SINUMERIK 828 – Optimum scalability in the compact class

Alongside three high-performance CNC variants of SINUMERIK 828D, SINUMERIK 828D BASIC is a low-cost starter model in the compact class. SINUMERIK 828 therefore fits the performance requirements of standard machine concepts perfectly.

Compact, strong, simple – simply ingenious

The compact, operator-panel-based SINUMERIK 828 CNC systems are extremely rugged and very easy to maintain.

An operator panel front of die-cast magnesium, the panel-based CNC design with minimal interfaces and the high degree of protection make the SINUMERIK 828 CNC systems reliable partners even in harsh environments. Designed without a fan or hard disk, with NVRAM memory technology and no back-up battery, SINUMERIK 828 is a completely maintenance-free CNC.

Powerful CNC functions coupled with unique 80-bit NANOFP accuracy allow excellent workpiece precision to be achieved in very short machining times. Thanks to a flexible CNC programming language as well as the unique machining step programming package ShopTurn/ShopMill, it is possible to program and machine mass-production parts or single workpieces with highest efficiency. Preconfigured technology-specific system software and unique service functions reduce the costs of commissioning and servicing to an absolute minimum.

Preconfigured technology for use in standard turning and milling machines

SINUMERIK 828D is perfectly adapted for use in standard machines and provides optimum support for turning and milling technology. With two preconfigured system software variants for machining technology, the SINUMERIK 828 CNC systems are ready for use in turning and milling machines on dispatch from the factory.

An ideal basis for implementing a compact grinding machine

The G-Tech technology variant provides grinding machine manufacturers with a perfect platform on which to design grinding machines – it also supports cylindrical and surface grinding machines.

Since grinding machine manufacturers want to fully incorporate their specific process know-how so that it is even reflected in the operating philosophy of the CNC, the G-Tech variant of the SINUMERIK 828D offers a number of sophisticated grinding and dressing cycles for this purpose. Additionally, SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyScreens provides manufacturers with the option of designing their own HMI.

The right performance for the relevant technology – scalable by selection of appropriate software- SINUMERIK 808D on PC

The SINUMERIK 828D BASIC and SINUMERIK 828D support three technology variants:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • G-Tech

SINUMERIK 828D BASIC and SINUMERIK 828D offer the right performance level for any compact machine. One of four different performance variants can be used depending on the requirements of the application in terms of channels, axis quantity structures, and the cycle times of the interpolator and position controller. The following variants are available:

  • SW 24x
  • SW 26x
  • SW 28x
  • SW 28xA

The name of the technology variant is added to the end of the software designation. The full software designation is formed in conjunction with the performance variant: SW 2xx Turning for a lathe. There is no performance variant SW 28x available for the G-Tech variant  and so there is no software variant SW 28x G-Tech.

Bundling of software and hardware

The bundling process for software and hardware is completed by selection of a suitable CNC (PPU).
Three vertical PPUs 2×0.3 and two horizontal PPUs 2×1.3 are available for selection.

Example 1:

Software package SW 24x Turning is required for a lathe with 4 axes/spindles. It must then be decided whether the vertical or horizontal variant of the CNC will be used.
The horizontal variant is the better option for lathes so that PPU 241.3 is selected for this application example.

Example 2:

Software package SW 26x Milling is required for a milling machine with 6 axes/spindles. It must then be decided whether the vertical or horizontal variant of the CNC will be used.
The vertical variant is the better option for milling machines so that PPU 280.3 is selected for this application example.