SIEMENS SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Create MyConfig

Create MyConfig

SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Create MyConfig is used by the machine manufacturer to create and run a project for automated commissioning/production of machines with SINUMERIK 840D sl and SINUMERIK 828D control systems. Even upgrades of these CNCs can be configured and executed automatically on the end user’s premises.

The modular concept of Create MyConfig enables different machines of a series to be commissioned and upgraded with one Installer package.

The individual operations on the machine can be performed faster and with greater ease and reliability.


  • Significantly reduced time for commissioning or upgrade
  • Structured preparation and automated processes avoids commissioning and upgrading errors.
  • Prevention of topological wiring errors, simple adaptation of topologies
  • Reproducibility of the automatic commissioning and upgrading
  • Simplification of the commissioning and upgrade processes on the system
  • No dependence on the CNC software version; Installer packages can be used as from software version 2.6 – software version 4.7 (SINUMERIK 840D sl only)
  • Detailed knowledge of the control system is essential only to configure the Create MyConfig update package, but not to perform commissioning or upgrades at the machine (menu-driven commissioning).


Create MyConfig comprises the following components:

  • CMC Expert
    • Configuration of an Installer package, which contains a configurable sequence of production or upgrade steps, and the associated data for various machine versions.
    • Creation of operator menus/operator help for package execution
    • Creation of automated scripts
  • CMC Diff
    • Data comparison and automatic adaptation of folders, SINUMERIK archives, files and CNC data
    • Editing of CNC and drive archives, even directly on the machine, by simple archive download and upload function
    • Comparison of folders and data, even within archives
  • CMC Topo
    • Creating and editing SINAMICS topologies
    • Adaptation of topologies, even without creating packages, with the archive download and upload function
    • Axis-drive assignment


Create MyConfig offers support for the installation, upgrade and retrofit of, for example:

  • HMI installations (install/upgrade CNC software)
  • OEM applications (copy files and data, adapt ini files)
  • NCK area (read/adapt/set machine data)
  • ShopMill/ShopTurn applications (transfer programs)
  • Standard cycles (insert cycles)
  • Measuring cycles (insert cycles)
  • Languages (install languages according to requirements)
  • PLC (e.g. automated adaptation of basic program to match NCK software version)
  • OEM images (copy files)
  • Drives
    • Manipulation of SINAMICS data in drive archives
    • Creation of a SINAMICS archive with predetermined topology
    • Assignment of drive data in different SINAMICS topologies



  • SINUMERIK 828D with SINUMERIK Operate
  • SINUMERIK 840D sl with SINUMERIK Operate

Requirements for PC/PG:

  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Drive with 250 MB of free memory space
  • Network/Ethernet port/USB FlashDrive

The following must also be installed on the PC/PG:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (included on product CD)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or higher
  • Acrobat Reader version 4 or higher