Siemens Teleperm XP

Siemens Teleperm XP

This is a description of the Siemens Teleperm XP via XU Interface to the PI System Image result for teleperm xp manual(following referred to as SITeleXPXUInterface). The interface can be run on Windows 2003,XPand later. There TCP/IP services must be enabled.

A single interface can collect data from one XP system at a time, via an XU. The interface may also be configured to use a backup XU in the event that the primary fails. The interface will accept data from whichever XU is leading.

The XU is available for connection to two types of OM (“Operating and Monitoring System”):

  • TXP OM650
  • TXP OM690, previously called TXP-IN (“In Nuclear power plants”)

This has an influence on the way the XU operates internally.

The interface supports both OM650 and OM690.

The XU itself is a computer running SCO Unix; however, the PI-TXP-XU interface runs on Windows 2003 and later and just establishes a TCP/IP socket connection to the XU via the network.

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Siemens Teleperm XP

Image result for teleperm xp manual

Supported Operating Systems

Platforms 32-bit application 64-bit application
Windows XP 32-bit OS Yes No
64-bit OS Yes (Emulation Mode) No
Windows 2003 Server 32-bit OS Yes No
64-bit OS Yes (Emulation Mode) No
Windows Vista 32-bit OS Yes No
64-bit OS Yes (Emulation Mode) No
Windows 2008 32-bit OS Yes No
Windows 2008 R2 64-bit OS Yes (Emulation Mode) No
Windows 7 32-bit OS Yes No
64-bit OS Yes (Emulation Mode) No

Supported Features

Feature Support
Interface Part Number PI-IN-SI-TLXP-NTI
Auto Creates PI Points No
Point Builder Utility No
ICU Control Yes
PI Point Types PI3: Float16, Float32, Float64, Int16, Int32, Digital

PI2: R, I, D

Sub-second Timestamps Yes
Sub-second Scan Classes No
Automatically Incorporates PI Point Attribute Changes Yes
Exception Reporting Yes
Outputs from PI No
Inputs to PI: Scan-based
Supports Questionable Bit No
Supports Multi-character PointSource Yes
Maximum Point Count Unlimited
* Uses PI SDK No
PINet String Support No
* Source of Timestamps
History Recovery Yes
* UniInt-based

* Disconnected Startup

* SetDeviceStatus




* Failover UniInt Failover (Phase 2 – COLD);

Server-level failover

* Vendor Software Required on Interface Node / PINet Node No
Vendor Software Required on Foreign Device No
Vendor Hardware Required No
Additional PI Software Included with interface No
Device Point Types analog, digital, and counter
Serial-Based interface No

* See paragraphs below for further explanation.