SIMATIC S7-1500 SIPLUS fail-safe CPUs ,SIPLUS CPU 1511F-1 PN

  • Entry-level CPU in the SIPLUS S7-1500F Controller product range
  • Suitable for standard and fail-safe applications with medium requirements for program scope and processing speed
  • Used as central controller in production lines with central and distributed I/O
  • Supports PROFIsafe in centralized and distributed configurations
  • PROFINET IO IRT interface with 2-port switch
  • PROFINET IO Controller for operating distributed I/O on PROFINET
  • PROFINET I-Device for connecting the CPU as an intelligent PROFINET device under a SIMATIC or non-Siemens PROFINET I/O controller
  • Isochronous mode


SIMATIC memory card required for operation of the CPU.

SIPLUS extreme products are based on SIMATIC standard products. The contents listed here were taken from the corresponding standard products. SIPLUS extreme-specific information was added.

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SIPLUS S7-1500 CPU 1511F-1 PN -25 … +60 Degree C STARTUP -20 Degree C with conformal coating BasedOn: 6ES7511-1FK01-0AB0 . Central processing unit with working memory 225 KB for Program and 1 MB for Data, 1. Interface: PROFINET IRT with 2 PORT SWITCH, 60 NS Bit-Performance, SIMATIC Memory Card necessary


The CPU 1511F-1 PN has:

  • a powerful processor:
    The CPU achieves a command execution time as low as 60 ns per binary command.
  • extensive RAM:
    230 KB for program, 1 MB for data
  • SIMATIC memory cards as load memory;
    permit additional functions such as datalog and archives
  • Flexible expansion possibilities: single-tier configuration with max. 32 modules (CPU + 31 modules)
  • Display with functions for the
    • Display of overview information such as station name, higher level designation, location designation, etc.
    • Display of diagnostic information
    • Display of module information
    • Display of display settings
    • Setting of IP addresses
    • Setting of date and time
    • Selection of the operating mode
    • Resetting of the CPU to factory settings
    • Disabling/enabling of the display,
    • Enabling of protection levels
    • display of safety mode, overall signature and date of the last download with signature change.
  • PROFINET IO IRT interface for connecting distributed I/O via PROFINET
  • Supports PROFIsafe in centralized and distributed configuration