SIEMENS WinCC/Web Navigator – HMI Software

The WinCC/Web Navigator allows you to perform operator control and monitoring of your SIMATIC WinCC/WebNavigatorplant via the Internet or an in-house intranet without the need for changes to the WinCC project.
In addition to the typical use in WANs (Wide Area Networks), low-cost applications can also be implemented. Examples of these are solutions in the water/wastewater industry with highly decentralized structure or applications with sporadic access to process information (building management). In addition to this, Web clients can also be used as normal operator stations on the LAN.


  • Parallel web-based operator control and monitoring (MS Internet Explorer)
  • Integrated configuration and user administration / access authorizations
  • User-specific functionalities, e.g. language, plant (unit) view
  • Fast update rates (e.g. after value change, picture change)
  • Minimum maintenance costs thanks to centralized software administration
  • High Internet security standards
  • Remote monitoring using the secure WinCC Web Viewer application
  • Flexible thin client solutions for a variety of platforms (PC, on-site panel, mobile PDA)
  • Efficient remote diagnostics with WebDiagnostics server/client
  • Increased security and availability due to separation of WinCC and Web server
  • Maximum availability and performance thanks to Web server farms (load balancing)

Design and function

For WinCC single-user systems or WinCC server/client systems, web-based solutions can be implemented with the WebNavigator. Operator control and monitoring of a WinCC project via the Internet or an intranet is possible from any Windows computers, which are referred to as WebNavigator clients.Only MS Internet Explorer is required on the client side. Simultaneous access to multiple Web servers and thus to multiple plants is even possible if this is started multiple times or its multi-tabbing functionality is used.

Web Navigator mit Multi Tabbing


  • A (server-based) license is required for the WebNavigator. This is a graduated license based on the number of simultaneous Web client accesses, which can be incremented at any time using additive Web client licenses..
  • The WebNavigator client software can be installed as many times as required without the need for a license.
  • A (client-based) license is required for the WebNavigator diagnostics. This provides access to all Web servers with WebNavigator server WebNavigator diagnostic server license.
  • Licenses of WinCC/WebUX and WinCC/WebNaviagtor can be combined if necessary
Software and licensesArticle No.

WinCC WebNavigator for WinCC RT Professional V14 and WinCC V7.4

1 Client (countable) License Key for download


3 Clients (countable) License Key for download


10 Clients (countable) License Key for download


30 Clients (countable) License Key for download


100 Clients (countable) License Key for download


1 Client (countable) License Key on USB stick


3 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick


10 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick


30 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick


100 Clients (countable) License Key on USB stick


WinCC WebNavigator Diagnostic client for WinCC RT Professional V14 and WinCC V7.4

Single License (License Key for download)


Single License (License Key on USB stick)


WinCC Web Navigator up to V7.3

Up to Version 7.3 licensing was managed by purchasing packages with a maximum number of licenses which could be upgraded by powerpacks.