The all in one Panel PC SIMATIC HMI IPC677C are distinguished by their high performance, openness and expandability.

With an optional mirror drive or an integrated RAID controller the IPC677C meets high demands on system availability for mission critical applications. The IPC677C reaches the highest level of flexibility offering 5 optional front panels, 5 operating system options and an optional INOX variant

For application in the food and beverages industry an INOX version with 15” touch display is available. You can order the IPC677C together with WinCC flexible Runtime or WinCC Runtime Software as so called HMI Packages with a considerable price advantage.

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Area of application
The all in one Panel PC SIMATIC HMI IPC677C has been designed for use directly at the machine. Due to the scalable performance and great number of possible device variants the IPC677C is suitable for all tasks in the area of PC-based automation even in case of higher requirements concerning the availability of the complete system. The HMI IPC677C is approved for shipbuilding. The 19″ touch variant is also available with explosion protection.

 High performance and extremely fast system response:
– Intel Core processors (i7, i3) and main memory expansion up to 8 GB
– Powerful onboard HD graphics integrated into the CPU
– DDR3 memory technology
 Extremely high system availability and data security:
– RAID controller onboard
– Solid-state drive (SSD) with 50 GB (SATA, SLC)
– ECC RAM, work memory with error correction
– Retentive data memory for storing the process data after a voltage drop
 Remote access via Intel AMT
 Optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET interface with three ports for cost-effective connection of distributed field devices or to couplings with SIMATIC S7
 High data transmission rates and redundancy thanks to two teaming-capable Gigabit Ethernet connections
 5 x high-speed USB 2.0 ports, one of which is arranged on the front
 Energy-efficient Industrial PC:
– Low power consumption thanks to the latest mobile technology
– Wake-on-LAN functionality for timed start-up of the IPC over the network,
e.g. after a shutdown weekend.

Design and functions
The SIMATIC HMI IPC677C is available in numerous versions with 12″, 15″, or 19″ display and attractive front design.

Operation is realized via the touch screen or the keys.

For application in the food and beverages industry an INOX version with 15” touch display is available. A version without display is available as Box PC SIMATIC IPC627C.

Higher system availability and data security can be achieved with the optional RAID1 mirror disk system (RAID1 controller onboard). The vibration and shock-absorbing suspension of all hard disk modules further increases the ruggedness of the system.

A retentive data memory ensures that process data are retained in the event of a power failure. Alternative to the PROFIBUS interface, a CP 1616-compatible PROFINET interface with 3 ports is also available.

The SIMATIC IPC677C is equipped with powerful processors (Intel Dual Core). Thanks to the use of mobile processors with low power losses, 24-hour/365-daycontinuous operation is also possible at high ambient temperatures.


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6AV7892-…..-….SiemensSiemens 6AV7892-…..-…. SIMATIC HMI IPC677C, 15″ Touch
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6AV7892-2….-….SiemensSiemens 6AV7892-2….-…. SIMATIC HMI IPC677C, 15″ Touch INOX
6AV7892-2….-…0SiemensSiemens 6AV7892-2….-…0 SIMATIC HMI IPC677C, 15″ Touch INOX
6AV7893-…..-….SiemensSiemens 6AV7893-…..-…. SIMATIC HMI IPC677C, 15″ Key
6AV7894-…..-….SiemensSiemens 6AV7894-…..-…. SIMATIC HMI IPC677C, 19″ Touch