SIEMENS TeleControl Basic- Efficient Telecontrol

TeleControl Basic is based on SIMATIC S7-1200 and secure transmission via mobile radio or the Internet. It is particularly suitable wherever small data quantities have to be transmitted over wireless connections or via the Internet. TeleControl Basic can be used as a low-cost fault signaling system, but thanks to the bidirectional communication facility, it is also suitable for simple telecontrol monitoring and control tasks.
Together with the GPRS communication processor, the S7-1200 CPU supports simple Telecontrol applications for monitoring and control of distributed stations using general packet radio service (GPRS). The GPRS CP 1242-7 enables SMS messaging for event driven fault diagnostics. Additional full Teleservice functionally can be realized for remote diagnostics, configuration & programming.

TeleControl Professional

The communication processors CP 1243-1 DNP3 and CP 1243-1 IEC expand the TeleControl ProfessionalTeleControl Professional portfolio with standardized remote control protocols. Both CP 1243-1 variants offer cycle and event-driven transmission of measured values and set values as well alarms between RTU and central control system without the need for costly programming. The connection to the control station over various public or private remote networks is performed via external modems/routers such as SCALANCE M, which are connected to the Ethernet interface of the CP.


TeleControl Server Basic is recommended for simple monitoring and supervision tasks, for the transfer of process data or “siemens Telecontrol”的图片搜索结果for remote diagnostics and remote maintenance. Whether controlling process plants, the optimized operation of municipal facilities for water treatment, energy distribution, and traffic monitoring, or service and maintenance: With the TeleControl Basic System, you can implement simple applications and major projects with up to 5,000 participants. The whole solution also includes a teleservice function. For example, this enables internationally active plant and machinery manufacturers to access SIMATIC RTUs worldwide. Communication takes place via cellular network or Internet.


In the TeleControl Basic system the software used for the conrol center is TeleControl Server Basic. As an OPC UA server, it connects the HMI system (for example, WinCC, PCS 7 or WinCC OA) to the RTUs. The system supports the connection of both modular RTUs based on S7-1200 and the compact remote terminal unit, SIMATIC RTU3030C. Stations based on SIMATIC S7-300 can also be connected using the MD720 modem.

  • Scalable from a few to up to 5,000 outstations
    Use of the Internet and existing mobile wireless networks – even from different providers
  • Connection to control systems, e.g. WinCC via OPC interfaces
  • TeleControl Server Basic also monitors temporary mobile connections and thereby links a station, such as the RTU3030C that is only intermittently accessible, ideally to the control center
  • SMS alert service personnel
  • Easy configuration of modular SIMATIC RTUs with STEP 7 V13 SP1 in the TIA Portal
  • Easy and convenient configuration of the remote terminal units by multiple users simultaneously with
  • TeleControl Server Basic (multi-user capability)
  • “Wake-up” function for stations (from standby mode to online mode) via SMS or call incl. authentication e.g. with the CLIP function
  • Secured data traffic between the RTU and TeleControl Server Basic by means of encryption
  • Integrated teleservice function for remote maintenance and remote programming of the RTU during operation
  • The TeleControl Server Basic can be operated redundantly in order to increase the availability of the automation data.

Efficient telecontrol solutions – remote terminal units (RTUs) for all applications

With our TeleControl Basic and TeleControl Professional telecontrol systems, you can control and monitor remote terminal units from the control center. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are located at the substations of telecontrol plants and monitor widely dispersed measurement points. Different RTUs are used, depending on the complexity of the task. With our comprehensive offering for modular RTUs based on SIMATIC controllers, you can flexibly adapt your substations to your requirements. For the connection of modular RTUs, we offer communication modules in the form of communication processors (CPs) and Telecontrol Interface Modules (TIMs). Our portfolio also includes compact RTUs which work as stand-alone units in harsh environments.


Remote Networks

Remote reliability: The compact SIMATIC RTUs with separate power supply as autonomous telecontrol units also in the most remote regions and under harshest environmental conditions.

RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1500

Flexibility and highest performance: RTUs on basis of SIMATIC S7-1500 monitor and control even the most complex plants.

RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1200

Flexible, inexpensive, and deployable worldwide: Our communication processors for RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1200 make communication with your substations both flexible and efficient.

RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP


Compact, modular and easy to handle: RTUs based on SIMATIC ET 200SP make it possible to build customized RTUs.

RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-300 / S7-400


Reliable transmission of control and process data of widely dispersed telecontrol stations:
With our Telecontrol Interface Modules (TIMs) for powerful RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400.