Siemens Software Controllers SIMATIC WinAC


Siemens has developed a wide range of coordinated hardware and software components for PC-based Automation.

SIMATIC WinAC RTX is the right, proven solution for you if you are looking for an open, flexible and reliable controller for your PC-based automation task.

All automation tasks, such as open/closed-loop control, HMI and motion control, can be implemented on a single platform on the PC. PC-based Automation is your first choice wherever PC applications have to be handled in addition to classic PLC tasks.

SIMATIC PC-based Control

  • Adds PC-based controllers to the SIMATIC S7 controller family
  • Especially suitable where a variety of tasks such as data processing, communication, visualization, technology and control have to be integrated in one PC.


  • SIMATIC WinAC Software PLC 
    for tasks requiring a high level of flexibility and integration capability.
    allows PC solutions for technological tasks to be integrated flexibly and powerfully into the controller.


  • Runs on standard PCs under Windows XP or Windows 7 (32-bit).
  • Code-compatible with SIMATIC S7-300/-400:
    Programmed with SIMATIC industrial software, created programs can also be used for SIMATIC S7.
  • Uses standard interfaces for integration into the office environment.
  • Open interfaces for the integration of solution-specific technological hardware and software.


SIMATIC WinAC is optimized for the following tasks:

  • Compact design:
    Data processing, communication, visualization, technology and control must be integrated on one PC for space and performance reasons.
  • Openness:
    High-performance integration into the data processing is required.
  • Technology:
    Specific technological tasks must be executed in close corporation with the control functions.
  • Flexibility:
    The task requires the integration of special hardware or software modules.

SIMATIC WinAC is provided for this purpose with open and powerful interfaces. SIMATIC WinAC is therefore the ideal platform for tailored automation solutions.


Interfacing to the process

SIMATIC WinAC software PLCs support access to the process I/O via PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO. The PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface modules from the SIMATIC NET product range and the integrated interfaces of the SIMATIC PC are used for this purpose.

Technological tasks

There are various ways of solving technological tasks with WinAC:

SIMATIC Runtime Software – this includes for example Standard PID Control or Easy Motion Control – provides a series of libraries for technological functions, which are directly processed by SIMATIC WinAC.

  • SIMATIC function modules such as FM 350 or FM 351 can be used simultaneously in an ET200M station on PROFIBUS or PROFINET.
  • An open integration of specific technological tasks can be achieved by means of the WinAC ODK for the SIMATIC WinAC software and slot PLCs.
  • The isochronous mode via PROFIBUS DP of WinAC RTX and WinAC Slot allows for exactly reproducible response times and is the basis for precise and fast control applications.


SIMATIC WinAC supports SIMATIC communication both locally on the same PC and over the SIMATIC networks PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET. The following communication connections are possible:

  • Programming and commissioning by means of STEP 7 both locally and remotely from a PG/PC
  • Visualization with WinCC or WinCC flexible either locally or over a network
  • Communication with other WinAC or S7 systems
  • Open communication (TCP/UDP) via the PROFINET interface

Interfacing to visualization

The SIMATIC HMI products WinCC flexible and WinCC have full access to all data and functions of SIMATIC WinAC in accordance with the demands placed on Totally Integrated Automation. They can be operated both locally on the same PC as SIMATIC WinAC and remotely over the supported networks.

Even the SIMATIC Touch and Operator Panels cooperate with SIMATIC WinAC without any restrictions. In this case the access via the PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET IO interface of the SIMATIC WinAC is particularly useful, as this enables the devices to be operated “on site” with minimum wiring outlay.

The SIMATIC NET OPC-Server, which is included in the delivery of WinAC, alternatively allows access to process data through commercially available visualization systems.

Access to process data

The SIMATIC NET OPC server offers an open access to process data through any OPC client application.

In addition, access to process data from standard Windows applications such as Excel or Access can be carried out simply via the OPC Data Access Automation Interface.


SIMATIC Software

The PC-based controller is programmed and configured with STEP 7 and the SIMATIC engineering tools for production engineering. For this purpose, all SIMATIC programming languages are also available for WinAC.

The SIMATIC programming languages fulfill the DIN EN 6.1131-3 standard. This minimizes the familiarization and training time.

In addition, the program modules which were programmed for SIMATIC S7 controllers can be reused in WinAC.

STEP 7 for all aspects of the control task:

  • Configuring of control and communication:
    All characteristics of the PC-based control and the interplay with additional SIMATIC components are handled by STEP 7. All configuring data are centrally and consistently stored at a single location.
  • A complete spectrum of programming languages:
    STEP 7 and the STEP 7 engineering tools offer a wide spectrum of programming languages for all aspects of control tasks.
  • Local and remote programming:
    The complete network connection of SIMATIC STEP 7 allows for both the local programming of WinAC on the same PC and the remote programming over LAN or WAN.
  • Efficient debugging:
    STEP 7 offers efficient support for the testing and commissioning of the control programs. This includes for example online modification of programs, the display and control of variables or single-step processing.


The actual control functionality of the PC-based controller is programmed using STEP 7.
The interconnection of system components and machine which was generated with WinAC RTX and PROFINET CBA, is implemented with the open tool SIMATIC iMap.