SIMATIC PCS 7 is one of the international leaders in process control systems, and has the potential to implement innovative solutions for the special challenges associated with the process industry. The functional diversity, flexibility, and performance of the SIMATIC PCS 7 pushes the limits of a typical process control system, and its technological enhancements offer many additional possibilities and new perspectives.

SIMATIC PCS 7 benefits from its seamless integration in Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), a complete range of matched products, systems, and solutions for all hierarchy levels of industrial automation – from the enterprise management level, to the control level, all the way down to the field level. This enables integrate, customized automation in all sectors of the process and hybrid industry.

An essential advantage of the consistency of the product and system spectrum and the solutions based upon this spectrum is that faster and more precise control sequences, as well as integrated security functions of shared hardware, engineering, and engineering tools can be used for automation of continuous and discontinuous processes.


The homogenous and uniform SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system with its unique scalable architecture and outstanding system characteristics is an ideal basis for cost-effective implementation and economic operation of process control plants.

Specifically expanded by the seamless integration of additional functions, SIMATIC PCS 7 offers far more than a typical process control system, for example:

  • Asset management
  • Automation of batch processes
  • Control of material transportation
  • Safety
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Telecontrol
  • Energy management
  • IT security
  • Evaluation/management of process data
  • IT system interfacing


More flexibility in process automation

In process plants, the process control system is the starting point for optimal value added: All procedures and processes can be operated, monitored and influenced with the process control system.

The higher the performance of the process control system, the more effectively this potential can be used. For this reason, performance is in the foreground with SIMATIC PCS 7, alongside scalability, flexibility and integration. Starting with planning and engineering, SIMATIC PCS 7 offers powerful tools, functions and features for cost-effective and efficient plant operation through all phases of the plant life cycle.

Flexibility through integration

Integration is one of the special strengths of SIMATIC PCS 7. It has numerous aspects:

  • Horizontal integration into TIA
  • Vertical integration into hierarchical communication
  • System-integrated tools for engineering tasks
  • Integration of the field level, including drives, switchgear, etc.
  • Integrated functions, e.g. for batch process automation, route control, process safety, energy management, telecontrol tasks, etc.

Custom automation

Thanks to its unique scalable system architecture, SIMATIC PCS 7 provides the ideal basis for cost-effective implementation of individual automation solutions and economic operation of processes.

SIMATIC PCS 7 users derive sustained profit from a modular system platform based on standard SIMATIC components. Its uniformity enables flexible scaling of hardware and software, as well as perfect interaction both within the system and beyond system limits. The architecture of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System is designed in such a manner that instrumentation and control can be configured in accordance with customer requirements and optimally matched to the dimensions of the plant. The control system can be subsequently expanded or reconfigured at any time if there is an increase in capacity or a technological modification. When the plant grows, SIMATIC PCS 7 simply grows along with it – without the provision of expensive reserve capacities!

We focus on industrial automation and process instrument!

SIPLUS modules for SIMATIC PCS 7 Bundle

PCS 7 CPU 412-3H with:
2 x CPU 412-3H with 2 MB RAM Card
4 x 10M SYNC module with 2 x 1M FO cable
2 x CP443-1IE (EX20)
1 x UR2-H (2 x 9 slots) Alu
2 x PS 120/230 V AC 10 A RED.
6AG1656-8BA33-4CB06ES7656-8BA33-1CB00 °C to + 60 °C
PCS 7 CPU 414-4H with:
2 x CPU 414-4H with 2 MB RAM Card
4 x 10M SYNC module with 2 x 1M FO cable
2 x CP443-1IE (EX20)
1 x UR2-H (2 x 9 slots) Alu
2 x PS 120/230 V AC 10 A RED.
6AG1656-8BE33-4CB06ES7656-8BE33-1CB00 °C to + 60 °C
PCS 7 CPU 414-4H with:
2 x CPU 414-4H with 2 x 4 MB RAM Card
4 x 10M SYNC module with 2 x 1M FO cable
2 x CP443-1IE (EX20)
1 x UR2-H (2 x 9 slots) Alu
2 x PS 120/230 V AC 10 A
6AG1656-8CE33-4BB06ES7656-8CE33-1BB00 °C to + 60 °C
PCS 7 CPU 414-4H with:
2 x CPU 414-4H with 2 x 4 MB RAM Card
4 x 10M SYNC module with 2 x 1M FO cable
2 x CP443-1IE (EX20)
1 x UR2-H (2 x 9 slots) Alu
2 x PS 20/230 V AC 110 A RED.
6AG1656-8CE33-4CB06ES7656-8CE33-1CB00 °C to + 60 °C
PCS 7 CPU 414-4H with:
2 x CPU 414-4H with 2 x 4 MB RAM Card
4 x 10M SYNC module with 2 x 1M FO cable
2 x CP443-1IE (EX20)
1 x UR2-H (2 x 9 slots) Alu
2 x PS 24 V DC 10 A
6AG1656-8CE33-4GB06ES7656-8CE33-1GB00 °C to + 60 °C

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