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CNC Automation Systems

SINUMERIK – the CNC portfolio for the global world of machine tools

SINUMERIK CNC controllers offer the suitable automation solution for all machine designs – for jobshop, contract manufacturing, and large series production.

 With the CNC SINUMERIK, Siemens provides highly productive automation solutions for shopfloor, JobShop and large series applications. Whether single part or mass production, basic or complex workpieces – SINUMERIK makes every production model a success.


All components of the SINUMERIK 802D sl and SINAMICS S120 systems, as well as the motors and encoders, are now interconnected via a shared serial interface DRIVE-CLiQ. A standardized connector system reduces the multiplicity of connection components and eases stockkeeping. Cable connections are simpler and easier to install.

The SINUMERIK 802D sl is an operator panel control combining all the components of a CNC (NC, PLC, HMI) and drive control in a single unit. The full CNC keyboard (vertical or horizontal format) can be connected directly. The I/Os are operated via the PROFIBUS DP system.

The motors can be connected easily to the digital drives via DRIVE-CLiQ. In combination with the modular structure of the SINAMICS S120 drive system, this design is conceived to ensure very simple and rugged installation with minimum wiring overhead.

siemens sinumerik 802


Thanks to its panel-based CNC design requiring only few interfaces and an operator panel with degree of protection IP65, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is perfectly prepared for the use in harsh environments. With its small dimensions, it can be used on compact machines. At the same time, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED allows convenient operation with short-stroke keys and the well-known SINUMERIK softkeys.

808d siemens sinumerik
Optimized for basic turning and milling applications

With its technology-specific features, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is perfectly preconfigured for turning and milling applications. The scope of applications ranges from basic standardized milling machines and basic machining centers to cycle-controlled turning machines through to basic full-CNC lathes.

Deal for beginners

With the innovative, integrated startGUIDE, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is the ideal partner for entry-level CNC users. In addition to CNC operation and programming, commissioning is also explained graphically and interactively. The uniform SINUMERIK operating and programming philosophy makes the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED the ideal entry-level control for the world of SINUMERIK applications.



Due to the technology-specific system software, the field of application of the SINUMERIK 828 controls ranges from vertical and basic horizontal machining centers – including, of course, mold making applications – to flat and rotary grinding machines through to dual-channel turning centers with counterspindle, driven tools and Y axis.

siemens sinumerik 828
  • Rugged
    An operator panel front made of magnesium die cast, the panel-based CNC design with well-conceived interfaces, as well as the high degree of protection IP 65 make the SINUMERIK 828 controls a reliable partner even in harsh environments.
  • Maintenance-free
    Thanks to the configuration without fan or hard disk and the NV-RAM storage technology without back-up battery, the SINUMERIK 828 controls are completely maintenance free.
  • User-friendly
    Thanks to a fully fledged QWERTY CNC keyboard with short stroke keys and a high-resolution 10.4″ TFT color display / 15.6’’ touch display, the SINUMERIK 828 controls can be easily operated. The USB, CF card (only 10.4’’) and RJ45 interfaces on the operator panel front allow to quickly transfer the CNC data in an uncomplicated manner.


SINUMERIK 840D sl – Description

SINUMERIK 840D sl is with good reason considered as the measure in the CNC premium class. Utmost CNC performance as well as unreached flexibility and openness are the basis for nearly every machine concept.

SINUMERIK 840D sl – Typical applications

High-performance milling and turning is one of the strengths of the SINUMERIK 840D sl. Further, the SINUMERIK 840D sl opens up a nearly inexhaustible technology range: From grinding and laser machining to gearwheel machining through to multitasking machining. With its superior system flexibility, the SINUMERIK 840D sl is the CNC of choice when opening up completely new technology fields

SINUMERIK 840D sl – Benefits
  • Modular and scalable 
    In addition to a scalable NCU performance, the SINUMERIK 840D sl also provides excellent modularity of the operator components. With a flexible M:N operator concept – e.g. the combination of arbitrary operating fields with the NCU – the SINUMERIK 840D sl can be ideally adjusted to the operator philosophy applied by state-of-the-art premium machine concepts.
  • Benchmark in Open Architecture 
    The open system architecture of the SINUMERIK 840D sl is unique. For example, the CNC can be optimally adjusted to the machine technology and shows a high degree of freedom in production automation.
  • Communicative at all levels 
    With PROFINET, the SINUMERIK 840D sl is perfectly integrated in the Siemens TIA environment. Totally Integrated Automation stands for unrivaled total integration – from the field level to the production level through to the manufacturing execution level.

Siemens Sinumerik Order Modules

6FC5500-0AA22-0AA0Siemens 6FC5500-0AA22-0AA0 SINUMERIK 802C-mm
6FC5501-0AB11-0AA0Siemens 6FC5501-0AB11-0AA0 Ger, _SINUMERIK_802CE_ZG
6FC5503-0AC00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5503-0AC00-0AA0 Mod, Accessor.
6FC5503-0AC22-0AA0Siemens 6FC5503-0AC22-0AA0 SINUMERIK 802S/C-OP
6FC5503-0AD00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5503-0AD00-0AA0 Mod, Accessor.
6FC5503-0AY03-0AA0Siemens 6FC5503-0AY03-0AA0 Feed Override 802S
6FC5503-0AY04-0AA0Siemens 6FC5503-0AY04-0AA0 Spindle Override 802S
6FC5510-0BA00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5510-0BA00-0AA0 Mod, Accessor.
6FC5510-0BA11-0AA0Siemens 6FC5510-0BA11-0AA0 SINUMERIK 802C ECU
6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0 Mod, Accessor.
6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0 SINUMERIK 802S Digital Combo Module,16DI/16DO, 24VDC
6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0 SINUMERIK 802S Digital Combo Module,16DI/16DO, 24VDC
6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5511-0CA00-0AA0 SINUMERIK 802S Digital Combo Module,16DI/16DO, 24VDC
6FC5511-0CB00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5511-0CB00-0AA0 Optional EXTENTION I/O for 802C BL
6FC5548-0AC11-0AA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AC11-0AA0 SIMODRIVE_Base_Line_
6FC5548-0AC12-0AA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AC12-0AA0 SIMODRIVE_Base_Line_
6FC5548-0AC13-0AA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AC13-0AA0 SIMODRIVE_Base_Line_
6FC5548-0AC21-0AA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AC21-0AA0 SIMODRIVE_Base_Line_A_
6FC5548-0AC22-0AA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AC22-0AA0 SIMODRIVE_Base_Line_A_
6FC5548-0AF02-0AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF02-0AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 4NM / 5M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF02-0BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF02-0BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 4NM / 10M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF02-1AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF02-1AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 4NM / 5M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF02-1BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF02-1BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 4NM / 10M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF03-0AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF03-0AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 6NM / 5M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF03-0BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF03-0BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 6NM / 10M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF03-1AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF03-1AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 6NM / 5M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF03-1BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF03-1BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 6NM / 10M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF04-0AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF04-0AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 7,7NM/5M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF04-0BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF04-0BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 7,7NM/10M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF04-1AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF04-1AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 7,7NM/5M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF04-1BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF04-1BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 7,7NM/10M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF05-0AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF05-0AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 10NM/5M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF05-0BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF05-0BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 10NM/10M WO Brake
6FC5548-0AF05-1AF0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF05-1AF0 SINAMICS V60 Package 10NM/5M with Brake
6FC5548-0AF05-1BA0Siemens 6FC5548-0AF05-1BA0 SINAMICS V60 Package 10NM/10M with Brake
6FC5551-0AB00-0BB0Siemens 6FC5551-0AB00-0BB0 Progr.Tool PLC 802
6FC5551-0GA00-0BB0Siemens 6FC5551-0GA00-0BB0 ENC-System SW 802S
6FC5551-1AB00-0BB0Siemens 6FC5551-1AB00-0BB0 Progr. Tool PLC 802
6FC5551-2AA00-3BB0Siemens 6FC5551-2AA00-3BB0 ENC-Toolbox 802S
6FC5551-2AB00-1BB0Siemens 6FC5551-2AB00-1BB0 Progr. Tool PLC 802S
6FC5551-2GA00-3BB0Siemens 6FC5551-2GA00-3BB0 ENC-Sys-SW 802S
6FC5551-3AA00-0BB0Siemens 6FC5551-3AA00-0BB0 ENC-Toolbox
6FC5551-3AA00-1BB0Siemens 6FC5551-3AA00-1BB0 ENC-Tool Box
6FC5551-3GA00-0BB0Siemens 6FC5551-3GA00-0BB0 ENC-SYSTEMSOFTWARE
6FC5551-4AA00-2BB0Siemens 6FC5551-4AA00-2BB0 ENC-Toolbox
6FC5571-0AA01-0BF0Siemens 6FC5571-0AA01-0BF0 SINUMERIK 802C OP.TEA
6FC5603-0AA00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5603-0AA00-0AA0 HMI-Panel 802D
6FC5603-0AC11-1AA0Siemens 6FC5603-0AC11-1AA0 DIN-Keyboard
6FC5603-0AD00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5603-0AD00-0AA0 MCP-FAMO
6FC5603-0AY00-0AA0Siemens 6FC5603-0AY00-0AA0 Front Cover
6FC5610-0BA10-0AA2Siemens 6FC5610-0BA10-0AA2 PCU210.2 6FC5610-0BA10-0AA1 802D
6FC5610-0BA10-0AA3Siemens 6FC5610-0BA10-0AA3 PCU210.2 6FC5610-0BA10-0AA1 802D
6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1Siemens 6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1 Ger, _802D_Base_Line
6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1Siemens 6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1 Ger, _802D_Base_Line
6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1Siemens 6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1 Ger, _802D_Base_Line
6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1Siemens 6FC5610-0BB10-0AA1 Ger, _802D_Base_Line
6FC5650-0DB00-0AH0Siemens 6FC5650-0DB00-0AH0 PCU System Software