SIEMENS SITRANS P280 for gauge and absolute pressure

SITRANS P280 for flexible and cost-effective applications in pressure monitoring

  • Supports the WirelessHART standard (HART V 7.1)
  • Very high security level for wireless data transmission
  • Built-in local user interface (LUI) with 3-button operation
  • Optimum display and readability using graphics display (104 x 80 pixels) with integrated background illumination
  • Stand-by (deep sleep phase) can be activated and deactivated on the device with a push of a button
  • Battery power supply
  • Battery service live up to 5 years
  • Extend battery service life with HART modem interface which can be shut off
  • Optimized power consumption through new design, and increase in battery service life
  • Simple configuration thanks to SIMATIC PDM
  • Device meets IP65 degree of protection
  • Can be used for absolute and gauge pressure measurements
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SITRANS P280 Pressure Transmitter Wireless HART


The SITRANS P280 is a pressure transmitter that features Wireless HART as the standard communication interface.

Also available is a wired interface to connect a HART modem:

  • Flexible pressure measurements
  • Save costs on writing for difficult installation conditions. Wireless technology offers cost advantages in cases where extensive wiring cots would normally apply.
  • It enables additional hitherto unfeasible measuring points, particularly for monitoring purposes.
  • Easy installation on moveable equipment parts
  • Enables cost-effective temporary measurements, for example for process optimizations.
  • Optimum addition to wired communication and expansion of solution options for system solutions in process automation


The SITRANS P280 has a robust aluminum enclosure and is suitable for outside use. It conforms with the IP65 safety class.

The operating temperature range is -40 to +80 °C (-40 to +176 °F). Power supply is provided through an integrated battery, which is available as an accessory. The device is only approved for operation with this battery.

The aerial features a rotatable joint which can be used for directional alignment. Wireless signals can thus be optimally received and transmitted.

A special highlight is the option for direct operation on the device. The operating strategy used in this case seamlessly integrates into the strategy of all new Siemens field devices.

Using the device’s control buttons, it is easy to turn the HART modem interface of the device on and off. The device can be put to passive status and reactivated at any time. This helps to extend the service life of the battery.

The SITRANS P280 transmitter features a ceramic measuring cell for gauge and absolute pressure measurements.


The SITRANS P280 is a WirelessHART field device for measuring absolute and gauge pressure.

The measuring ranges for absolute and gauge pressure measurements are 0 to 1.6, 10, 50, 200 and 320 bar (0 to 23, 145, 725, 2900 and 4641 psi).

The sensor is integrated into the transmitter casing.

On the wireless communication side, the transmitter supports the WirelessHART standard. For initial commissioning in particular, a HART modem can be connected to the transmitter. You can alternatively opt for simple and easy local operation using the pushbuttons w/o any additional handset devices.

It can be used in all industries and applications in non-explosive areas.


The SITRANS P280 can integrate itself into a WirelessHART network. It can be parameterized and operated through this network. Measured process values are transported via the network to the SIEMENS IE/WSN-PA link.

Field device data received by the IE/WSN-PA LINK is transmitted to the connected systems, for example the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7.



Connecting to SIMATIC PCS 7

The integration of field devices in SIMATIC PCS 7 and other process control systems can now be done seamlessly and cost-effectively with wireless technology, especially in situations where high wiring costs may be expected. Of particular interest are measuring points which are to be added and for which no MSR wiring is available.

Siemens WirelessHART devices are designed for optimum compatibility with products in the SCALANC W range.

Where larger distances between the IW/WSN-PA LINK and control systems need to be overcome, this connection can also be implemented on a wireless and cost-effective basis using the products of the SCALANCE W family.

Integration of a meshed network in SIMATIC PCS7


Configuration of the SITRANS P280 may be carried out as follows:

  • Initial start-up for the SITRANS P280 with SIMATIC PDM is generally carried out via a HART modem or the integrated local user interface, since the network ID and Join key must be set up on the device before it can be accepted and integrated into the WirelessHART network.
  • Once it is integrated into the network, the device can be conveniently operated with the WirelessHART network, the onsite HART modem or via the local user interface.

Technical specifications

SITRANS P280 WirelessHART Pressure Transmitter

Mode of operation

Measuring principle


Measured variable

Gauge and absolute pressure

Gauge pressure input

Measuring range

Overload limit/Burst pressure

0 … 1.6 bar (0 … 23 psi)

4 bar (58 psi)

0 … 10 bar (0 … 145 psi)

20 bar (290 psi)

0 … 50 bar (0 … 725 psi)

100 bar (1450 psi)

0 … 200 bar (0 … 2900 psi)

400 bar (5801 psi)

0 … 320 bar (0 … 4641 psi)

640 bar (9282 psi)


mbar, bar, m4H2O, i4H2O, atm, Torr, gcm², kgcm², Pa, kPa, MPa, psi, mmHG, mmH2O, ftH2O, inHG, inH2O

Absolute pressure input

Measuring range

Overload limit/Burst pressure

0 … 1.6 bar a (0 … 23 psi a)

4 bar a (58 psi a)

0 … 10 bar a (0 … 145 psi a)

20 bar a (290 psi a)

0 … 50 bar a (0 … 725 psi a)

100 bar a (1450 psia)

0 … 200 bar a (0 … 2900 psia)

400 bar a (5801 psia)

0 … 320 bar a (0 … 4641 psia)

640 bar a (9282 psia)


mbar, bar, m4H2O, i4H2O, atm, Torr, gcm², kgcm², Pa, kPa, MPa, psi, mmHG, mmH2O, ftH2O, inHG, inH2O


Output signal

2.4 GHz Wireless signal with TSMP (Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol)

Measuring accuracy

According to IEC 60770-1

Error in measurement at limit setting including hysteresis and reproducibility

typically 0.17 % of span, max. 0.25 % of sensor span

Long-term stability

max. ± 0.25 % of sensor/year span

Effect of ambient temperature

max. ± 0.2 %/10 K of sensor span

Rated conditions

Ambient conditions

  • Ambient temperature

-40 … +80 °C (-40 … +176 °F)

(in ambient temperatures below -20 °C (-4 °F) and above +70 °C (158 °F), readability of the display is limited.)

  • Storage temperature

-40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F)

  • Relative humidity

< 95 %

Climatic class

4K4H in accordance with EN 60721-3-4(stationary use at locations not protected against weather)

Degree of protection


Permissible medium temperature

-40 … 85 °C (-40 … +185 °F)


Enclosure material

low-copper die-cast aluminum, GD-AISi12 (Fe)

Shock resistance

in accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-29 / 03.95

Resistance to vibration

in accordance with EN 60068-2-6/ 12.07


  • without battery

1.5 kg (3.31 lb)

  • With battery

1.6 kg (3.53 lb)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

See Dimensional drawing

Process connection

  • G½B male thread to EN 837-1
  • ½-14 NPT

Sensor break

Is recognized

Displays and controls

Display (with illumination)

  • Size of display

104 x 80 pixels

  • Number of digits


  • Number of spaces after comma


Setting options

  • on site with 3 buttons
  • with SIMATIC PDM or HART Communicator

Auxiliary power


3.6 V DC



WirelessHART V7.1 conforming

Transmission frequency band

2.4 GHz (ISM-Band)

Transmission range under reference conditions

Up to 250 m (line of sight) in outside areas

Up to 50 m (greatly dependent on obstacles) in inside areas

Communication interfaces

  • HART communication with HART modem
  • WirelessHART

Certificates and approvals

Wireless communication approvals


General product safety


Classification according to pressure equipment directive (PED 2014/68/EU)

Gases: Fluid group 1

Liquids: Fluid group 1;

meets requirements as per article 4, paragraph 4 (good engineering practice)

Dimensional drawings

SITRANS P280 WirelessHART pressure transmitter, G½” process connection, dimensions in mm (inches)
The dimensional drawing of the mounting bracket can be found in SITRANS P DS III “Accessories”.

SITRANS P280 WirelessHART pressure transmitter, ½ – 14 NPT process connection, dimensions in mm (inches)
The dimensional drawing of the mounting bracket can be found in SITRANS P DS III “Accessories”.

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