chemical Conveyor Systems Cranes & Elevators
vector drive printing
vector drive textiles
vector drive water
Printing Textiles Water / Wastewater

Product manuals

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