The SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED PPU 15x.3/PPU 16x.3 is an operator-panel-based CNC, preconfigured for use in modern basic standard turning and milling machines.

There are two variants of SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED PPU’s – PPU 15x.3 and PPU 16x.3 – with same appearance and different functionalities. The differences are described between PPU 15x.3 and PPU 16x.3 in the Overview of functions.

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED PPU 151.3/PPU 161.3 horizontal

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED PPU 151.3/PPU 161.3 horizontal

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED PPU 150.3/PPU 160.3 vertical


  • Compact, rugged, and maintenance-friendly operator-panel CNC
  • Actual position feedback to CNC
  • Intelligent clamp mounting without drilling holes into the cabinet
  • Minimum commissioning efforts due to plug and play machine control panel connected via USB interface
  • Direct commissioning on HMI for feed drives and automatic servo tuning AST
  • Maximum performance and accuracy due to most modern CNC features
  • SINUMERIK 808D startGUIDE: assists all process steps of the machine – from engineering to production, from sales to operation and programming at the push of a button
  • SINUMERIK Operate BASIC: maximum operator convenience similar to SINUMERIK 828D and SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • SINUMERIK programGUIDE BASIC: wide range of technology cycles for turning, milling and drilling with graphical input screens
  • Manual Machine plus: easy semi-automatic machining with handwheel controlled flat-bed lathes (only for turning)
  • Fast data transmission via USB stick and high-speed Ethernet interface
  • More software options can cover more applications and enhance the machine performance
  • Maximum performance and accuracy due to the Advanced Surface function (only for PPU 16x.3 milling)


  • 2 operator panel variants for horizontal and vertical operator panel housings
  • IP65 protection for CNC front panel and machine control panel
  • Integrated CNC keyboard with mechanical keys
  • Simplified Chinese or English panel layout
  • 8.4” color LCD display
  • USB user interface on the operator panel front
  • Drive bus interface for feed drives and spindle
  • Analog ±10 V interface for spindle drive
  • Data buffering without battery
  • Pre-configured system software for turning and milling technologies
  • Up to 5 axes/spindles (up to 4 axes/spindle for PPU 15x.3)
  • Automatic servo tuning AST
  • Ethernet interface for commissioning and data transfer
  • Graphically guided SINUMERIK CNC programming and standard ISO-code programming with canned cycles
  • Graphical CNC simulation
  • Integrated contour computer
  • Integrated PLC based on the SIMATIC S7-200 command set with ladder logic programming
  • Integrated/distributed PLC I/O concept with 72 digital PLC inputs and 48 digital PLC outputs
  • CNC options subject to license
  • Customized user screens
  • Machine maintenance tasks are accomplished by integrated service planner