SIEMENS SIPART DR24 multi-function unit process controller

SIPART DR24 multi-function unit

The SIPART DR24 multi-function unit is used in process engineering applications for calculation, closed-loop and open-loop control. The unit can be freely configured to suit the application. During configuring, functions stored in memory are, through simple allocation, selected and onnected to one another, to the inputs and outputs, and to the indicators and pushbuttons of the control and display unit.

No programming knowledge is necessary.

The multi-function unit can be connected to higher level automation systems, control systems or process computers using analog, parallel interfaces, as well as via an addressable bus-based serial interface.

The multi-function unit can be installed in panels, desks or cabinets.

Application examplesSIPART DR24

  • Calculator for mathematical equations, timing sequences, logic operations and arithmetic operations executed in parallel
  • Programmer (clock), also in conjunction with calculations, open-loop and closed-loop controls
  • Closed-loop controller with continuous manipulated variable and/or three-position step controller; inputs and outputs of controller blocks freely connectable, e. g. to calculation and open-loop control functions; as a single-loop controller or for parallel operation for up to 4 independent control loops, for selection controls, cascade control, SPC or DDC mode
  • Program controller; up to 8 programs
  • Boiler control with mathematical evaluation of process variables (min./max. selection, correction computer etc.)
  • Closed-loop burner control with open-loop control functions
  • Thermodynamic closed-loop process control and calculations (enthalpy)
  • Closed-loop furnace and zone control with programmed setpoint control and linearization
  • Open-loop and closed-loop test bed control
  • Closed-loop control of transport systems (e. g. conveyor belts) with dead time element
  • Surge limit control
  • Transmitter for analog and digital process variables to and from the serial interface (SIPART SW program)
  • Process monitoring (limit violations, failure alarms etc.)
  • Dependent and mutually interlocking/overriding setpoint control
  • Multiplexer for process variables and/or setpoints
  • Weighted average calculation using sampled values.

SIPART DR24 multi-function unit Ordering data

Product No. / Product DescriptionListprice / Your price
SIPART DR24 multi-function unit for AC/DC 24 V power supply basic device with – 3 analog inputs 0/4-20 ma or 0/2-10 V – 3 analog outputs 0/4-20 ma – 4 digital inputs dc 24 V – 8 digital outputs dc 24 V
SIPART DR24 multi-function unit for AC 230/115 V power supply basic device with – 3 analog inputs 0/4-20 ma or 0/2-10 V – 3 analog outputs 0/4-20 ma – 4 digital inputs dc 24 V – 8 digital outputs dc 24 V

SIPART DR24 multi-function unit Technical specifications

Multifunction unit SIPART DR24


Mounting position


Climatic classes

  • Storage: 1K2 according to
    DIN IEC 721 Part 3-1

-25 to +75 °C

  • Transport: 2K2 according to
    DIN IEC 721 Part 3-2

-25 to +75 °C

  • Operation: 3K3 according to
    DIN IEC 721 Part 3-3

0 to +50 °C

Degree of protection to EN 60 529

  • Front


  • Housing


  • Connections


Controller design

Electrical safety

to DIN EN 61 010 Part 1

Protection class I

Safe separation between supply connection and field signals

Clearances and creepage paths for surge class III and pollution level 2, unless stated otherwise

EC Certificate of Conformity no. 691.001

CE marking: conformity concerning EMC Guideline 89/336/EWG and NS Guideline 73/23/EWG is fulfilled without restrictions.

Emitted interference, immunity to interference to EN 61 326, NAMUR NE21 8/98

(basic unit without options)

Approx. 1.2 kg



  • Fascia frame

RAL 7037

  • Fascia

RAL 7035


  • Housing and fascia frame

Polycarbonate, glass-fiber reinforced

  • Fascia foil


Power supply connection

  • 115/230 V AC

3-pin earthed plug IEC 320/V

  • 24 V AC/DC

Special 2-pin plug

Connections for process signals

Multiple screw terminal blocks,
cannot be confused when
connecting, for conductor cross-
section 1.5 mm2 (AWG 14)

Protective earth connection

Earthing screw

A rail can be mounted on the rear panel of the power supply. The rail is included in the delivery of the coupling relay module.