SIEMENS SIPLUS extreme for Specific Requirements


SIEMENS SIPLUS extreme is based on standard Siemens‘ products including SIMATIC S7-1200/300/400, SIMATIC PCS 7, SITOP and SIPLUS RIC. These are refined for harsh industrial conditions, and are therefore ideally suited for difficult applications in the water and wastewater industry. Advantages of SIPLUS extreme products include:
• Extended operating temperature ranges from – 40/– 25 °C to +70 °C (including start-up if not otherwise specified)
• Protection against humidity (up to 100 %), condensation, and salt loaded atmospheres via conformal coating
• Resistance to chemically, mechanically and biologically active substances in accordance with EN60721-3C4, 3S4, 3B2 and ISA S71.04-G1, G2, G3, GX
– e.g. hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and chlorine (Cl)
Development and implementation of customized or individual product solutions are available on request. The SIPLUS extreme range already includes approximately 500 products and it is growing continually!

Discover more about the benefits of the SIPLUS extreme product family


The SIPLUS Controllers are the intelligent choice for everyday automation task under hursh environmental conditions.

Rail Technology

The new SIPLUS extreme RAIL products are the perfect choice for use in railway applications due to their extensive certifications and compliance with rail standards.

IO Systems

With SIPLUS ET 200 portfolio we provide a multifunctional, modular and scalable I/O systems for decentral automation solutions.


The SIPLUS drive system is the modular system for basic to high-performance applications.

HMI Systems

SIPLUS HMI Systems are optimized for excellent visualization and operation
under hursh environment conditions.

Industrial Communication

With SCALANCE and NET SIPLUS also offers the suitable product for high medial loads matched to the respective networking task.

Industrial Controls

SIPLUS Industrial Controls represents the flexible and modular management system for motors in the low-voltage range under hursh environmental conditions.

Power Supplies

SIPLUS power Supplies achieve the highest reguirements under hursh enviromental conditions.

SIEMENS SIPLUS extreme for Specific Requirements

Siemens offers the perfect answer to these requirements with SIPLUS extreme.
SIPLUS product variants are based on the SITOP, LOGO!Power standard power supplies and the power supplies for SIMATIC S7 and expansion modules, and feature the following characteristics:

• Extended ambient temperature range (e.g. -40 … +70 °C) and conformal coating as protection against extreme and difficult conditions and contact with substances

• DIN EN 50155:
Conforms with standard for electronic equipment used on rolling stock (EN 50155, temperature T1, category)

Ambient conditions

Conformal coating

Coating of the printed circuit boards and the electronic components

Technical specifications

The technical data of the standard product applies except for the ambient conditions.

Relative humidity

100%, condensation/frost permitted. No commissioning in bedewed state.

Biologically active substances, compliance with EN 60721-3-3

Class 3B2 mold and fungal spores (excluding fauna). The supplied plug covers must remain in place over the unused interfaces during operation!

Chemically active substances, compliance with EN 60721-3-3

Class 3C4 incl. salt spray in accordance with EN60068-2-52 (degree of severity 3). The supplied plug covers must remain in place over the unused interfaces during operation!

Mechanically active substances, compliance with EN 60721-3-3

Class 3S4 incl. conductive sand, dust. The supplied plug covers must remain in place over the unused interfaces during operation!

Air pressure (depending on the highest positive temperature range specified)

1080 … .795 hPa (-1000 … +2000 m)
see ambient temperature range

795 … 658 hPa (+2000 … +3500 m)
derating 10 K

658 … 540 hPa (+3500 …  +5000 m)
derating 20 K