SIEMENS SIPLUS S7-300 Ex digital input modules

OverviewSIPLUS S7-300 Ex digital input modules

  • Digital inputs for signals from the Ex field
  • For the connection of intrinsically safe digital equipment from the Ex field
  • 4 DI NAMUR
  • 4 digital inputs in 4 channel modules (single-channel isolation)
  • Connectable encoder in accordance with DIN EN 60947-5-6 and NAMUR, optionally with wired or unwired mechanical contacts
  • Programmable diagnostics and diagnostic interrupt

SIPLUS extreme products are based on SIMATIC standard products. The contents listed here were taken from the respective standard products. SIPLUS extreme specific information was added.


The following intrinsically-safe equipment can be connected to Ex digital input modules:

Ex module

No. of channels

Connectable intrinsically-safe equipment

Digital input


Initiators to DIN 19 234 (NAMUR), wired contacts


The Ex digital input modules have the following mechanical features:

  • Compact configuration;
    The rugged plastic housing contains:

    • Green LEDs for each circuit to indicate “1” signal (contact closed or I > 2.1 mA with NAMUR encoders to DIN 19234)
    • Red LED for each circuit to indicate wire break or short circuit
    • Slot for front connector and cable guide, protected by the front cover
    • Labeling area on the front cover.
  • Easy installation:
    The module is mounted on the DIN rail and connected to the adjacent modules via bus connectors.
    There are no slot rules; the addresses of the inputs are predetermined by the slot.
  • User-friendly wiring:
    The modules are wired by means of a plug-in front connector. When they are first plugged in, a coding element clicks into place so that the connector will only fit into modules of the same type. The front connector contains a special barrier for covering the module’s 24 V load current supply. When the module is replaced, the front connector can be used in its fully wired state for the new module of the same type.


Ex digital input modules convert the level of the external binary signals of the intrinsically-safe equipment from the Ex field into the internal signal level of the PLC.

Technical specifications

Article number



Supply voltage

Load voltage L+

  • ● Rated value (DC)

24 V

  • ● Reverse polarity protection


Input current

from load voltage L+ (without load), max.

50 mA

from backplane bus 5 V DC, max.

80 mA

Encoder supply

Type of output voltage

via the inputs

Power loss

Power loss, typ.

1.1 W

Digital inputs

Number of NAMUR inputs


Input voltage

  • ● Rated value (DC)

8.2 V; from internal power circuit supply

Input current

  • ● on wire-break, max.

0.1 mA

  • ● on short-circuit, max.

8.5 mA

for NAMUR encoders

  • — for signal “0”

0.35 to 1.2 mA

  • — for signal “1”

2.1 to 7 mA

Input delay (for rated value of input voltage)

  • ● Input frequency (with a time delay of 0.1 ms), max.

2 kHz

for NAMUR inputs

  • — Parameterizable

Yes; 0.1 / 0.5 / 3 / 15 / 20 ms (plus 0.25 ms preparation time)

Cable length

  • ● unshielded, max.

200 m


Connectable encoders

  • ● NAMUR encoder

Yes; Two-wire connection

Interrupts/diagnostics/status information

Diagnostic functions


Diagnostic messages

  • ● Diagnostic information readable


Diagnostics indication LED

  • ● Group error SF (red)


  • ● Status indicator digital input (green)


  • ● Channel fault indicator F (red)


Ex(i) characteristics

Module for Ex(i) protection


Maximum values of input circuits (per channel)

  • ● Co (permissible external capacity), max.

3 µF

  • ● Io (short-circuit current), max.

14.1 mA

  • ● Lo (permissible external inductivity), max.

100 mH

  • ● Po (power of load), max.

33.7 mW

  • ● Uo (output no-load voltage), max.

10 V

Potential separation

Potential separation digital inputs

  • ● Potential separation digital inputs


  • ● between the channels, in groups of


Standards, approvals, certificates

CE mark


UL approval

Yes; File E239877

FM approval

Yes; CofC 3028431

RCM (formerly C-TICK)


KC approval


EAC (formerly Gost-R)


Use in hazardous areas

  • ● ATEX


  • ● Test number KEMA

10 ATEX 0062X

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature during operation

  • ● min.

0 °C; = Tmin

  • ● max.

60 °C; = Tmax

Ambient temperature during storage/transportation

  • ● min.

-40 °C

  • ● max.

70 °C

Altitude during operation relating to sea level

  • ● Ambient air temperature-barometric pressure-altitude

Tmin … Tmax at 1080 hPa … 795 hPa (-1000 m … +2000 m) // Tmin … (Tmax – 10K) at 795 hPa … 658 hPa (+2000 m … +3500 m) // Tmin … (Tmax – 20K) at 658 hPa … 540 hPa (+3500 m … +5000 m)

Relative humidity

  • ● With condensation, tested in accordance with IEC 60068-2-38, max.

100 %; RH incl. condensation / frost (no commissioning in bedewed state), horizontal installation


Use in stationary industrial systems

  • — to biologically active substances according to EN 60721-3-3

Yes; Class 3B2 mold, fungus and dry rot spores (with the exception of fauna); Class 3B3 on request

  • — to chemically active substances according to EN 60721-3-3

Yes; Class 3C4 (RH < 75%) incl. salt spray according to EN 60068-2-52 (degree of severity 3). The supplied connector covers must remain on the unused interfaces during operation!

  • — to mechanically active substances according to EN 60721-3-3

Yes; Class 3S4 incl. sand, dust. The supplied connector covers must remain on the unused interfaces during operation!

Connection method

required front connector



Weight, approx.

230 g