SIEMENS SINAMICS G120P series Cabinet pump/fan/compressor converters

Easy handling, productivity and energy efficiency – Siemens offers an answer to these trends with the SINAMICS G120P series. SINAMICS G120P is an innovative and user-friendly converter series that has been specifically optimized for pump, fan and compressor applications in the industrial environment, but also for tasks in building automation.

SINAMICS G120P offers efficient drive solutions for a wide range of applications. With their easy handling, the drives support the user not only in optimizing existing frequency-controlled drives, but also in converting fixed-speed drives and in retrofitting.

The SINAMICS G120P converter series features advanced hardware and software functions that make a substantial contribution towards saving energy and thus make more careful use of our natural resources.

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM230 Power Module, frame size FSB

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM240P-2 Power Module, frame size FSD

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM240P-2 Power Module, frame size FSD

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM330 Power Module, frame size GX

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM330 Power Module, frame size GX

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM230 Power Module, frame size FSC Push Through (with Control Unit and BOP‑2 operator panel)

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP20, PM230 Power Module, frame size FSC Push Through (with Control Unit and BOP‑2 operator panel)

SINAMICS G120P in degree of protection IP55, PM230 Power Module, frame size FSB

SINAMICS G120P Cabinet converter cabinet units, versions A and C


A high degree of user-friendliness is one of the main characteristics of the SINAMICS G120P:

  • Operator panel with plain text display and extensive diagnostics functions (IOP)
  • Simple application-specific commissioning wizard “on board” the Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP)
  • Plain text scripts for integration in the STARTER commissioning tool for more demanding applications
  • SINAMICS SD card for storing parameter settings, cloning and local commissioning
Guided operation using wizards

SINAMICS G120P offers two basic options for guided parameterization/setting in a target application:

Commissioning simple applications
using application wizards optionally available in the IOP operator panel. 1)

The following wizards are available:

  • Basic commissioning
  • Pump with/without PID control
  • Fan with/without PID control
  • Compressor with/without PID control
  • PID setting
  • Boost setting

An appropriate connection diagram for the standard wiring can be found in the documentation of the IOP operator panel.

Commissioning of more demanding applications
using plain text scripts through solution-based dialog prompting in the STARTER commissioning tool

The wizards support setpoint input for process values and setpoint exchanges using timers. They also allow easy integration of technological functions, such as cascade connection or hibernation mode. The connection diagrams for standard wiring that are required for the wizards are also supplied.

The following wizards are available:

  • Fan for exhaust air with closed-loop control of pressure/air quality
  • Fan for cooling tower with closed-loop control of cooling water temperature
  • Fan for stairwell with closed-loop control of pressure and essential service mode
  • Fan for tunnel/parking garage with closed-loop control of air quality and essential service mode
  • Fan for supply air with closed-loop control of pressure/temperature/air quality/flowrate
  • Pumps with closed-loop control of pressure
  • Pumps with closed-loop control of level
  • Pumps for cooling circuits with closed-loop control of temperature
  • Compressor with closed-loop control of pressure

Energy efficiency

SINAMICS G120P increases the efficiency and minimizes energy consumption in the complete process chain. The converter has integrated hardware as well as software functions as standard. The main features are:

  • PM230 Power Modules up to 90 kW: Extremely high active power component of apparent power thanks to efficient converter topology. For the same drive power, the converter requires a lower line current than comparable converters
  • Flux reduction through automatic adaptation of the motor current to the prevailing load conditions with closed-loop control modes U/f (ECO) and vector without sensor (SLVC) and savings of up to 5 % under partial load conditions
  • Hibernation mode dependent on setpoints in the process
  • Automatic switchover to line operation is possible at rated speed (bypass mode)
Optimum energy management through innovative technology

Optimized converter topology for PM230 Power Modules

  • Compliance with limits for line harmonic distortion in accordance with EN 61000‑3‑12 (RSCE > 250) without a line reactor
  • Reduced apparent power as a result of high power factor λ = 0.9
  • Smaller cable cross-sections can be used because mains power consumption is reduced

Flux reduction

  • Energy-saving capability through automatic adaptation of the magnetic flux in the motor to prevailing load conditions (lower motor losses under partial load conditions)

Hibernation mode

  • Energy-saving capability: The drive is started/stopped in line with the currently applicable setpoints, thereby avoiding excessive mechanical loads

High efficiency

  • η ≥ 98 % with PM330 Power Module
  • η > 97 % with PM240P-2 Power Module
  • η ≤ 97 % with PM230 Power Module
Straightforward, application-specific commissioning and operation using operator panel
  • Local commissioning without specialized knowledge of converters using application-specific wizards
  • Unique: SINAMICS SD memory card for pre-parameterization and cloning of converter data sets
  • Data backup for easy replacement
  • USB port integrated on the CU230P‑2 Control Unit for commissioning and easy diagnostics using the STARTER commissioning tool
  • Commissioning/diagnostics and controlling of converters
Flexible deployment of integrated functions
  • PLC functions for local control tasks
    Flexible use of integrated function blocks → No need for additional, external components
  • 4 integrated PID controllers
    Distributed closed-loop control for motor-independent process control without higher-level controller (PLC)
  • 3 freely programmable digital timer switches
    Control for freely selectable daily and weekly programs
Flexible deployment across a wide range of applications
  • Isolated digital inputs with separate potential group
  • Isolated analog inputs
    • Potential transfer avoided
    • EMC-compliant design without the need for additional components in line with process industry requirements
  • Pt1000/LG-Ni1000/DIN-Ni1000 temperature sensor interface
    • Direct connection of temperature sensors without external interface unit
  • 230 V AC relay
    • Direct control for auxiliary equipment, e.g. reactor or valve actuators
  • Safety functions
    • PM230 Power Modules, frame sizes FSA to FSC: In conjunction with the CU240E-2 Control Unit 1)Control of the STO safety function acc. to SIL 2
    • PM240P-2 Power Modules: Terminals for controlling STO and SS1 safety functions acc. to SIL 3
    • PM330 Power Modules: Terminals for controlling STO and SS1 safety functions acc. to SIL 2 2) and SIL 3 3)
  • Terminal strip X9 at PM330 Power Module
    • Input for external 24 V DC supply
    • Input for external alarm/fault
    • Output for DC 24 V
    • Control of the main contactor
    • Feedback message “DC link charged”

1) More information on the CU240E‑2 Control Unit is available in Catalog D 31, Chapter SINAMICS G120.

2) The Safety functions are available from functional status FS 04 of the Power Modules.

3) SIL 3 in certification.

Flexible, modular system for challenging environmental conditions
  • Operation possible at ambient temperatures of up to +60 °C (140 F)
  • Modular design of power and control electronics
    • Power range can be easily extended
    • Fast exchange of power units
  • Removable operator panel for built-in and wall-mounted units
    • Protection against unauthorized access
    • Degree of protection IP54 with IOP operator panel
    • Degree of protection IP55 with BOP‑2 operator panel or blanking cover
    • Degree of protection IP20 with IOP, BOP‑2 operator panel or blanking cover
    • Degree of protection IP20 Push Through variant with IOP, BOP‑2 operator panel or blanking cover
  • Replacement of individual components without the need for reinstallation

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We provide the assembled version of 6RM80 product, and all the accessories are from the official Siemens, which are 100% tested and strictly tested before delivery.
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