Siemens SIPLUS CMS 1200-for Specific Requirements

Siemens SIPLUS CMS 1200

The SIPLUS CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System is part of SIMATIC S7-1200 and is designed for the early detection of mechanical damage.

It provides the following benefits:

  • vRMS machine monitoring in acc. with ISO 10816‑3
  • aRMS machine monitoring
  • Detailed identification of damage with frequency-selective diagnostics
  • Raw data recording and export for SIPLUS CMS X‑Tools
  • Trend recording and analysis
  • Signaling of limit violations
  • Permanent monitoring to protect the machines
  • Effective monitoring of important processes and systems
  • Early detection of damage
  • Scheduled maintenance instead of spontaneous repair
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Increase in system availability
  • Optimum utilization of the service life of the units


Condtion monitoring system SIPLUS CMS1200

The SIMATIC S7-1200 condition monitoring system is able tocontinually check up on the state of the mechanical components. In this way, it creates the basis for predictivemaintenance. Users can respond promptly to impending damage and avoid the costly consequences that may include total failure. SIPLUS CMS1200 therefore makes acrucial contribution toward greater plant availability.

As many as 28 vibration sensors can be connected for each SIMATIC S7-1200 CPU. The recorded data is analyzed by the internal software of the CMS1200 and stored on the SM 1281 condition monitoring module.



  • Easy integration of the condition monitoring of mechanical components into the SIMATIC S7-1200
  • Early detection of mechanical damage
  • Planned maintenance instead of spontaneous repair
  • No additional software for diagnostics and visualization
  • Easy archiving of the data
  • Further analysis options by means of raw data


In addition to the productivity of a plant, lifecycle costs are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Increasing plant availability is an important topic in all sectors in which machines are used.

Continuous plant monitoring and thus the early detection of impending failures are an appropriate means of minimizing downtimes. Status-oriented maintenance permits an increase in availability with a simultaneous reduction of lifecycle costs.

As part of the SIMATIC S7-1200, the Condition Monitoring System is simple to integrate via the TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation) engineering framework.

Fundamental parameter assignment and characteristic value-based diagnostics of the SIPLUS CMS1200 take place via the TIA Portal, and frequency-selective diagnostics take place via a web server.





Condition Monitoring with SIMATIC S7-1200

  • Software for parameter-based and frequency-selective onboard analysis
  • Easy archiving of the data in the system’s own memory (800 MB)
  • Connection options:
    – 4 IEPE vibration-acceleration sensors per SM 1281
    – 1 rotary speed sensor per SM
    – Up to seven SM 1281 modules per S7-1200 CPU

Siemens SIPLUS CMS 1200

SIPLUS CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System

SIPLUS CMS1200 forms part of SIMATIC S7-1200 and is made up of a maximum of 7 SM 1281 Condition Monitoring modules.

Application range:

Mechanical components

Motors, generators, fans, pumps, etc.

Damage analysis

Unbalance, misalignment, roller bearings, etc.

Analytical procedures:

Characteristic values

  • Bearing monitoring: aRMS
  • Vibration monitoring: vRMS based on ISO 10816‑3

Vibration analysis

FFT, envelope curve, fingerprint comparison, trend analysis parameterizable

Monitoring function:

Characteristic values

Adjustable limiting value for aRMS and vRMS:

Warning, alarm

Frequency spectra

Adjustable warning and alarm bands

Recording function


Raw data logging:

Manually or event-triggered, FFT snapshot, characteristic values, long-term trend recording


Parameterization and visualization

TIA Portal and web browser

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