SIMATIC PC477C: The powerful embedded Panel PC – maintenance-free with versatile configuration
• Embedded PC platform with extremely high industrial compatibility for demanding tasks in the field of PC-based automation
• Maintenance-free (no rotating components such as fan and hard disk)
• Rugged construction: The PC is resistant to the harshest mechanical stress and is extremely reliable in operation
• Compact design (only 61-69 mm mounting depth for 12 in. to 19 in. screens)
• Battery-backed retentive memory onboard
• High degree of investment prot


The SIMATIC PC477C provides high-level industrial performance.
● Compact design
● Maintenance-free operation
● Rugged
The SIMATIC PC477C is available with a variety of control units which are distinguished by the size of the display and by a key or touch panel. It is available in 2 versions.


The HMI IPC477C embedded is a compact unit comprising an operator control unit with an integrated computing unit.
Standard components of the computer unit:
• Rugged metal enclosure, resistant to vibrations and shocks, with high electromagnetic compatibility.
• Processors:
– Intel Celeron M 1.2 GHz, Intel Core2 Solo 1.2 GHz or Intel Core2 Duo 1.2 GHz
• Main memory basic configuration:
– 1, 2 or 4 GB (DDR3)
– Battery-backed retentive memory 2 MB

Key panel variants

● Color display with backlighting:
– 12” TFT technology with 800 x 600 resolution
– 15” TFT technology with 1024 x 768 resolution
● Membrane keyboard with alphanumeric keys, numeric keys, cursor keys and control keys
● Function keys and softkeys
● Integrated mouse
● Front-mounted USB 2.0 interface for connecting external I/O devices.

Touch panel variants

● Color display with backlighting
– 12″ TFT technology; 800 x 600 resolution
– 15″ TFT technology; 1024 x 768 resolution
– 19″ TFT technology; 1024 x 1280 resolution
● Front-mounted USB 2.0 interface for connecting external I/O devices.

Bottom view

Image result for SIMATIC HMI IPC477C


The IPC477C and IPC477C PRO Bundles enable an easy entry into the world of automation based on embedded PC systems. The user can immediately tend to the integration of her automation solution, without having to install and configure WinAC, WinCC flexible or the SIMATIC NET software.

  • SIMATIC WinAC RTX, SIMATIC WinCC flexible and SIMATIC Softnet-S7 Lean come preinstalled and configured. To run the machine, only the license keys for the software have to be transferred to the device.
  • An Ethernet connection PROFINET (IE) is set up for an operation within a SIMATIC environment. If required, the user only has to assign the corresponding Ethernet addresses using operating system mechanisms.
  • Depending on the device configuration, a PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface for the connection of distributed I/O is available.
  • For the programming of SIMATIC WinAC RTX, the user can right away connect a programming device (PG) to the PROFIBUS or Ethernet interface and go “online” with the PC station / SIMATIC WinAC RTX.
  • Configurations for WinCC flexible Runtime can be loaded via the Windows Ethernet interface.



SIMATIC product/family    
Product Brief Embedded Panel PC (fanless, diskless) with Windows Embedded Standard, software controller and HMI
Product range Panel PC, 12″, 15″ or 19″ Touch or 12″, 15″ key each with 3 software versions, bundle with IPC477C PRO all-round pretection to IP65 also available
Customized design and OEM product on request
1 fail-safe variant
Main memory, max 4 GB RAM
Load memory/mass storage, max 4/8/16 GB CF card or 50 GB SSD (high Endurance) or 80 GB SSD (Standard)
Backup, max Control data (128 KB MRAM) without UPS, all data with UPS
I/O devices  
I/O address area, max 16384/16384 bytes
Fail-safety *
HMI functions  
Integrated * (bundle with WinCC flexible or WinCC RT Advanced or WinCC single-user station or client or WinCC RT Professional)
PC functions  
C/C++/C#/Visual Basic link * (via ODK)
Data acquisition and archiving * (Large volumes of data)
Expandable with PC standard hardware
Integration of PC standard HW/SW * (via ODK, OPC)
Configuration/programming software STEP 7/STEP 7 Professional from V5.x, STEP 7 from V11 in the TIA Portal
Programming languages LD, FBD, IL, SFC, ST, S7-HiGraph, CFC
PtP * (via CP distributed)
Other integrated Industrial Ethernet, USB, RS232, DVI/VGA PROFINET (IRT)
Web Server * (with WinAC RTX 2010)


  • Fanless and diskless design
  • Deterministic software controller with real-time capability
  • HMI runtime software with archives and recipes
  • Controlling and visualizing via touch screen or membrane keyboard
  • Data retentivity through integrated SRAM