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SIMATIC WinCC flexible


SIMATIC WinCC flexible ES engineering software
  • Family of configuration systems with WinCC flexible Micro/Compact/Standard/Advanced for SIMATIC operator panels, the HMI part of SIMATIC C7 as well as for the PC-based visualization software WinCC flexible Runtime
  • Runs under Windows XP Professional / Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise
  • Can be expanded by the option “WinCC flexible/ChangeControl” for version management and change logging
SIMATIC WinCC flexible Runtime visualization software
  • Modular PC-based HMI solution for single-user systems directly at the machine (further development of ProTool/Pro RT)
  • Runs under Windows XP Professional / Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise
  • Basic package for visualization, reporting and logging; can be expanded by implementing option packages
  • Flexible expansion possible with VB scripts and customized ActiveX controls created with OPP (Open Platform Program)
  • Can be integrated into automation solutions based on TCP/IP networks
  • Expanded service concepts with remote operation, diagnostics and administration over the intranet and Internet in combination with email communication
  • Consistent backup of configuration data
    • Delivered versions, approved reference states or development stages are managed in a database.
    • Changes to project data can be integrated without problem into the version management using new versions. A rollback is possible at any time.
  • Tracing of configuration changes
    • The history of changes can be verified down to the last detail for applications requiring interruption-free proof for the complete life cycle of a product.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible

WinCC flexible ES – Configurable devices and alternatives with WinCC (TIA Portal)

The WinCC flexible Engineering Software was used to configure SIMATIC operator devices of the x70 and x77 series from small Micro Panels to powerful Multi Panels as well as PC-based HMI with WinCC flexible Runtime SW.

Siemens supports the user in modernizing and migrating his automation solutions in general and the visualization solutions in special as well. See the information and services offer to the right.

The table below shows the devices that can only be configured with WinCC (TIA Portal) Engineering Software

PanelConfiguration Software
Basic Panels 2nd GenerationWinCC Basic (TIA Portal) or higher
Comfort Panels StandardWinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or higher
Comfort Panels OutdoorWinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or higher
Comfort Panels PROWinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or higher
Comfort Panels INOXWinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or higher
Mobile Panels 2nd GenerationWinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or higher